Soulbringer In Deserted Village/C5 I pay my respects to the immortal master
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Soulbringer In Deserted Village/C5 I pay my respects to the immortal master
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C5 I pay my respects to the immortal master

I may have a lot of questions, but the reason I came here today was to find out more about the Art of Soul Awakening. If I could use the Art of Soul Awakening, then I could avenge Xiang'er.

Thinking about this, I directly said to the old man, "I want to know more about the Art of Soul Awakening. I also want to open the forbidden doors and obtain the Art of Soul Awakening.

The old man smiled and nodded. "If you want to know these questions, you must first acknowledge me as your master. Are you willing?"

Wasn't it just acknowledging him as his master! I agreed without hesitation. The old man said, "Don't be in such a hurry to agree. I have two conditions, you can listen to them first and then answer me."

After becoming his first disciple, you are not allowed to call me master in front of outsiders. When the conditions are ripe, we'll be public, but when it's just the two of us, you can call me Master, remember. Secondly, once I help you open the Forbidden Door of the Art of Soulreaper and you truly possess the ability to do so, you will never be able to marry again in your entire life.

"No way!" I protested loudly. "Don't tell me that you want to sacrifice my lifetime's happiness for the sake of the Soulreaper Art? This condition is too cruel." I shook my head. Even if I agree, my parents will still oppose it to the end. They still have to pass on their generations to only this one son of mine!

When the old man heard me say these words, he was elated. "You brat, you think too far! Let's leave the matter of the Soulreaper Art for now, I'll give you some time to think about it. As for taking him as my disciple, I'll leave it to you tonight.

My mind is currently filled with thoughts of revenge for Xiang'er. Without the power of the Art of Soul Awakening, I simply cannot repay her. What should I do …? What should he do?

The old man seemed to have seen through my thoughts, he slapped my head and said, "You brat, while we are discussing about taking her as our disciple, your mind is filled with thoughts of avenging that little girl. I'm so sad, but I'm not taking her as my disciple.

Upon hearing these words, I fell to my knees with a "plop" sound and hurriedly said, "Master, please accept this disciple's respect.

The old man helped me to my feet and said, "From now on, you are my disciple. No matter what happens, you must not take the wrong path and be upright. Although you are my disciple, I will not force you to do anything. As for the questions you asked when you arrived, I will slowly tell you in the future. There are some things that I can't tell you yet, do you understand?

I nodded, "I will listen to Master. Master, I still have one thing I don't understand. If I don't break the restriction on the Art of Soulreaper, can I get married and have children?"

His Master answered with a "hmm" and said, "Although the Art of Soul Awakening is in your body, as long as you don't open the forbidden door and release it, it will forever be sealed inside, and you will be the same as an ordinary person.

Child, before you have thought about the matter with the Art of Soulreaper, I will teach you a few things and see if I can help you take revenge for that girl. That girl is rather pitiful.

I hurriedly kowtowed. "Thank you master!" I secretly rejoiced. As long as master can guide me to take revenge for Xiang'er, I won't marry her for the sake of the Art of Soul Awakening. If I'm this handsome and elegant, if I don't get married, how many girls will be hurt!

Kid, from tomorrow on, come over every night at 10 o'clock, I will teach you some self-defense skills. This is real learning skills, if you want to find a strong man to take revenge, you must have some real skills.

I repeatedly promised, "Okay, Master. I will definitely arrive on time every day. You can rest assured!"

His Master walked to the door, looked at the moonlight in the sky and said, "It's getting late, you should go back. Remember to come tomorrow night."

I said goodbye to my master and returned home to find the herbal soup that my mother had made for me still on the table. I tested it with my hand and found that it was still warm.

I quickly picked it up and drank it in a single gulp. Then, I went over to Little Yellow's nest to take a look. Seeing that it wasn't tight, that Little Yellow wasn't there, that I didn't know where it had gone to, that this little thing had been too wild recently, and that I had gone out more and more, so I decided to follow it another day.

Because of master's promise and help, the day for revenge for Xiang'er is not far away. I feel particularly happy in my heart. Lying on the bed for a while, I immediately fall asleep.

As I was sleeping soundly, a hand touched my face. My first reaction was that Xiang'er had come, grabbing that hand. "That's not right, why is this hand so rough?" As he thought, he opened his eyes.

It was already dawn. It was my mother who was worried about me. She came over to check if I still had a fever. I didn't let go of my mother's hand and put it to my face. "Mother, you've worked hard!"

Tears welled up in my mother's eyes. Afraid that I would see them, she quickly wiped them away and asked, "Little Tian, how do you feel?"

I hurriedly told my mother in an exaggerated manner, "Last night, after drinking that bowl of divine medicine, he was completely immune to poisons and even swords and spears." When my mother heard this, she laughed. But I know that my mother would like to hear that.

Mother went to cook. I lay down for a while and got up too. I will go with father to work in the fields. I still have something important to do at night!

The meal this morning was especially sumptuous. There were several dishes, and my mother said that I hadn't eaten for a day, so she had to properly make up for it. Just as we were about to eat, Second Sister came back with my two-year-old nephew in her arms.

Second Sis married a dry goods seller in the neighboring village. He looks pretty good, but he values the money too highly, so he can't leave without money. Therefore, I don't have a good impression of him, but Second Sis likes him, so I can't say anything about it, as long as she is happy.

Today was different from usual. When she came back, she directly gave the child to her mother and entered the house with an ashen face.

His mother quickly called after him, "Little girl, come out to eat! You must have not eaten yet, have you? " At this moment, my money buff second brother-in-law also came over. He asked me where my second sister was the moment he entered the room. I hurriedly pointed towards the room.

It was obvious that the two of them were quarreling. The bell had to be answered, so it was better for them to settle their own problems!

I told my mother to sit down and eat before the food got cold, and she looked at me and at the house and sat down and fed her nephew and ate. During this time, my father did not say a word.

After dinner, my father and I went back to work. Before we left the house, we heard second sister's cursing and crying. Mother said, "It's fine, you guys can leave.

As they walked along the road, their father suddenly said, "Little Tian, I feel that your second sister is not happy. Something must have happened to her."

I hurriedly said, "It's fine. Maybe it's just a small quarrel. It'll be fine in a few days." Even though I said that, I also felt that it wasn't that simple. Something must have happened.

Finally, it was 10 pm and I arrived at the empty spot by the river on time. Master was already waiting for me there, holding two repaired sticks in his hand, about a meter long. Master passed one to me, "Child, cut the crap.

I took the wooden stick and started learning each move from my master. It was a new move, and as long as my master can learn it twice, I would be able to do it. His Master nodded in satisfaction and said, "As expected of my disciple, not bad, very talented."

After receiving my master's approval, I started practicing harder. When I asked for the name of this set of moves, my master said, "My master is from no sect. All of the moves were created by me without a name."

Just like this, three months had passed, and I had basically learnt what my master had taught me.

Finally, one night, Master called me into his room and told me that I could go and take revenge for Xiang'er. Before he left, he gave me a crescent-shaped pendant to wear.

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