Sorry, my love/C5 she behaved like a lady mafia
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Sorry, my love/C5 she behaved like a lady mafia
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C5 she behaved like a lady mafia

7--end of flashback--

--back to the banquet--

As Morris said those words Mia'mother began apologizing but the public's eyes on Aanya changed from admiring her beauty to disgust.

Soon the banquet began to came to an end. Everybody was busy in their group and Mia crossing hand with Ivan's hand meeting the guest as if she was his wife. Many people noticed it but feared to utter even a word. It was only Aanya sitting alone gulping her favorite Italian wine since everyone feared to even come closer to her. As she was silently noticing everything she failed to notice that Ivan would look at her every now and then as if she would disappear anytime.

"Can i have the pleasure to sit beside the amazing beauty". Rico a famous playboy in the town said as he approaxhed Aanya. but she ignored him as if a housefly

Rico still sat there saying this and that as if talking to her. When Ivan looked towards Aanya he saw Aanya being close with a playboy and his eyes reddened. Before he could reach there he was distracted by Mia for a second and the noext time he looked for Aanya she was nowhere to be seen.

He hurried towards her bedroom and saw her watching the sky from her balcony. As Moonlight touched her sky blue gown and white skin the view was quite mesmerizing.

"Can't wait to be touched by other men ,can you?" he said as he dragged her towards and began ripping her gown and kissing her. While he was doing everything Aanya was lying lifeless as always which angered Ivan more.

Before accident Aanya always behaved like a lady mafia something that made him attracted towards her even if nobody in the town dared.After marriage for every insult she faced by his mother, his sister , Mia and also him he thought one day Aanya would react, the tigress would definitely use her paw but he never expected her to face everything like these thing could do no harm.

The not so lovely love making continued for 2 more rounds. Ivan felt tired and laid beside Aanya. After few minutes he saw Aanya getting up from bed, pulling up drawer and walking toward balcony with something in her hands.

Aanya sat on the floor crossing legs and began to smoke while looking at the sky. Nobody knew how much she cigarettes she smoked. Ivan knew this habbit of hers as he saw her most of the time doing this and sometimes for the whole night and even would wonder when she sleep since he had never seen her sleeping apart for 3-4 times she fell ill.

He watched her with same gaze till he fell asleep but knew that something hurts inside him every time he sees her like this.

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