Sorry, my love/C4 The blast 2
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Sorry, my love/C4 The blast 2
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C4 The blast 2

Aanya still stood lifeless when Aron hit her and never retracted. To those who were standing there it looked as if why Aanya never retracted was because she was feeling guilty.

As police approached the matter they found no clue and not even Aanya uttered a single word when interrogated. Thus the case was closed but public had already decided who the culprit was.

Aashi funeral was held as grand as some richman's wedding. But her death changed many lives. Jack never entered in any relationship again and always looked depressed. Ivan just like other began to hate Aanya and since then treated her harshly because even when he asked many times Aanya told him nothing except for looking at him with her brown rabbit eyes.

Morris was made CEO of company under Aanya's sign who was now the biggest shareholder of company. Aron was sent to USA for his further studies and never returned,even when Aanya was married to Ivan and grandpa Lee wanted to keep his promise to Aanya's parents to marry one of their daughters to Lee family.

But the biggest change that came with Aashi's death was on Aanya.

No body heard her voice after accident. Many doctors, psychologists tried but all came with a conclusion that she might not be able to speak for her entire life.

Thus the girl with melodious voice who used to spend her entire day singing and playing different instrument lost her soul and became more cold and aloof.Still no one pitied her. Little did Ivan but never showed.

Some thought since she was married to Ivan, she may change but little did they know that day by day Ivan's hate and the distance between them increased.......

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