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Sovereign of the Heaven/C15 return in force
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C15 return in force

Di Chen had only said these words of encouragement, but he never thought that those words would actually be true.

Of course, this was all in the future!

At this time, when Qin Suer heard this, she was very happy, like a kid who had gotten candy. "Just you wait, I will make the best pills for you to cultivate."

Di Chen smiled as he looked at Qin Suer. She was really a naive little girl, and hoped that Qin Suer could continue her pure and straightforward personality!

He would protect this smile!

He made a decision in his heart.

In the following days, he continued to immerse himself in cultivation.

Two months later, on this day, Di Chen said to Qin Suer who was fiddling with the medicinal ingredients: "Are you ready? Today, we are going to leave this ten thousand kilometer mountain. We have stayed here for such a long time, it's time to return. "

"Yes, I'm ready!" Qin Suer nodded her head obediently. Just like Di Chen, she carried a bamboo basket on her back.

The two of them smiled at each other and walked out of the mountain, shoulder to shoulder.

The surrounding demonic beast s that were at least several tens of kilometers were all killed by Di Chen in these past two months, so he did not encounter any obstructions on his way out of the mountain.

Reaching the road at the foot of the mountain, Di Chen sighed with emotion as if he had lived in the deep mountains for a long time and had just seen the light for the first time.

Two months had passed in the blink of an eye, but he hadn't felt any changes since he had started cultivating on the mountain. However, he didn't know about the situation with the Di Family, Elder Lin, Shang Yu, and Jun Wu Yi. Two months was enough time for too many things to happen!

Just as they were prepared to follow the road back to the town, just at this time, Di Chen and Qin Suer suddenly felt their feet stepping on air, their bodies sinking down, falling into a big pit, causing the surrounding sand and dirt to tremble, and spill over the two people.

How could there be a huge pit?

It was clearly at the foot of the mountain, at the roadside!

Di Chen looked up towards the cave mouth in doubt, and suddenly heard a burst of eerie laughter: "Aiya, my luck isn't bad, I caught two little fellows, let me see what my prey looks like!"

Under the sunlight, a young man wearing a blue shirt was squatting at the entrance to the cave.

However, it was very clear that this hole was a trap planted by the youth!

"What do you want?" Di Chen squinted his eyes and asked coldly.

"It's very simple. What do you want the Hunters to do?" "Of course it's for the spoils of war." The young man had a face full of smiles as he chuckled.

"The two of you just came down from the mountain. You must have a lot of useful things on you, right? Leave it to me, and I'll let you out." Otherwise, if I throw the knife and the stone, you will all die without a doubt. " The youth's smile turned cold.

Di Chen was expressionless as he said indifferently: "We don't have anything, so your way of doing this is unnecessary."

"Impossible!" The young man squinted his eyes and said resolutely, "Trying to trick me won't be that easy. I said you don't have anything, but who do you think you are? Throw them up here. "

Di Chen frowned, and took down the basket on his back. At the same time, he asked Qin Suer beside him for the bamboo basket, but Qin Suer resisted and said: "No, I won't give this thing to me, it's very useful to me."

Di Chen smiled: "Don't worry, it will be useful to you, and useless to him. What he wants isn't these things."

"Really?" Qin Suer was half believing and half suspecting before she put down the bamboo basket on her back. Di Chen picked up the two bamboo baskets and threw them at the cave entrance with all his might. Although this hole was four or five meters tall, Di Chen, who had already stepped into the Lifestealer Realm, possessed immense power and easily threw the bamboo basket inside.

The young man caught the bamboo basket, not caring about Di Chen's strength, and only opened the basket quickly and urgently. But when he clearly saw what was inside, his face darkened, and he said with a frown: "You guys only have these things? "Don't tell me you found this piece of paper on the mountain and brought it down?"

Di Chen smiled and said: "Of course not, I brought them up. I can give them to you if you want."

"Bastard!" The young man was flustered and exasperated. He kicked the two bamboo baskets to the side and angrily shouted, "Who wants these things from you? I'm warning you, don't play any tricks on me. I will really kill you." Hurry up and take off your clothes, and throw them over to me, I don't believe that there's nothing of value here. "

The smile on Di Chen's face disappeared, and his eyes became ice-cold: "Don't push your luck!"

"Aiya, brat, what's with your attitude? Haven't you figured out the situation? "It seems like I need to teach you a lesson." The young man was so angry that he stomped his feet and cursed. He turned around and was about to carry the stone.

But at this moment, Di Chen lightly raised his hand and pulled back with one hand. The young man retreated a few steps back as though he was pulled by a huge force and fell into a large hole, and hurriedly got up, only to discover that Di Chen was standing right in front of him. He awkwardly patted his bottom: "The ground is too slippery, and he actually couldn't stand steadily and fell in.

Di Chen was expressionless: "Are you clear on your situation now?"

The young man's expression did not look too good. He laughed dryly, "That's right. Since we're all in the same situation now, why don't we all work together and think of a way to climb up? We're all grasshoppers tied to the same rope, so let's not kill each other. "

"How ignorant!" Di Chen snorted, he extended his hand and wrapped it around Qin Suer's waist, and with a stomp on the wall, he leaped into the air, leaving a big hole.

The young man looked up, dumbstruck. Only now did he realize that he had provoked an incredible figure!

Fortunately, the other party had not bothered with him, or the consequences would have been dire.

After leaving the large hole, Di Chen loosened the shy and slightly flushed Qin Suer, reached out to grab the bamboo basket, and carried it on her back once again.

The young man in the cave raised his head and shouted, "Brother, save me! I can't let someone kill me here right? I apologize for the previous matter, but can you save me? "

In just the blink of an eye, their characters had been switched. The young man was completely dumbfounded.

But no matter how much he yelled, Di Chen didn't even turn his head to look back. He walked forward along the main road with Qin Suer who was carrying a bamboo basket on her back.

After a short while, the young man used some unknown method to crawl out of the cave, and quickly followed Di Chen and Qin Suer. He shamelessly giggled and said: "The two of you, I apologize for the previous matter seriously, I also did such a thing because I was in a daze. My name is Xu Qian, let's get to know each other, we're friends. "

Di Chen did not speak, and continued walking!

On the other hand, Qin Suer turned her head and curiously looked at him.

Seeing that there was hope, Xu Qian smiled at Qin Suer: "Miss, I see that you are naturally beautiful and extremely beautiful, a rare beauty. You definitely have a kind heart and a kind heart, and would not bother about such a small matter. What's your name? Shall we be friends? "

After being praised, Qin Suer was happy, but just as she was about to speak, Di Chen suddenly turned around and glared fiercely at Xu Qian: "This is not the first time you've done that, you must have already gotten used to using such skilled techniques. "Let me tell you, I've already given you a lot of face not killing you. Hurry up and scram, don't make a move against me."

Xu Qian shut his mouth tightly, unable to say a single word. His expression was extremely dejected.

In fact, he couldn't understand it either. His traps had all been tried and tested. As long as a hunter fell into his trap, he would be able to slaughter any fish on the chopping board. Furthermore, he would always be able to obtain items of considerable value. Who would have thought that he would fail this time and be caught off guard by this unknown fellow.

But who exactly was this kid? Why are they so powerful at such a young age? Those two moves just now should at least have the strength of a Fighter 8-9!

Although Xu Qian was scared stiff by Di Chen's aura, he was not scared away, and continued to follow behind Di Chen. It was just that he did not have the guts to speak anymore.

As he walked through the city gate and into the streets, he saw extremely lively people walking in and out. Di Chen felt like it hadn't been a long time since he last saw people, but it felt like a long time since he last saw them.

He brought Qin Suer into a nearby restaurant. He planned to go down the mountain and have a hearty meal before planning out what he should do next.

Naturally, Xu Qian shamelessly followed them!

After sitting down in the restaurant, Di Chen asked Qin Suer: "Su'er, you said before that you were being chased. Are those people in this city? "What kind of force is it? Are you going to take revenge first or follow me back to the Di Family?"

Qin Suer shook her head and laughed bitterly: "How can I take revenge with my little strength? I think it's better for me to follow Big Brother Di Chen back. Your affairs are also very complicated, if anything happens, I can take care of you. "

Di Chen smiled and said, "Don't worry, since you are unable to take revenge, I will naturally help you. For now, unless those old monsters in the city attack, no one can stop me."

Just as he finished speaking, Qin Suer's face suddenly turned pale white, her eyes filled with fear, and she immediately hid behind Di Chen, frightened and dodging, like a little rabbit who was frightened. Di Chen grew suspicious and looked in the direction that Qin Suer was scared, suddenly she saw a group of big sized men entered the restaurant, all of them had large swords and swords hanging around their waists, they had a imposing manner, a domineering attitude, and were all extremely arrogant.

"These are your pursuers?" Di Chen frowned and asked Qin Suer.

Qin Suer was so afraid that she did not dare say anything, and only nodded her head slightly!

The corner of Di Chen's mouth hooked up into a smile, and he said with a smile: "Don't be afraid, just sit here, and none of them will dare to touch you."

Then, he turned to Xu Qian who was following him and said, "Didn't you want to be friends with me? "As long as you help me teach this bunch of people a lesson, I'll be willing to be your friend."

"What?" When Xu Qian, who had his head lowered, heard these words, he was very surprised. He turned around and looked at the group of people, and immediately shook his head like a rattle, as he said with an unsightly expression, "Big brother, can you not make things difficult for me? It looks like they aren't good people, and they aren't weak either. Isn't it courting death for you to ask me to go and provoke them? "

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