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C8 Bound by ghosts

I went back to the inn to settle the bill with the landlady. The Lady Boss was wiping the table. When she saw me enter, she was stunned for a moment, perhaps afraid, but after a long while, she stammered, "Although I'm involved with a strong man, he forced me to do it. If I offend him, he'll come and cause trouble all day, so I can't do business anymore, so … "So …"

She might have been scared by Xiang'er, so she thought that Xiang'er would look for trouble with her, so I quickly clarified my thoughts. I smiled and said, "Everything is over, it's fine. Xiang'er has no enmity with you. She won't look for trouble with you. Don't worry."

I paid the bill. It was already noon, and walking home at this time of day required walking at night. I was so concerned about my family, especially my mother, that I decided to go home.

It only took him half a day to get home. By the time he arrived at the village entrance, the sky was already dark. I suddenly saw a shadow ahead of me. It was sneaking around, looking very mysterious, and when I saw it coming towards me, I hid behind a tree.

What was this black shadow trying to do in the middle of the night? I wanted to get to the bottom of this, so I followed him quietly.

The shadow walked past me and headed straight for the mountain outside the village. After walking for about an hour, he disappeared into a cave. My heart suddenly tensed up. It had been so many years since someone had come to this cave. No one dared to come here.

According to the rumors, there used to be a very beautiful girl. Because she didn't want to change her brother's wife, she wore red clothes on a dark night and committed suicide in this cave.

From then on, the sad cries of women could be heard frequently from the cave. The sounds were intermittent, and occasionally, making one's hair stand on end. No one dared to step into the cave again.

Today, the shadow actually went in. I secretly sucked in a breath of cold air and thought, "It can't be that the shadow is that girl, right?" You met a female ghost? "

At this thought, my scalp began to tingle and sweat. I wanted to go back, but my feet wouldn't obey me, so I didn't move.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It was a very useful move when I was nervous. Just as I was about to go back, I heard voices coming from the cave. My curiosity was piqued.

I'm Yun Tian, a man. If I go back home cowering, I'll be letting down my name.

I patted the little yellow thing in my pocket, made up my mind, and headed for the hole. When they were almost to the cave entrance, they slowed down their pace and moved closer and closer to the cave wall. The cave was very dark, and they could not see anything.

At this moment, a sound came from the innermost part of the cave. The cave was very deep, and it could have been dug to avoid something.

I walked slowly towards the source of the sound. Suddenly, a faint light appeared in front of me. When I looked into the light, I was so shocked that I almost lost my breath. That black shadow was none other than my second brother-in-law. His eyes were lifeless as he stood dumbly at the side, as if he was a completely different person from when he was walking just now.

At the far end of the cave, there was another person in his forties who was talking to my brother-in-law. This is a man, not a ghost, I'm sure, because I see his shadow, and my brother-in-law has a shadow, and they say there's no shadow.

However, when I saw that my brother-in-law didn't react at all to this man's words, he still stood there in a daze. What was going on? Did this person have a problem talking to himself?

Just as I was lost in my thoughts, a woman walked out from behind my brother-in-law. She said that she was leaving, but in reality, she just floated out. So it turned out that my brother-in-law had been carried away by a ghost.

Why does she want to get on my brother-in-law's body? What does she want to do? No wonder my second sister and my brother-in-law have been fighting recently, it must be her doing something. I was angry at the thought.

I was about to go closer to observe what was going on inside when I stepped on a small rock and made a sound. I thought, "Oh no, they found me."

Sure enough, the woman floated in front of me with a gust of cold wind. I didn't even see what happened before I heard a "scream" and the female ghost immediately retreated.

After retreating, he said to the man in his forties, "Brother Yu, he has something on him. It's very powerful. I can't get close to him."

That person called Brother Yu slowly walked towards me. At this moment, I saw his face clearly; it was really good-looking. Even though he was forty years old, his skin was exquisite, with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. His red lips were even redder than a girl's.

Was this a man? If she hadn't heard his voice, she would have thought that he was a woman disguised as a man. I, Yun Tian, am already handsome enough. His appearance actually surpasses mine. Is there any justice?

At that moment, he came up to me and asked, "Who are you?" Before I could reply, he punched me on the shoulder. I didn't dodge. I was shocked, this person is not simple.

Just like that, we started to fight. After a few rounds, I was already unable to hold on. I was no match for him at all. At that moment, Little Yellow appeared in time. Like before, it pounced and pecked. It was not long before it was beaten back by that Brother Yu.

I suddenly felt black in front of my eyes, and stars were flying everywhere, and I thought I might be beaten to death by him.

I slowly opened my eyes. The first person I saw was my mother. I called out, "Mother," but before my mother could reply, tears fell like a broken bead onto my hand, and I realized that my hand had been tightly clenched by my mother.

Mother wiped away her tears and said, "Good heavens! You can't let anything happen to me. If something were to happen to you, how am I going to live?! You don't need to worry about anything else right now. Take good care of your injuries and wait for your recovery first. "

I nodded and closed my eyes. I had to do whatever my mother said, and I didn't want to upset her any more.

On the third night, when my injuries were much better, I decided to find my master. Now, only he could help me, so I must investigate this matter thoroughly. This matter concerns my second sister's happiness.

I don't want to go too early for fear of being seen. Around ten o'clock, I finally arrived at Master's place.

Master seemed to know I was coming and was already waiting for me at the door. I followed Master into the house and told her in detail about Xiang'er's revenge, the strange things that happened when she came back, and how she got beaten up. I didn't tell her about Little Yellow.

When his Master heard the last part of what he said, she frowned and said, "Who is this strong? Why is he so close to me? I didn't even notice." Following that, his master stood up and said, "Little Tian, lead the way. Master will follow you to see what's going on."

I followed my teacher's husband to the cave. They were all there, including my brother-in-law. Brother Yu was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. Both of his palms slapped against the woman's chest and a ray of light continuously entered his body. My brother-in-law was still standing blankly to one side.

I looked at my teacher doubtfully. My master was staring at Brother Yu. I quickly tugged at the corner of my master's shirt. Only then did my master come back to his senses and walk in.

As his Master walked in, she called out, "Yutang." When that Brother Yu heard these two words, he immediately stood up. He then kneeled down and said loudly, "Disciple Yutang greets Master."

I can't believe that's true. He's actually my master's disciple? What's going on? I was really confused.

His Master's face was solemn as she pointed at Yu Tang and said, "I am no longer your master, don't call me that." That Yutang said, "I know that I am not a worthy person and have disappointed Master. However, I will be your master for one day and your father for life. Your disciple will always remember this in my heart."

His Master took a deep breath and said, "Yutang, it's been so many years. You've always been doing things your way and do not know how to repent. Is your appearance really that important to you?"

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