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C12 Qin Su'er

But at this moment, he suddenly felt an ice-cold aura crawl up his arm from within the broken brush, and an unfathomable will seemed to be urging him to take out a piece of paper. This time, the brush moved like dragons and snakes, and the word "fix" was written down on the paper like dancing dragons and flying phoenixes.

He looked at the fixed character on the paper with his mouth agape, feeling incredulous. "Did I really write this? Can I really write such beautiful words? "

He hurriedly tried to write something else. Although the calmer he was, the better his writing looked, but it was still crooked and could not be put on the table.

Di Chen gave up, looks like I'm not fit to write!

But what was the meaning behind that word?

Immediately after, Di Chen discovered that the power of speech that he had been using up was slightly increasing. Although it was very slight, he could clearly feel it.

In other words, writing these formula could help the literati cultivate. Although it would not be much help in his liberal arts exam, it would still be very helpful in raising his cultivation.

Therefore, Di Chen decided that in the future, besides training, he would also have to focus on writing formula s in order to increase his strength faster.

After tidying up his thoughts, Di Chen tidied up the bamboo basket and walked out of the cave, preparing to continue heading deeper into the mountains.

He wanted to find an even stronger demonic beast to kill so that he could temper his own strength.

As he was walking, he suddenly heard loud noises coming from the side. He frowned and slowly moved to the side.

He did not make too much noise, he moved closer to the trees, his eyes looking out through the dense bushes, and immediately saw, in the forest ahead, a Girl lying on the ground. His shoulder was severely injured, and a large part of his clothes were dyed red with blood.

Behind Girl, three men walked out. One of them held a bow and two of them held a machete.

The man holding the bow and arrow sneered: "Run, Qin Suer, you can run from my palm? "Obediently hand over the thing in your hand, or I will kill you on the spot."

Girl clenched his teeth. He, who was heavily injured, was no longer able to resist. Even if he were to die, she would not take out the things on his body.

"Damn thing!" The man snorted coldly, he immediately nocked his bow, the cold arrow aimed at Girl's head, no one doubted that he would shoot through Girl's head in the next moment.

Di Chen squinted his eyes, this kind of killing and stealing was something that was common to him, he did not want to meddle in other people's business, but things had already gotten to this point.

The strength of these three people were all around Level Six Warrior, and their combined might was not a small amount. Unfortunately, compared to Di Chen, they were still two levels weaker.

"Die!" The archer bellowed and was about to shoot.

Girl shut his eyes in despair. He did not expect that he would still be unable to escape death in the end!

"Three men killing a helpless woman, you're just a bunch of trash!" Di Chen slowly walked out from the bushes, expressionlessly looking at the three of them.

The three of them were stunned, the man holding the bow and arrows also retracted his force, he changed the direction of the arrow and aimed it at Di Chen, and asked: "Who are you? "What do you want?"

Di Chen sneered: "Don't care who I am, if you know what's good for you, quickly scram. Otherwise, no one will help you collect your corpses."

"What big words you have there!" The other party sneered, "He's clearly just a good-for-nothing who doesn't even know how to cultivate, and yet he dares to come out and act like a rascal."

When Girl initially heard that someone had come out to save his, he joyfully opened her eyes. However, immediately after, he did not reveal a happy expression, as his face was already filled with despair, because she could not feel any sort of spirit energy coming from Di Chen's body. A person who could cultivate definitely would have spirit energy in their body, but Di Chen's situation only explained one thing, and that was that Di Chen did not know how to cultivate.

"Hurry up and leave, don't worry about me, don't risk your life." Girl shouted to Di Chen.

"It's too late to leave now!" The archer let out a cold laugh, and then he loosened his grip. The bowstring began to hum loudly in the air.

The sharp arrow whistled as it shot towards Di Chen!

This was no ordinary bow, there was a large amount of vitality added to it, the resulting damage was extremely huge, in the blink of an eye it was in front of Di Chen.

"It's over!" Girl stuttered. He could not bear to watch any longer. Not only was she going to die, he was going to lose his innocent life as well.

But at this moment, Di Chen raised one of his hands, and shouted lightly into the air: "Stop!"

The surrounding aura surged out crazily, and actually held the arrow in the air and did not move it at all.

Everyone was dumbstruck, including Girl. They looked at Di Chen in disbelief, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

They were not able to see the word 'immobilize' flashing in Di Chen's hands. All they knew was that with a light raise of Di Chen's hand, he would be able to cause the arrow that was flying at them to remain motionless in the air.

Di Chen slowly walked up, extended his hand and gently pulled the arrow that was locked in mid air, holding it in his hand, he chuckled: "You dare take out this kind of little thing to make a fool of yourself!"

The three of them were all terrified. No one had expected Di Chen to attack in such a terrifying manner even though he could not see the fluctuations of vitality.

Or could it be that Di Chen was too strong, and had hidden his own vitality?

The three of them looked at each other and shouted, "Car!"

With that, the three of them turned and ran. Di Chen sneered and bellowed, "Kill!"

Just as he finished speaking, he drew a character for a cut in the air with one hand. This character immediately condensed into an endless Di Chen and transformed into a huge blade, with the thought of three people chopping down from the sky, a loud bang sounded, and a huge hole was formed in the ground. The three people's bodies were cut into several sections, and a large amount of fresh blood sprayed out.

With his current level 8 as a scholar, he could only release two formula s. That was why he did not hesitate to kill the three of them just now. If he continued to pester them, it was possible that he would die from the exhaustion of his words!

Di Chen took a deep breath, trying his best to maintain his calm. He slowly walked towards the three, attempting to plunder some of their belongings.

But when his hand touched the three corpses, a scorching hot Qi surged into his arm frantically, following along the meridians in his arm and flowed into his body, finally entering into his chest and running all over. Di Chen's face changed greatly, holding onto his chest, he retreated two steps, his face turning pale white.

Just a moment ago, the two formula had almost used up all of their power of speech, and now, it was impossible to suppress the berserk energy in their chest.

The impact of the energy made Di Chen roll his eyes, he collapsed weakly onto the ground, and fainted!

His last thought before blurring his mind.

It's over! If I were to fall here, I would have an opportunity to die together with others. How can I possibly die without even knowing this!

He was not dead. When he opened his eyes again, he was in a dark, damp cave. A pile of firewood was burning beside him.

This was not the time to be concerned about such things. He quickly closed his eyes and stared at the berserk aura in his body. It was the time to focus on such things.

What happened to the previous situation?

Di Chen opened his eyes and looked at the top of the cave, deep in thought. He suddenly remembered, when he killed the Blood Bead earlier, he had obtained a Pearl of Life and hid it inside his dantian. The role of Pearl of Life was to absorb the energy of all living things, convert it into its own, and at the same time refine its body.

After those three people were killed by Di Chen's "Slash" formula, they no longer had any signs of life, and completely became an ownerless energy in this world. At that time, Di Chen reached out to touch their corpses, and that energy took advantage of that time to enter his body.

After thinking everything through, Di Chen heaved a sigh of relief!

This Pearl of Life could be said to be a good item, but at the same time, it also hid a great disadvantage. The advantage was that it could help him quickly raise his cultivation. The disadvantage was that at times, he might be unable to absorb any energy that he could not control, and instead, suffer a backlash.

"You're awake?" Di Chen was still pondering when a clear voice suddenly came from the side.

Di Chen was shocked, he turned to look, only to realize that it was the Girl who was being hunted down previously. He was holding a dead chicken in his hand, walking into the cave, and roasting it over the fire with a tree branch.

"You saved me?" Di Chen asked suspiciously.

When he fainted, there was no one around, the only thing that could save him was this Girl!

"No, you saved me. If you hadn't acted in time, I might already be dead." Girl said with a sweet smile. He was a pure and beautiful Girl.

Di Chen thought for a while and said: "You are called Qin Suer right? Why are they chasing you?"

Qin Suer sat beside the fire, and watched the bonfire burn with a foolish expression. After a long while, he said: "I am the daughter of a doctor, and my father is called Qin Fusang. Originally, our lives were very peaceful, and also very peaceful. I escaped in time and was chased all the way here. "

After Di Chen heard this, his frown deepened, "Then they must have a reason to chase you down, they wouldn't kill innocent people for no reason at all right?!"

Qin Suer smiled bitterly: "The reason they chased me is because of my family's medical manual. Before my father died, they handed over the medical manual to me."

"Father told me a long time ago that a man is innocent, but his wealth is his own sin. It is because of this medical book that we have been brought into a calamity!"

The more Qin Suer spoke, the more grief she felt. However, after she finished speaking, she took a deep breath, and the sorrow on her face disappeared.

He revealed a smile and said, "My father said that no matter what, do not fall into depression. What I need to do now is to protect this medical manual properly, then go back and take revenge. Kill all those thieves and take revenge for my father! "

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