Sorry, my love/C3 The blast
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Sorry, my love/C3 The blast
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C3 The blast

No body in X city dared to be in bad terms with two men. One was Ivan Lee owner of Lee Group and and Morris who held Anash despite lots of relatives and enemies of

Aanya's family


Anash was company set up by Aanya's parent by adding names of their two daughters Aashi and Aanya. Aashi was Aanya's elder sister with age gap of 4 years who held the company in her hand after her parent's death with help of Morris and took care of her siblings Aanya and Aron, 6 years younger than Aanya. But all of a sudden a car blast in which both the sisters were present took Aashi's life. But surprisingly just before the accident Aanya went out leaving Aashi inside it in roadside as the blast happened. As Aanya was standing only 20 meters away from the car she looked at the blasted car with a single gaze as if she has become a statue.

Nobody knew what happened after that until media spread knews of Anash Ceo's death as in front of her sister's eyes. Also a video clip of few seconds showing the blast and how Aanya did nothing except for standing there went viral

News of younger sister conspiring for her eleder sister's death fled like wildfire while Aanya was sitting beside Aashi's deadbody with a pale and emotionless face.It was easy to believe the rumours since Aanya always had image of a cold hearted egoistic fierce child who talked barely to anybody

Soon Lee family who was close to johnson family and whose elder son Jack was engaged to Aashi. As Jack approached Aashi's dead body he was crying like hell as if those tears could bring Aashi back. Ivan and Aanya were 21 years old back then and Ivan looked at Aanya with disgust as he believed the news.

Followed by them came Aron who also started crying seeing aashi in that state and all of a sudden began to hit Aanya fiercly with fists.

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