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Sovereign of the Heaven/C13 Desperate to take the risk
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C13 Desperate to take the risk

Qin Suer gnashed her teeth again.

After a moment, he raised his head and asked Di Chen: "What about you? And why did you come to this Thousand Li Mountain Range? "

It seemed that although Qin Suer had comforted her in her heart, she wasn't very familiar with controlling her emotions. She would uncontrollably reveal her negative emotions.

Di Chen shook his head and laughed: "I am in a similar situation as you, I was also framed by my clan. My closest family members were all slaughtered, and I was forced to enter this Thousand Li Mountain Range as a rogue, I plan to train myself here, and only return to take revenge after my strength increases."

"Are you Di Chen? The seventh young master of the Di family? " Qin Suer asked in shock as he widened his watery eyes.

Di Chen was also surprised: "You know me?"

"Of course I know. Your matter has already spread throughout the entire city. Everyone is talking about how you raped your servant girl, and how you were kicked out of the family. They all call you a despicable, shameless, inhumane guy! " Qin Suer said in all seriousness.

Di Chen said with downcast eyes: "Then do you think I'm that kind of person?"

"Of course not!" Qin Suer immediately said with certainty: "I can see it from how you saved me. You're kind in the bottom of your heart, why would you do something so immoral?"

Di Chen exhaled, felt gratified and smiled: "Good, my body is fine now. I'll send you down the mountain.

"Do you want me to die?" Qin Suer opened her eyes wide.

"What?" Di Chen did not understand.

"The people at the foot of the mountain are all waiting for my life. They want my medical book. If I go down the mountain, I will not be courting death." Qin Suer said.

"This ?" Di Chen also hesitated: "Then what do we do? I can't leave you here, it's no different than death. "

Qin Suer's eyes turned, and she smiled: "How about this, don't you want to go into the mountains to cultivate? You want to fight against the demonic beast? If you are injured, I can treat you and you can protect me too, killing two birds with one stone! "

Di Chen thought about it carefully, and felt that it made sense. Otherwise, if something were to happen to him, no one would care about him, whether he was dead or alive.

Therefore, he stood up and nodded, "Alright, then it's decided. Let's go. It's still early today. We should be able to make it a bit further."

Di Chen carried the bamboo basket on his back, avoided the bonfire, and left the cave with Qin Suer, heading deeper into the mountains.

"Actually, you're already very powerful. Could it be that you're still unable to deal with your enemy?" The scene of Di Chen killing the three people in one strike was still fresh in Qin Suer's mind, and it was the first time she had seen such a strong force.

Di Chen said expressionlessly: "It's still not enough, those guys are all experts in Lifestealer Realm. My strength alone isn't enough. I must raise my strength within two months! "

"So you're saying you plan to stay here for two months?" Qin Suer asked.

"Yes!" Di Chen nodded and did not say anymore.

As he was walking, he suddenly saw trees in front of him whipping and sitting down, two wolves with black fur all over their bodies, who were half their height, rushed out, staring fiercely at Di Chen and, baring their fangs, dragging their mouths out, obviously they had been starved for a long time, and treated Di Chen and Qin Suer as food.

"It's Gemini Wolf!" Qin Suer was so scared that she hid behind Di Chen.

Gemini Wolf, demonic beast of the fifth step. It was a common demonic beast.

"Freeze!" Di Chen raised one hand, and an enormous power came out from his hand.

With a wail, the two Gemini Wolves were instantly minced into bones, and the ground was covered with blood and flesh. Di Chen walked over, and when his hand touched the Gemini Wolf's bones, a wave of energy rushed into his body. The Gemini Wolf's flesh was even gone, leaving behind a pile of rotten bones.

The life energy was directly absorbed by Di Chen, and the amount of energy being absorbed was not large. Di Chen could use the power of his words to easily resolve it.

Qin Suer was dumbstruck, and asked in a daze: "What technique is this? "How could it absorb all the flesh and blood?"

Di Chen turned around and smiled. "I don't know either, I only know that this is called the Life Arts, and that absorbing it can help my physical strength increase."

"So that's how it is!" Qin Suer was still somewhat baffled: "Rumor has it that you don't know how to cultivate, and don't even have the slightest bit of martial strength, why are you so strong? Moreover, you don't have any origin energy fluctuations on your body, just what is going on here? "

Di Chen smiled faintly: "It's best for you to know less. It's not that I don't want to tell you, it wouldn't benefit you even if I did."

"I got it!" Qin Suer pouted her pink lips and did not speak any further.

On the same day, Di Chen brought Qin Suer into the deep mountains, and along the way, they killed a few demonic beast s. Their ranks were not high, and all of them were absorbed by Di Chen as energy to strengthen his body.

At dusk, the two of them stepped into a small basin, surrounded by flowers and plants, extremely vibrant, lush and verdant, emanating a cool and fragrant scent. Di Chen raised his head to look at the red clouds on the horizon, which were gradually falling down.

"Yes." Qin Suer nodded, she did not have much of an opinion.

Di Chen put down the bamboo basket and started to chop trees and search for vines in the surroundings. It was only until night time did Di Chen finally build a wooden house.

This could be considered the temporary residence of the two of them. In the future, he could let Qin Suer rest in this wooden hut and go out to kill demonic beast s.

Di Chen made a lamp out of pine oil and lit it with flint. Then, he spread the paper on the table and started to practice.

Qin Suer did not disturb Di Chen, she only observed the hut in curiosity, and was very satisfied. To a person who was being chased, being able to have such a warm and gentle house, caused his heart to calm down.

As he wrote "fix" on the paper one after another, the power of speech in Di Chen's body gradually increased. At the end, he was already very familiar with the word "fix". As he became more proficient at it, the power of speech in his body increased.

After writing like this for the whole night, the tired Qin Suer had long fallen asleep on the wooden bed at the side.

When Di Chen raised his head from the word "fix", the sky was already starting to brighten. Although he had not slept for the night, he was still particularly energetic.

Seeing that Qin Suer was still asleep, Di Chen did not disturb him. She walked out of the hut alone, and after half an incense stick of time, she returned once again with the wild chicken and wild hare in her hands.

Qin Suer had already woken up from her sleep, and started washing her face with dew, treating the food Di Chen brought back, and the two ate their fill.

Di Chen got up and said: "I'm going out to cultivate today, stay here. I will first take care of all the demonic beast in the surrounding few kilometers.

Qin Suer smiled and said, "You must be careful when you go out. Remember to bring some food back in the afternoon."

Di Chen did not say anything, turned and walked out.

Qin Suer had nothing to do, she took a look at the house to see if there was anything else that needed to be added, and after filling it up, she stayed in the house to take out the Medical Encyclopedia from her bosom, opening it to read from the first page.

Day after day, the sun rose and set, and there was not much change in his daily life.

The only thing that changed was the person!

In the first ten days, Di Chen would always bring injuries back whenever he went out, and Qin Suer would constantly gather herbs to treat his injuries. But as time passed, the number of injuries on Di Chen became fewer and fewer, to the point where he basically wouldn't be injured anymore. Qin Suer knew that Di Chen was getting stronger and stronger, or perhaps, he no longer needed her to treat his injuries in the future!

But Qin Suer still did not relax, the herbs for treatment were fully prepared, no accidents were allowed to happen.

A month later, on this morning, Di Chen walked out of the hut and stretched. The flowers and plants were still green and the things inside the hut were becoming more and more complete. He felt more and more at home. Sometimes, even Di Chen couldn't help but think how great it would be if he could live a carefree life like this.

However, it was obviously impossible. There were too many things waiting for him!

"Are we going out to cultivate today as well?" Qin Suer who was at the side washing the fruits, smiled and asked Di Chen.

Di Chen turned his head to look and was slightly absent-minded. Qin Suer was growing more and more beautiful, no, it should be said that she was a great beauty herself.

Di Chen smiled and said: "No, I won't be going out today. I have something to take care of."

After he finished speaking, Di Chen turned around and walked towards the back.

"No more breakfast?" Qin Suer asked.

"I'll eat when I get back!" Di Chen ascended a lawn at the back of the mountain and looked down from above. He could see the wooden house below as well as countless flowers and plants.

His eyes flashed, without hesitation, he sat down on the lawn and took out a package from his bosom. Opening it, there were all sorts of different colored inner pellets of demonic beast, looking at these demonic beast inner pellets with emotionless eyes, he had already made his decision.

During this month of cultivation, his martial artist level had already broken through to the highest level. At level ten, he was only a step away from reaching Lifestealer Realm. He felt that he couldn't go on like this. It was very likely that he wouldn't be able to break through to the Lifestealer Realm even after two months.

He directly absorbed the energy from the demonic beast's Orb into his body and borrowed it to break through the shackles.

Although the risk was great, he had no other choice. There was not much time left!

Holding his breath, with his head empty, Di Chen picked up a beast core and held it in his hands. He immediately felt a scorching hot power pulse through his arm tendons and into his body.

Because he had not refined any of the energy before, after it entered his body, it became very violent. However, Di Chen was not in a hurry to refine it.

His rate of absorption became faster and faster. In the end, almost as soon as he grabbed the beast core, it was absorbed ?

This was not the end. The surrounding energy aura turned into wisps of white gas that drilled into his pores.

Qin Suer, who was eating some fruits beside the house, noticed the change in her senses. A strange feeling arose in her heart, and when she raised her head to look at the mountain behind her, she was immediately dumbstruck, and opened her mouth in shock.

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