Sorry, my love/C2 Goddess descending from heaven
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Sorry, my love/C2 Goddess descending from heaven
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C2 Goddess descending from heaven

Ivan, Jack and Mia aslo looked at the same direction as Ivan felt his heartbeat fastened with his wife taking every step down the stairs.

She had skin color as white as milk and perfect facial features. Aanya wore a sky blue dress that barely covered her two mounts and back with a high slit showing her sexy long legs. With every step she took every person looked as if a GODDESS is descending from heaven and wanted to look at this eye catching beauty for eternity.

As Ivan looked through the crown he suddenly felt a pain in his heart as if he wanted to take his wife and hide her somewhere no one could see her with those drooling mouth. But all he did was to step forward to offer her a hand with an expressionless face.

Aanya sneered as she held his hand and both went to the center of the banquet where all members of Lee family- grandpa lee, David and Maria Lee-Ivan's and Jack's parents, Noah Ivan's sister were present. Aanya and Ivan greeted all of them.

"What a pity that such a handsome man is bound to be with a mute murderer".A sudden voice came which was of Mia's Mom who dearly wanted to marry her daughter with Ivan any how.

"I don't think someone has right to say this whose husband is working under the company of same "mute murderer". Said Morris, Aanya's godfather and current CEO of Anash group.

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