Soulbringer In Deserted Village/C11 Revenge of the river ghosts
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Soulbringer In Deserted Village/C11 Revenge of the river ghosts
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C11 Revenge of the river ghosts

I know that she doesn't dare to do anything to me in the daytime, but what about at night? She definitely won't let me go so easily. I was scared and guilty at the same time. Even though I saved Team Blue Rain's life, it wasn't fair to that female water ghost.

While there was still light in the sky, I did as my master said and cut down a lot of peach branches. I stuck them all behind the door and in front of the window.

After doing all that, I sat down on the grass jar and closed my eyes to rest. I quietly waited for the water ghost to come and take revenge on me.

In the middle of the night, a strong wind suddenly blew outside, making the windows and doors rustle. This went on for a long time before it suddenly stopped.

A shadow slowly floated to the window and said hoarsely, "Yun Tian, why did you do this? Do you know that I've waited for this day for 60 years and everything has been destroyed by you? Quickly take away the peach wood branches. I'm going to go in and kill you."

I didn't say anything, and I didn't know what to say either. Could it be that I wanted to tell him that I pitied Blue Rain and his grandmother in order to save him? If I were to say so, it would only rouse her anger, so I had no choice but to remain silent.

Thus, the ghost girl, Yue Rong, would come to the window every night, sometimes crying out loud, sometimes laughing at the sky, and becoming more and more resentful.

I didn't dare go out. Although I had the protective pendant from my master, I wasn't sure if I could deal with this grudging female water ghost. He could only hope that his Master would return soon and use the Soul Recovering Altar to store her.

Just like this, after a few days, I was almost driven mad by the female ghost girl, Yue Rong. If this continues, she won't kill me after a while.

However, my Master still hasn't come back. I decided to negotiate with her, and at most, we'll fight to the death. Even if I die, it's better than suffering like this.

After making up my mind, I went home to my parents and sent my beloved little yellow home. I didn't want him to die with me.

After dark, I gathered up all the peach wood branches. The door opened and I shouted towards the river, "If there is any injustice, if there is any vengeance, I will open the gate and await it."

This time, before midnight, the water ghost, Yue Rong, arrived. She floated to the door in a daze, unable to understand why I had opened it. A hint of fear flashed across her face.

Under the dim light, I sized up the female ghost. Her long hair was flowing down her shoulders and her face was quite good. She was actually a beauty. Perhaps due to her great resentment, her face was covered in a faint green light and her eyes were filled with killing intent.

She hesitated for only a moment, then rushed at me, reached out a hand, and squeezed my neck. I closed my eyes, and it was clear that she didn't want to waste time talking to me.

His Master hadn't come back yet and Little Yellow wasn't by his side either. Even this life-saving talisman didn't have any reaction. The heavens were trying to kill him!

Just as I was about to suffocate, a yellow figure appeared in front of me and headed straight for the female ghost's eyes. The female ghost was frightened and relaxed her hands to attack the yellow figure.

I took the opportunity to catch my breath and looked. It was Little Yellow! My eyes moistened. Huang knew I was in danger, so he stayed by my side and didn't leave.

Little Yellow flew up and down, fiercely and bravely entangling itself with the female ghost. Although it was small, it was extremely nimble. In such a short period of time, the female ghost actually wasn't able to catch it. After a long time, Little Yellow was starting to run out of energy, and its speed was obviously slowing down.

I don't know any Dao Arts, so I'm not a match for the female ghost. Just what should I do? But Little Yellow is innocent, I will never let Little Yellow die for me.

Thinking of this, I shouted, "Little Yellow, hurry up and run!" I rushed at the ghost girl as fast as I could. I didn't even manage to touch her clothes before she grabbed me by the neck. This time, I used a lot of strength.

My eyes slowly turned black, and I felt like I was going to suffocate to death.

Suddenly, the ghost girl cried out in alarm and released my hand. I was certain that she would not change her mind and let me go. Something must have happened again.

I opened my eyes. What I saw scared me silly. I couldn't believe it was real. My Little Yellow was gone. In front of me was a beauty that was hard to find in the world. She was dressed in yellow.

Her beautiful face was ice-cold, and her pair of heart-breaking big eyes were red. Her lips, especially the one under her nose, were so bright that it seemed as if it would bleed at any time.

She was walking towards the ghost lady step by step, her ice-cold face filled with killing intent. The ghost girl's face was filled with shock and fear. Suddenly, she threw her head back and laughed, then pointed at the yellow-clothed girl and said, "For him, you actually became a demon. You will regret it."

The yellow clothed girl said harshly, "Shut up. For him, whether it is being a demon or a demon, I will never regret it." On the other hand, you, even though Yun Tian has let you down, you have already tortured him for so long, is that not enough? Why do you insist on killing him? "

The ghost lady sneered again and looked at me with hatred as she said, "It was all his fault that he caused me to lose all hope. Rather than staying in this river for another sixty years, it would be better to just burn me to ashes.

The yellow-clothed girl said coldly, "As long as you promise not to harm him in the future, I'll let you go."

The ghost lady's expression suddenly became very terrifying. She gnashed her teeth and said, "As long as I am here, I will come find him and take his life. I will never let him go.

The yellow-clothed girl gently pointed with her finger. The ghost lady instantly turned into a pile of ash and floated out of the room, disappearing without a trace.

The only ones left in the room were me and the yellow-clothed girl. After a moment of silence, she slowly walked towards me. Her beautiful face revealed a trace of gentleness. Her eyes were no longer red. She faintly said to me, "From today onwards, your Little Yellow will die. There won't be another one in this world. Just forget about it."

I shook my head and said, "I know that you're my Little Yellow. For me, you've become a demon. I'm sorry, it's all my fault. What should I do now? How can I make it up to you? Tell me quickly, no matter what, I want you to turn back into the original Little Yellow.

The girl in yellow replied, "That's right, I'm Little Yellow. So what if I tell you, I've already become like this. It's impossible for us to return to the old days. I won't be the same Little Yellow anymore."

I wanted to hold her back, but my legs wouldn't obey. I could only watch as she disappeared into the night. It seems like Little Yellow didn't want me to chase after her.

I sat down on the ground, tears flowing down my face. I really couldn't accept Little Yellow leaving. Ever since I was five years old, it had accompanied me and never parted with me. But Little Yellow had become like this for me.

No, I can't let my Little Yellow become a demon forever, I have to wait for my master to come back and help me open the forbidden doors, I have to release the Art of Soul Awakening and merge with it, only then can I have the ability to help Little Yellow.

For Little Yellow, even if I don't marry in my entire life, so what? Little Yellow became a demon because of me, so what if I sacrificed my life for him?

However, he would have to wait for his Master to come back. Little Yellow was definitely not an ordinary chicken, then what exactly was it?! Where did Master bring it from? If he wanted to help Little Yellow, he had to understand everything about it.

Master has been gone for many days, but I don't know if I have found Senior Yutang or not. If I can't find him, then Master won't come back. If Master doesn't come back, then all the truth is just a mystery.

Ever since Little Yellow left, it had not returned, and nobody knew where it had gone to.

At this moment, something happened in the village. A girl called Li Jun had mysteriously died on the road in front of the village.

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