Sorry, my love/C18 Mia's hate for Aanya
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Sorry, my love/C18 Mia's hate for Aanya
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C18 Mia's hate for Aanya

Ivan kissed the cheeks of the sleeping girl but gained composure and began to look for other traces in phone which he found nothing.

But decided to find clues everywhere he could amd his next target was her room.


They returned home and got busy in their respective lives. But there was someone whose anger was killing her day by day- Mia

Ever since her childhood she hated Aanya till death. She was jealous of Aanya who was heir to the company where her father worked. Top two families of X city pampered Aanya so much. She was the queen. No body dared to talk to her while she was only being praised of her beauty.

Even in school Mia tried many time to spread false rumors about Aanya so that anyone could mock her but of no use. Jack had warned everyone better to stay away from Aanya so no body even opened their lips.

But something which angered her the most was Ivan her crush, having crush on Aanya. He would chose same subject Aanya would, only Aanya was allowed to sit on his bike and he taught her how to ride it, when he left for USA he left that bike for Aanya to ride it.

Altough Mia also learned to sing, to cook for him, he only craved for Aanya. when they all went for University Aanya's behavior changed . She never talked much. Ivan was a dominant aggressive guy , everybody would believe that until they see him with Aanya.

Although Aanya talked less Ivan would continuosly chat with her, whether she replied or not. Aanya's haphephobia and germophobia, it was Ivan who would take care that everything is according to her ignoring every other person icluding Mia.

When Aashi died, it was her who contributed a lot to spread the false rumors for Aanya and it was a success this time. She tried her best to poison Maria's and Noah's ears for Aanya. Everybody including Ivan began to have a distance from her. She was no longer pampered except by the other men of Lee family.

But little did she know that the love they had for Aanya never died. They resent Aanya for Aashi's death but they all knew that Aanya was not a normal child. Hence it took time but their princess was still their treasure.

Mia decided now to make things difficult for her everytime. To touch her sore spot which were Aashi's death, he parent's death, his brother and last her BEST FRIEND who disappeared all of a sudden back then

New chapter is coming soon
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