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Martial Region Continent, Ling'an City.

Flower lanterns, wine green streets, the hoarse voice of the peddler, noise everywhere, the voice, surging passion, echoing endlessly.

As the end of the year approached, people went to the streets to buy New Year's goods. As a result, every year at this time, Ling'an City's streets and alleys would be filled with an endless stream of people, bustling with activity.

The Immortal Library.

In the famous market city of Ling'an City, the places that specialized in trading calligraphy and books were filled with the fragrance of books. It was as vast as a sea of smoke, causing one's heart to feel at ease.

"Boss, how much is this old brush!"

In a bookstore, a young man wearing a black robe was holding an old brush in his hand as he asked the shopkeeper behind the counter.

The shop owner was a fat old man, and when there was no business, he would usually hang out on the counter and shop. When the middle-aged old man heard someone calling him, he raised his head and rubbed his hazy eyes, smiling as he said, "Hello, customer. Our store's prices are low and we offer a discount of half ?"

"Ugh ?"

When the fat old man who was just about to brag about it clearly saw who it was, he suddenly could not say anything else, and his expression kept changing, and then he pursed his lips and laughed: "So it's actually Sir Di Chen who has arrived, it's my honor, but I don't know if Sir Di Chen has come to buy a brush with money?"

Although the fat old man said these words gently, the teenager in black named Di Chen could still hear the ridicule in his words. However, he didn't pay much attention to it. Even if his mouth were to cover someone else's body, he wouldn't care no matter what.

Di Chen shook the brush in his hand, and said to the fat old man: "Boss, I do not have much money on me, can you sell this old brush to me at a cheaper price?"

Even though Di Chen was the Young Master of the Di Clan, one of the three great clans of the Ling'an City, based on his current status in the Di Residence, he was in a difficult situation and was forced to a corner.

The fat old man's eyes flashed, hearing Di Chen say that there was not much money, his attitude changed drastically, and he laughed: "Young Master Di, I know that ever since your parents went missing, your family has been bullying you for quite a while, and the monthly tax you pay has been deducted by more than half. Even the security of life could not be maintained. How about this, I won't take any more of your money. Give me two pieces of money, and this brush will be yours. "Don't think that it's old. Actually, the quality is still very good. I can let you write a few words."

"Boss, how about 1 coin!" Di Chen revealed a troubled face and started to ask for the price.

"A noble young master of the Di Residence actually managed to get away with not even a single cent. How terrible."

The fat old man mumbled to himself as his eyes rolled around. After a while, he put on a bitter face and said, "Alright, it's not easy for you. One gold coin is enough. We can make a deal."

Di Chen reluctantly took out the money from his pocket and gave it to the fat old man. Then, he took the ancient brush and walked out of the Immortal Inscriptions Pavilion.

"I didn't expect that the rotten brushes I found by the roadside a few years ago could buy it for a penny." The fat old man looked at Di Chen's disappearing figure and started laughing sinisterly.

On the busy street, there was a hubbub of voices.

As Di Chen walked forward, a cold wind suddenly blew past him, blowing away the dust that had been covering his heart for a long time.

He was the son of Di Shan, the patriarch of the Di Family, one of the three Wealthy Clans in the Ling'an City, living a life of wealth that everyone envied. However, after the unforeseen event seven years ago, his parents had both mysteriously disappeared, leaving Di Chen, who was only seven years old, helpless and helpless.

Those who were supposed to be his closest friends turned out to be the ones who bullied him the most.

First, his parents had disappeared, and their family's uncle had coveted and seized all of their private property. Then, Di Chen had rushed from his original residence into a wooden firewood house that had a leak in all four directions.

In the past seven years, not only did his clan continuously suppress him, even his clan's servants dared to mock and ridicule him.

It was all because his meridians were blocked, so he could not cultivate in martial arts.

Martial Region Continent was a world of < < Martial God > >.

Rumor has it that powerful martial artists could become saints with their bodies, move mountains and overturn the seas. They could control mountains and lift the mountains, traverse the void. They could even create worlds, become immortals, and proudly roam the nine heavens.

The powerful Martial Saint could reach through the heavens and the earth. It could look down on all living things in the world, bestow the title of divine being, establish a godly temple, enjoy the worship of people, and absorb the karmic luck of fire and incense.

The people who grew up in the Martial Region Continent, no matter who, as long as they could not cultivate, were useless in the eyes of warriors. It could be killed at any time.

Di Chen had experienced the coldness of the human heart, and also experienced the coolness of the world.

Although he was in a very bad situation, he had never given up hope. Ever since he knew that he could not practice martial arts, he diligently studied the scriptures and the classics.

For the past few years, Di Chen had continuously gone through hard work to study the scriptures just so that he could one day become famous and change his fate completely.

Right now, he had already mastered all of the scriptures, poems, and verses. He had reached the point where he could speak freely and fluently. However, his calligraphy was unable to pass this stage.

That was the reason why he came to the Immortal Wen Pavilion to purchase a brush to practice calligraphy.

"After the new year, in three months time the Elementary Scholar examination will begin. With my current calligraphy skills, how am I supposed to take the Elementary Scholar examination?"

Thinking of this, Di Chen became very anxious.

The Elementary Scholar examination was a grand occasion that happened once every five years in Thousand Autumn Dynasty.

The Thousand Autumn Dynasty was well-cultivated and talented, with a lot of talented people and a lot of powerful people. Every time it came to the Elementary Scholar examination, the competition would be extremely intense. At that time, there would be close to a hundred thousand students from the different regions of Ling'an City participating in the assessment.

If Di Chen also mastered his calligraphy well, with the knowledge he had now, he was confident that he would be able to get one of the top ten Elementary Scholars. At that time, his status would skyrocket and he would no longer have to endure the cold in the wood house that was full of wind.

With the Thousand Autumn Dynasty's strength, even an Elementary Scholar was not someone to be trifled with.

"But my calligraphy isn't good enough. I'm sure I won't be able to get into the top ten. What should I do?" Di Chen's brows furrowed into the shape of a square, showing his worry.

"If I could learn martial arts, then it wouldn't be so troublesome. I could just directly take the martial arts exam."

Di Chen sighed.

A martial cultivator had a powerful body. They would soar into the sky and flee into the ground. With a wave of their sleeves, the heaven collapsed and the earth caved in, and they would steal another's life.

These scholars were far from comparable to the weak ones.

However, Di Chen had read a rumor in a ancient book. It was recorded that there existed an extremely powerful scholar in the world who was able to read and become a saint.

This rumor made Di Chen yearn for it, but this rumor was too far away and he had no way to verify it.

Di Chen wasn't sure whether or not reading would make one a saint, but even after all these years of studying, he still didn't have that kind of feeling.

"Seventh Young Master, I've finally found you."

He turned to look in the direction of the voice and saw a silver white haired old man running towards him. With a head full of sweat and an anxious expression, he moved extremely quickly, and in the blink of an eye, he was already in front of him.

"Uncle Qiu, why have you come?"

Di Chen supported the old man who was gasping for breath, who almost fell down, asked doubtfully. This old man was Uncle Qiu, who served him and dressed well. Ever since his parents had mysteriously disappeared, only this old man in the entire Di Family considered him to be the son of the Di Family.

"Seventh Young Master, something terrible has happened. Duo'er is dead."

The old man called Uncle Qiu said to Di Chen anxiously, not bothering to catch his breath. The reason he called Di Chen the Seventh Young Master was because Di Chen was ranked seventh among the Di Residence's direct descendants. The six people in front of him were all the sons of his uncles.

"What? Duo'er is dead?"

Di Chen's head trembled, his face was full of disbelief, didn't he see that she was still alive and kicking yesterday?

Shuang'er was one of the servant girls that served Di Chen in the past. She had a meticulous care and concern for Di Chen, and she was as close as a neighboring older sister. It was just that some of the Di Clan's people who held great power had been transferred to his big cousin Di Long's side to work.

"Uncle Qiu, how did Bian'er die?" Di Chen asked in a trembling voice, his heart in pain.

"It's the eldest young master."

Uncle Qiu's eyes turned blood-red. He gritted his teeth and said, "Eldest Young Master's lust is well-known, but I didn't expect that he, with his many wives and concubines, would actually do something as vile as rape. After being raped by him, Duo'er fell into a trance and committed suicide by taking poison. "

"What, Di Long, you bastard, you will die a horrible death." Di Chen roared in anger, causing the surrounding people to be alarmed, they all looked over at him.

"Uncle Qiu, let's return to the estate."

Di Chen ignored the gazes of the surrounding people, shouted at Uncle Qiu, and ran towards the Di Residence.

"Seventh Young Master, don't be rash. We can't beat Eldest Young Master!"

Uncle Qiu followed behind Di Chen. When he saw Di Chen leaving in a hurry, he became anxious and could not help but regret telling Di Chen about the matter so abruptly.

The tall buildings circled around and occupied the center of Ling'an City, towering into the clouds.

This was the residence of one of the three great families of the Ling'an City, the Di Family.

The Di Family was divided into the east, south, west, north, and middle five pavilions.

At this moment, on a pedestrian crossing in the East Pavilion of the Di Family, two figures, one old and one young, were walking. The young man was furious as he walked forward quickly, while the old man was chasing after the young man, persuading him repeatedly, "Seventh Young Master, let's go back. If anything were to happen to you, should I report this to the Old Master and his wife when they return? "

The old man became more and more agitated as he spoke, even tears began to fall from his eyes.

Hearing that, Di Chen stopped in his tracks, he remained silent for a long time, then turned and spoke to the old man: "Uncle Qiu, don't worry! I won't be impulsive, I'm just going to Di Long's place to see if I can bring Gemini's body back to us for burial. "

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