Sorry, my love/C8 I Miss Your Voice
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Sorry, my love/C8 I Miss Your Voice
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C8 I Miss Your Voice

When Maria's guest came everybody in the Lee family was there to greet them except for Anya and Jack

Ivan got Furious when he didn't see Aanya for a day ,not to mention he didn't even sleep whole night. Next day he left to the place Jack had mentioned and entered the password which was Aashi's birthday as Jack always had.

When he entered the house he heard a melodious piano tune 'It is the same tune'he thought.


6 year old Ivan who hated gatherings was walking alone in the garden of Morris Mansion when he herad a melodious voice with paino tune. He was attracted toward the voice when he saw everyone including Jack , Aashi, his parents and her parents, all surrounding a girl singing and playing piano.

"See! I told you my child is so special" David, his father said kissing the girl's forehead. And as soon as he did that the girl tried to wipe her head with handkerchief she was holding looking angrily with her blushed face.

everyone "....."

Then a huge burst of laughter came. "Don't touch my girl, you don't know her level of germophobia" Arnold Morris, said while laughing.

Since that day, Ivan loved to hear her singing. since they went to same school, he had learned her practice timing and would hide anywhere in the practice room to hear her voice.

As they came closer, Ivan many time asked her to sing a song for him and she would do it happily. But everytime she would giigle and say "Oppa, am I your radio? hehehe"......

He remembered her giggles....

--flashback ends--

Thinking about her Ivan was still looking at her while thinking something

'How things changed?'

'how a bubbly girl all of a sudden became an introvert at the age of fifteen.'

'what happened that year'

'how can she led to sister Aashi's death'

'she loved her so much'

When he reached to her he suddenly picked her up from princess style and led to the bedroom.

Aanya's eyes fluttered for a second. Then he placed her on the bed and laid beside her.

When he saw Aanya's confused eyes he chuckled 'how cute'.

Ivan placed a kiss on her forehead and said "I miss your voice Any!". He kissed her forehead again. "I didn't sleep last night, can you help me sleep?." Ivan said in a soft voice.

Aanya had a confused expression on her face for a while then she turned around to open one of drawers and took out a mouth organ.

Aanya sat on the bed playing the mouth organ and Ivan put his head on her lap looking at her

'I love you Aanya' 'I am sorry for treating you harshly but why don't you trust me enough to tell me everything?'

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