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C16 Good friend

"Are you going?" Fierce Eyes narrowed his eyes and shouted.

Xu Qian jumped up in shock and he stood up abruptly. He took a deep breath and said, "Alright, I'll go right now, but if anything happens, you must help me."

Xu Qian slowly walked towards those overbearing guys, his eyes quickly turning as his thoughts quickly turned. Those people were drinking wine, laughing loudly, and were very straightforward. After Xu Qian walked closer, he whispered to one of the big man who seemed to be the leader: "Someone said that your group of people are all trash!"

"What?" The brawny man suddenly flew into a rage. He extended his hand and grabbed Xu Qian's collar, pulling him in front of him. He glared at him ferociously and shouted, "If you dare, say what you just said again."

Xu Qian was so scared that his lips trembled as he hurriedly said, "I didn't say that. It's that guy over there. He said that you're all trash, and none of you are his match."

Xu Qian pointed at Di Chen who was seated on the table!

The sturdy man turned his head and looked at Di Chen fiercely, and shouted: "Really?"

Xu Qian quickly added, "Of course it's true. He was the one who told me to come over and tell you that you are all trash!"

"Bastard." The sturdy man slammed the table and stood up, shouting, "Brothers, attack!"

A group of people stood up as well, looking extremely aggressive.

Seeing that the fuse had already been ignited, the corner of Xu Qian's mouth hooked up into a smile, and silently retreated to the entrance, coldly watching everything that was happening. If Di Chen wanted to plot against him, he would naturally do so.

He wanted to be friends with Di Chen with such good intentions. It was fine if Di Chen ignored him, but he actually teased him like that, this was the result!

When Qin Suer saw the group of people approaching her, she was so scared that she did not dare raise her head. Her body trembled uncontrollably and her fists were clenched tightly, the culprit who killed her father was right in front of her, but even though she did not have the ability, she could not do anything about it.

"Brat, you're the one who spoke so arrogantly and called us trash?" The big sized man smashed the blade in his hand onto Di Chen's table, producing a loud bang.

Di Chen turned his head, his gaze passing through the crowd, and saw Xu Qian at the door watching the show with a smile on his face.

He smiled and said, "That's right, you are all trash. What do you think? Do you have any objections?"

"Damn thing, today I will let you know who is the real trash!" The group of men were enraged, they all raised their weapons and started to fiercely attack Di Chen.

The restaurant was instantly thrown into chaos as a bloody battle occurred. They didn't want to be caught in the crossfire. Most of the customers were so scared that they scrambled out of the restaurant.

All the weapons were just about to land on Di Chen's head, and at that moment, Di Chen raised his right hand and shouted: "Stay!"

Then, a white light flashed from the center of his palm as the formula flew out, locking everything in place. He could not move at all, only his eyes that were rolling around in disbelief.

These people only had the strength of level seven and eight martial artists. Gathering together seemed to be not a small amount of strength, but in front of Di Chen, who had already stepped into the Lifestealer Realm, they were like ants that couldn't even withstand a single blow. After locking the formula in place, Di Chen shouted loudly, "Scram!"

With a wave of his hand, a group of people was sent flying out of the restaurant by the tremendous amount of energy in his hand. They landed on the street outside the restaurant, spitting out blood as they raised their heads in a daze.

What kind of power was this? What kind of strength?

Just the strength of one palm strike had sent everyone flying. This was too terrifying!

Under countless gazes of disbelief, Di Chen slowly stood up with Qin Suer. The faces of the people outside the restaurant were filled with panic, the leading guy anxiously shouted: "Stop right there, whoever moves, I'll kill them!"

Some people were too scared to take his words to heart, and kept on running away.

"Truly courting death!" Di Chen raised his hand again, and a surge of energy swept out, killing the escaping person on the spot.

This time, everyone was truly scared, no one thought that Di Chen would kill people so easily, and in front of everyone's eyes, he was actually so ruthless!

His legs could not help but tremble. Di Chen walked over and grabbed the leader of the strong man and asked: "Do you still recognize the person beside me?"

The strong man turned his head and looked at Qin Su carefully. Then he shook his head blankly. "I don't know him."

That's right, more than two months had passed already, so these people should also have been ordered to kill two months ago, how could they possibly remember Qin Suer's appearance?

But Qin Suer was already clenching her fists in anger, she clenched her teeth, and her eyes revealed overflowing hatred and rage!

How could she forget her hatred for the annihilation of her clan? Her goal these past few days was to get revenge. To personally kill all of her enemies.

Now that her enemy was right in front of her, her hands were shaking, and she couldn't even hold her weapon steady.

Di Chen reached out his hand, a warm hand grasping Qin Suer's fist. He calmed his emotions and then said coldly to the muscular man in front of him: "I can't remember so quickly, Su'er's family was killed by you two months ago. "It's not that simple."

"She?" The sturdy man stared at Qin Suer with his huge eyes and said in a daze: "She is the girl that we have been looking for all this while?"

Di Chen laughed coldly, "You remembered it? "Very well, so I should get what I deserve by killing all of you right now!"

"Don't ?" The burly man's expression immediately became unsightly as he took two steps back in fear and waved his hands nonstop, "Big brother, don't kill us. We are only being ordered to take money from people and get rid of them. It really has nothing to do with us. Let us go, I promise I won't do such a thing again! "

Di Chen took a step forward, and fiercely slapped the man in the face, and shouted: "I told you not to move a bit, didn't you understand? Try again and see if you can survive two seconds of my life. "

Di Chen's slap was extremely powerful, the sturdy guy was smashed into the ground, half of his face was bloodied, the corner of his mouth was bleeding, he spat out two broken teeth, but he did not have any resistance at all, he just lied there on the ground, not daring to move at all.

Di Chen stepped on the sturdy man's back and coldly snorted: You want to live? "If you want to live, you can tell me who ordered you. This is the only way for you to live."

The sturdy man trembled and said loudly: "I say, big brother, I say, the people who are commanding us are from the Jun Family, and they are the biggest families in the city. It really has nothing to do with us." We will not kill someone for no reason. Big Brother, you have to believe me, I won't dare to do it again! "

The man said miserably. Even his tears had started to fall.

"Cry, cry your ass, a man is still pissing on a horse, scram!" Di Chen kicked the sturdy man's head, how could the sturdy man endure such a kick, he was immediately kicked until he fainted, he could not even scram if he wanted to, he was only carried away by someone else.

"Why should I release them? I want to kill them all, kill them all, and avenge my father!" Qin Suer clenched her teeth, the anger in her eyes, her entire body trembling, her excitement obvious.

Di Chen opened his arms and held Qin Suer in her embrace, then gently said: "It's fine, don't be agitated, it's fine. It's useless killing them now, the most important thing is to find the person behind the scenes to take revenge. "That guy is from the Jun Family. I won't easily let him bypass the Jun Family!"

"And that Jun Wu Yi!" Di Chen's eyes shot out two cold gazes.

In the past, Jun Wu Yi had bullied him in every way possible, and Di Chen had long harbored hatred in his heart, but now, he had actually done such a thing; how could this kind of bastard be forgiven so easily?

Qin Suer's emotions, which were in Di Chen's embrace, gradually calmed down.

At the side, Xu Qian was sneaking away when Di Chen turned his head and shouted: "Xu Qian, where do you want to go? Didn't you want to be my friend? "

Xu Qian's footsteps froze in midair, and he turned his head to smile at Di Chen: "No, I saw that Big Brother is tired from fighting. I want to buy some water for you, I'm thinking for your sake. I didn't expect you to be so formidable that not many experts could withstand a single move of yours. But then again, do you really want to be friends with me? "

Xu Qian laughed as he spoke, retreating at the same time, as if he didn't want to get any closer to Di Chen.

Di Chen released Qin Suer who was in her embrace, and jumped over with two steps. She placed her hand on Xu Qian's shoulder, and used some strength to pinch Xu Qian's shoulder, causing it to make "ka ka" sounds. At the same time, she said with a smile: "I'm not thirsty yet, so don't be in a hurry to buy water. You did a pretty good job just now, yet you were the one to stir up trouble. You really did start something up. But what did you say to those people? "

The pain in his shoulder made Xu Qian grimace in pain. He forced a smile and said, "I said they are a bunch of trash, right? In front of big brother, if those people aren't trash, then what are they? "He's simply too weak to withstand a single blow."

"What about you? Are you trash? " Di Chen smiled playfully.

Xu Qian said with a flattering smile, "Yes, I'm also trash. In front of big brother, everyone is trash!"

Di Chen laughed coldly: "Don't come too close, don't think that I don't know about this. You were just planning to use those people to teach me a lesson just now, that's why you have been hiding at the side and not interfering. This is what you should do as a friend!"

Xu Qian replied seriously, "Of course not, I just think that it's enough for you to deal with them alone. I don't even need to do anything." Instead, it took away your chance to show yourself, right! "

Di Chen laughed coldly: "Alright, you brat, since you have a spring in your mouth, you can say whatever you want with a bunch of reasons. "I am going to the Di Family now. Since you are my friend, come with me!"

"To the Di Family? What is it? " Xu Qian opened his eyes wide and had an expression of disbelief.

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