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C11 writing

"So that's how it is." Di Chen laughed, walked to the side and punched a stone lion on the head.

A loud bang echoed out!

Half of the stone lion's head had been chopped off by Di Chen's fist.

The four of them widened their eyes in shock. The power of this punch was so strong that it was no longer at the third level of the Fighter realm. There was even a possibility of reaching the fourth level of the Fighter.

Although they still had doubts in their hearts on why Di Chen did not have any vitality, the four of them were already pleasantly surprised. The man stood up quickly and held Di Chen's hand as he said happily: "Brother, welcome to the sect, I still have not asked you for your name!"

Di Chen thought for a while, then said with a smile: "My name is Di Chen."

"Di Chen?" The man's eyes widened as he asked in surprise, "You are the disreputable Seventh Young Master of the Di Family, Di Chen?"

"No, no ?" Di Chen quickly waved his hand, "My name is Di Chen, the Chen at Chen, I don't know anything about the Di Family's Seventh Young Master."

"Oh, so that's how it is. Your names are too similar. However, thinking about it, you are right. The seventh young master of the Di family doesn't know how to cultivate at all. My name is Da Mu, and this is Er Mu, Little Hui, Little Shuang. "

Big Wood introduced each of them.

Di Chen remembered that the other burly man was called Er Mu, the young man was called Xiao Hui, and the Girl was called Xiao Shuang.

"Alright, it really is like the bright flowers in the dark. Now that Di Chen has joined, our team is gathered. We can set off now." Er Mu grinned and said.

Girl Xiao Shuang also became more cheerful as he giggled, "I think it's best if you change your name. Otherwise, your name will sound like the seventh young master of the Di family, and will end up in a miserable state!"

Di Chen was not angry, and laughed: "I would like to change it too, but I do not have a suitable name."

Little Shuang raised her head and thought for a moment before smiling, "Seeing how silly you are, I might as well call you Big Idiot!"

"Sure, that's a good name." Di Chen laughed.

As they spoke, Di Chen became more familiar with the four of them. The four of them did not have deep connections, and were honest people who were focused on hunting, so they did not question Di Chen at all. After packing up, they sat on the horse carriage and followed the road towards the Thousand Li Mountain Range.

In the evening, when they were close to the mountain, the carriage stopped and they got off, walking up the mountain.

"You big idiot, what is that thing you're carrying on your back?" Little Shuang was especially close to Di Chen, walking shoulder to shoulder with her as they asked with smiles on their faces.

Di Chen answered: "It's calligraphy paper."

"Book paper?" Little Shuang was surprised, "Why are you carrying paper and calligraphy up the mountain?"

Di Chen smiled: "Practice."

"You carried a piece of paper up the mountain to practice your calligraphy?" Little Shuang looked surprised, and then her mouth twitched, "What a weirdo, I don't think we should call you big dumb, but weirdo instead."

Di Chen laughed, and did not say much!

The young man, Xiao Hui, said unhappily, "Alright, Xiao Shuang, stop pestering him. What does it have to do with you? Don't forget our mission."

Little Shuang turned her head to look at Little Hui and giggled. "What, you don't even let me say anything? Are you jealous?"

"Who's jealous?" Xiao Hui turned his head disdainfully.

Little Shuang giggled, then continued to speak with Di Chen, who dealt with his without a word.

Very quickly, the four of them arrived at a patch of grass. The guide, Big Wood Er Mu, stopped in his tracks, turned his head and said: "Alright, let's prepare here, the demonic beast that we are going to deal with is not far away. Right now, I have to make sufficient preparations so that no accidents will happen! "

Di Chen asked doubtfully: "In the end, what demonic beast are we dealing with? I have not heard you speak of it. "

Big Mu replied: "Sixth stage demonic beast, Earth Snake! "But it's not easy to deal with. Brother Di Chen, you must be careful."

"Earth Serpent? Still the sixth step. " Di Chen pondered and did not speak.

A Stage Six demonic beast was already hard to deal with, not to mention the Earth Snake, which was very agile. Being able to move freely in one's own territory, ordinary people couldn't do anything about it, so it was no wonder that the four of them needed to recruit an additional person to act.

Big Wood took out a bag of sulphur from his pocket. He circled around the snake and sprinkled it with sulphur to prevent the snake from escaping.

Then they both drew their weapons and said, "Let's do it. The preparation for half a month will depend on whether we can succeed or not today."

Big Wood took a deep breath.

Little Shuang, who was talking nonchalantly before, now had her mouth shut with a grave expression on her face. The four of them looked as though they were about to face a great enemy.

"Charge!" With a loud roar, the four people charged forward while Di Chen followed closely behind.

Leaping out of the forest, Di Chen immediately saw a gigantic snake in front of him. It was pitch black all over and the snake tongue in its mouth was half a meter long.

The four of them moved the Earth Snake, it turned its huge head and looked at Di Chen and the others.

"Hiss hiss ?" A creepy voice came from his mouth, and his eyes were incomparably cold.

"Don't give it time to react!" Big Wood gave a loud shout, then took the lead and dashed out together with Ermu. He raised the big blade in his hand high into the air and fiercely smashed towards the Earth Snake.

But just at that moment, the Earth Snake suddenly twisted its body and swept out with its thick tail.

Big Wood Er Mu was shocked, and hurriedly raised his blade to block. The result was that the two of them were sent flying. They landed on the ground, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

The two struggled to get up, their faces full of shock as they looked at the Earth Snake in front of them. Big Mu gritted his teeth and scolded, "Bastard, this Earth Snake has actually already stepped into the Seventh Order." It's over. In just half a month, he had already stepped into the seventh step. "What should we do?"

The seventh stage was different from the sixth stage, especially the demonic beast, each stage had a large increase in strength.

If rank 6 Earth Snake was a match for them, then rank 7 Earth Snake would be crushed!

The young man Xiao Hui's mind was unsteady, and when he heard this, he immediately asked anxiously: "Brother Mu, then what do we do now? Are we going to run? "It's impossible for a seventh step Earth Snake to win."

Big Mu gritted his teeth, "Why are you running? Our hard work for half a month is all for today. If we run, it would be no different from death. Attack together! "

With that, Big Wood and Er Mu rushed out again, and Little Hui and Little Shuang also followed suit.

Although there were four people who held the advantage in numbers, the difference in strength wasn't something that could be filled by numbers. After this battle, the four people didn't even get a scratch on the Earth Snake's body. Instead, they were all sent flying by the Earth Snake. They all vomited blood and were seriously injured.

Big Wood clutched his chest as he half knelt on the ground. His eyes were filled with despair as he said, "It's over, this time we're really going to die for sure!"

He turned his head and looked at Di Chen with disdain, and said with disappointment: "The most important thing is, we even recruited a useless trash who can't do anything."

In the entire process from the start of the attack to now, Di Chen basically had never fought back. He just stood in place without moving, after all, he was just watching. It was no wonder why the heavily injured Mu Da Mu would mock him. If Di Chen did not attack, what difference was there between him and no one else?

Xiao Shuang also stared at Di Chen in disappointment. "This guy, to think that I thought so highly of him before, I think my legs must have gone soft from fright!"

The four of them scoffed at Di Chen in unison.

Before they could finish their words, the enraged Earth Snake had already fiercely charged at the four of them. Its large tail was raised high and swept up a gale as it charged at the four of them!

The four stared wide-eyed in despair, unable to resist. Death was right in front of them.

But at this moment, Di Chen calmly raised his right hand, and shouted softly: "Firm!"

The palm of his hand flickered with light, and the set formula started to float out, slowly growing larger, before smashing onto the Earth Snake like a small mountain. The Earth Snake was instantly knocked to the side, and this was not the end, as Di Chen immediately bellowed: "Break!"

The Broken formula flew out again, and the Steadfast formula that had not dissipated yet instantly exploded. The shockwave swept out in all directions, and even the plants and flowers swayed backwards due to the shockwave.

The explosion of the formula had blown the Earth Snake into smithereens!

Broken pieces of flesh and blood fell down from the sky like rain. Only the blue-colored core was left falling down from the sky.

The strength of the set formula combined with the use of the Broken formula was tremendous, it could instantly kill a stage seven Earth Snake.

The four of them were dumbstruck as they stared at Di Chen in disbelief. Earlier, they had mocked Di Chen in a myriad of ways, but they had not expected that Di Chen's light and leisurely actions would cause a stage seven Earth Snake's body to shatter into pieces.

So it turned out that Di Chen was not a useless trash, but simply did not put this Earth Snake in his eyes at all!

After killing the Earth Snake, Di Chen did not even look at the dead man and turned to leave. He did not take the Earth Snake's beast core. In any case, it's just for a ride, so this demon core is just money for a ride!

Looking at Di Chen's leaving figure, the expressions of the four people were complex. To possess such powerful strength, he simply wasn't at the third level of the Fighter realm. Most likely, he was already an expert in Lifestealer Realm. Why would an expert of the Lifestealer Realm want to hunt with us? "

He had too many doubts, but it was already useless, they had just met by chance, and Di Chen was no longer with them.

Di Chen did not go down the mountain. Instead, he continued walking deeper into the Thousand Miles Mountain Range. This was only the outskirts of the Thousand Miles Mountain Range.

Relying on these low level demonic beast alone would not be enough to raise his fighting strength!

The sky gradually turned yellow. Dusk had passed, and it was already pitch black.

The night was not suitable for him to go in deeper, so he would have to busy himself with battles at night. Thus, Di Chen found a cave to temporarily stay in.

Early morning of the second day. walked out of the cave and stretched while the mist permeated the air.

Then he took a piece of paper from the basket and laid it flat on the stone. He took out a brush and dipped it in saliva, then began to write on the paper.

There were less than three months until the Humanities exam, so he had to hurry up and practice. In another two months, regardless of whether he could succeed or not, as long as he was alive, he had to leave this mountain range.

The words were still curving and twisting like a snake crawling around. Di Chen was depressed, angry and exasperated, the more he got angry, the worse his writing got.

"You're crazy!" The angry Di Chen tore the paper like crazy.

"This old man is at least at the eighth rank of a scholar, and is also a legendary astronomical figure. Why are my handwriting so ugly?" Is that worthy of my identity? "

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