Sorry, my love/C6 mute and a murderer daughter-in-law
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Sorry, my love/C6 mute and a murderer daughter-in-law
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C6 mute and a murderer daughter-in-law

Next morning---

At breakfast every member sat around the table with Butler serving.

Thing were quiet until Maria said that she wanted to say something.

Everybody looked at her

"Tomorrow my brother and sister-in-law is coming to this city. And...." Maria paused for a while then said " and i don't want Aanya to stay in the house for two days when they are here. I am too embarrassed to introduce a mute and a murder daughter-in-law"


Jack threw his placed and shouted " if you are that embarrassed, why not ask your son to divorce her so that she could live with someone not EMBARRASSED enough to be with her?"

"Who the hell are you to discuss the the divorce matters?" It was grandpaa Lee this time

Ivan also wanted to say something but when he saw Aanya expressionless, as always he did nothing

"I also want her to leave Ivan, but I can't do nothing" replied Maria.

"Elder brother, why do you always treat Aanya so well even after knowing she killed the love of your life"

Aanya shot her a glare but then remained calm.

Jack wanted to say something but his phone rang and he walked outside. David was second to leave followed by Ivan..

Half-hour later Aanya was about to reach her car when she saw Jack standing there.

"Aanya" Jack said "No need to listen to others, if you want to come you can come home and if you don't take these keys of my farmhouse and you can rest there for a while"

Aanya looked at him as if a child looking at her father coaxing her as Jack actually behaved like that always since childhood so she took the keys but still stood there looking at him.

Jack sighes then brushed her hair few times then allowed her to leave

"Jackie, Aanya is a special child. Promise me you will always protect her when I am not around" a girly voice rang in his mind as he tried his best not to cry.

Ivan heard everything but only this time he felt no jealousy as if he knew how pure their relationship was

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