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C10 determination

Di Chen was quite surprised with Shang Qing's performance.

Although Appreciating Rain was his fiancee, he was not close to Di Chen. Shang Qing had a proud and aloof personality since he was young, and it was difficult for others to get close to him, even for him.

Previously, he only knew that Shang Qing was very powerful, but didn't know that it was powerful to this extent.

Now, it seemed that of the so-called three prodigies, Shang Qing had already obtained the upper hand. The difference in strength was not in the slightest compared to the two of them.

At the same time, Di Chen was also thinking, with his current strength, how much chance of fighting Shang Qing?


After pondering for half a day, he could only come to this conclusion. Even if he had the Sky Text Scripture on him, with its boundless might, Shang Qing had already stepped into the Lifestealer Realm and possessed the Blade martial soul.

For example, that move just now, even if he put himself in his shoes for a moment, he wouldn't be able to withstand that blade.

"If you don't want to die, then scram far away. Don't let me see you again." That little bit of strength and background of yours is not even worth mentioning in my eyes! " Shang Qing snorted, he flung his sleeves and left with Di Chen and Shang Yu as well as that ordinary-looking lady.

The woman with the ordinary appearance was called Shangguan Han. Her identity and background was unknown, and he only knew that she was Shang Yu's good friend.

Shang Yu did not elaborate!

Walking along the street, Shang Qing escorted Di Chen back to Elder Lin Ming's residence. Di Chen turned around and said: "Brother Shang, thank you very much for your help today. If it weren't for you helping out today, Jun Wu Yi would probably still be pestering him."

Shang Qing was expressionless: "There is no need to be modest, you are no longer the same person. Although there are no signs of any elemental energy fluctuations in your body, with your current strength, it is not impossible for you to contend with Jun Wu Yi."

Di Chen laughed bitterly and clenched his fist: "Elder Brother Shang, you think too highly of me. If I really had that kind of ability, how would I have fallen to such a level? Twin would not die so miserably that I would not be able to bury her body. And Dybo died because of me. "

"How hateful!" The more Di Chen thought about it, the angrier he got. He turned around and fiercely punched the wall, without much strength, his fist only felt a sharp pain.

Shang Qing looked at him expressionlessly: "You must be calm. Once you reach a certain point, you will be able to pay back all your humiliation with twofold."

"I know, but I just feel uncomfortable inside!" Di Chen's hands were trembling, and his heart was in turmoil.

Shang Yu gently pulled his hand and said gently: "Big Brother Di Chen, don't be like this, I didn't think that so many things would happen to you. "Don't worry, from today onwards, no one will dare to bully you anymore. As long as you follow my Shang family, I will get my big brother's help. The people who bully you will never have a good life."

"Eh?" Di Chen turned around, his eyes filled with pain and confusion: "You want me to follow you to the Shang Clan?"

He turned and looked at Shang Qing.

Could it be that the Shang Clan was really willing to accept this infamous trash?

Shang Qing slightly nodded his head, "If you are willing, I can bring you back to the clan!"

Di Chen frowned, being able to enter the Shang Clan was an extremely good thing, because the Shang Clan was a large clan and there were many experts gathered there, and he could learn a lot from them. But Di Chen knew, even if he went there, he would not necessarily stand out, and as long as he did not wash his innocence, no one would look up to him.

Thinking up to here, Di Chen shook his head and laughed at himself: "What ability do I, Di Chen, have to be able to enter the Shang Clan? Elder Brother Shang, thank you very much for today's matter, but I have already made up my mind. I will not be going to the Shang Clan.

"Good ambition." Shang Qing's eyes revealed a rare look of approval, "It doesn't matter what you lose, as long as you don't give up. "Rest assured, I can tell that you will be able to stand at the peak of martial power in the future."

Shang Qing did not force Di Chen to go to his own family. Everyone had their own aspirations and no one was willing to come.

However, Shang Yu was unable to understand, and pulled Di Chen's hand and said: "Big Brother Di Chen, why aren't you going to the Shang Family? You no longer have anything to worry about. If you go to the Shang family, you can cultivate better and ensure your safety. In addition to that, we also have an engagement. We're not small anymore, and this is the reason why I came to find you. "

As she finished speaking, Shang Yu's tender face immediately turned red. It was indeed difficult to get a Girl to take the initiative to discuss the major event of the engagement.

Di Chen smiled bitterly and shook his head, "Little girl, I know that you are doing this for my own good. I'm already like this, and I don't want to discredit you. When I find what I have, I will marry you in broad daylight. You must wait for me! "

Now, Shang Yu was the only comfort in his heart.

"Alright, I won't say anymore. You can go back now!" Di Chen once again revealed a smile, waved at Shang Qing and the others, then confidently turned around and walked into the Lin Family residence.

The pain in his heart was not enough to speak up for an outsider. He had long since gotten used to bearing the pain of having to endure everything on his own!

"Big Brother Di Chen ?" Shang Yu looked at Di Chen's figure in a daze.

Shang Qing opened his mouth, "Golden Qilin is not something that can be found within a pond. Xiao Yu, go back. You don't have to worry about him. Maybe one day, we will all need to raise our heads and look up at him. "

Shang Yu and her brother returned. After three steps, she turned around, reluctant to part with Di Chen, but she did not see him again.

Di Chen hid at the door, watching Shang Yu leave. His attitude was resolute than it had ever been: "Girl, don't worry, there will be a day when I will come and pick you up, and the sky won't be too far away."

After that, he entered the Lin Family compound and found Elder Lin Ming. Without saying anything further, he knelt down and kowtowed three times in front of Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was shocked, he anxiously supported Di Chen and asked: "Chen'er, what are you doing? "Why is it like this all of a sudden? Did something big happen?"

Di Chen raised his head, "No, I'm here to bid my farewell to you, Uncle Lin. I also wish to thank you for your kindness and care, I plan to go to the Thousand Miles Mountain to cultivate, I can't stay here and cause you any trouble."

"What trouble, Chen'er, what nonsense are you talking about?" Lin Ming was a little angry, "Your father and I are siblings, and it is also because of him that I have had this day. I also consider you as half my son, so you can stay with me even if you want, and no one will dare to touch you. If anyone dares to hurt you, I, Lin Ming, will fight them to the death! "

Di Chen got up, and smiled with gratitude: "Many thanks for Uncle Lin's good intentions, but I can't rely on you to protect me for my entire life. I still have to do what I have to do! "

"But ?" Lin Ming's expression also sunk as he said in a serious tone: "But you don't even have any martial arts to cultivate, what kind of place is that mountains of thousands of li? It's incomparably dangerous, and the demonic beast monsters inside come out one after another. Even if an expert of Lifestealer Realm were to enter, it would be hard for them to even take a single step, how can you go there by yourself!"

This was not just to scare people. The dangers of the Thousand Mile Mountain was well-known, and ordinary people would not dare to step even half a step into this place.

"Don't worry, Uncle Lin. I have my own plans. Take care of yourself when I leave." You definitely cannot provoke Di Dao because of my matters. When I return, I will make him personally kneel in front of me and admit his wrongs. " After he finished speaking, Di Chen turned around and left without looking back.

"Chen'er, Chen'er?" Lin Ming shouted a few times.

Di Chen did not bother to respond, he had already made his decision and would not stay any longer.

Now that he was free, his only goal was to increase his own strength!

Judging from his cultivation level, he was now level eight in the Fighter realm, and so were the scholars who were level eight. It was indeed very dangerous to enter this mountain, but the only difference was that he now had both civil and military abilities.

However, the first thing he needed to understand was how to raise his rank as a scholar!

He had some brushes with him, but now he had to leave. He took this opportunity to go to the market and buy a large amount of paper. Then, he picked up a bamboo basket and carried it on his back as he set out on his journey towards the Thousand Mile Mountain.

He did not have the money to rent a carriage, but he saw the notice for the hunters that were waiting outside the town. Di Chen thought to himself about looking for a team to get a carriage to take him to the Thousand Miles Mountain Range.

Just as he was studying the bulletin board, a heavy sigh suddenly came from the side.

"Hey, we are lacking one now, what should we do? If we still can't find him, the prey we were looking for might run away or someone might kill us first. We've been working in vain for the past half month. "

Hearing the sigh, Di Chen turned his head and saw four people sitting or standing by the wall. Two burly men, a young man who looked white and tender, and a young Girl. Although he didn't understand what the four of them were trying to do, he could tell that they were hunters hunting in the mountains.

Di Chen walked over and revealed a smile. He said to the four of them: "The four of you, are you recruiting? Can I join your team? "

Upon hearing this, the four depressed people immediately raised their heads in joy. However, after seeing Di Chen, the four were all stunned.

This was because they could not feel any energy fluctuations from Di Chen's body. If it was just an ordinary person who joined their team, then it would be difficult to succeed.

One of them, a man with a thick beard, frowned and asked, "What's your martial arts level now?"

Di Chen smiled and asked: "Does that matter?"

"Of course there is. This time, the demonic beast that we have to deal with is not simple, if there is no warrior level 3 or higher, it cannot be used, and will very likely lose its life." The man said seriously.

Di Chen revealed a smile: What a coincidence, I'm just Level 3 Warrior, can I join your team now?

Di Chen had falsely reported his strength, he did not want others to know his true strength, and thus, he did not want them to know about him.

The man waved his hand and said, "That's enough, that's enough. Go away. Even if we can't find you, we won't let you join our team."

"Why?" Di Chen squinted his eyes. He had never seen anyone who could not differentiate good from bad.

"Because you are lying. There is not the slightest fluctuation of Essence Qi from your body, yet you told us that you are a Fighter level 3." How could you let a dishonest guy join our team! " The man looked dissatisfied.

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