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C18 intransigence

This was the second day after Di Chen left and Lin Ming was calmly writing in his room. When his cultivation had reached his current level, his progress was extremely slow and he had already reached the critical point of his Lifestealer Realm, which was also why he had encountered such a bottleneck. If he was unable to break through, he would forever be stuck here, unable to break through to reach the Martial King Realm in his entire life.

Step by step, he comprehended them. Once he touched the threshold of the Martial King Realm, he would be able to break through the Heavenly Barrier, and step into the Martial King Realm of a monarch in one fell swoop.

How strong the Martial King Realm was could be seen from the rarity of the Martial King realm!

There were no more than ten Martial Kings in the entire Ling'an City, and he could count them with his fingers. Other than those old people in the family, there was also another Martial King expert who was the City Lord of the Ling'an City, who had grown up and stayed in her mansion, never going out. No one would be able to stop him once she attacked, and everyone would have to submit to him.

Of course, there was another exception!

No one knew what kind of monster the Shang family raised that was deep and unfathomable. Even the city lord had to give the Shang family some face, if not, if the Shang family were to erupt, the Ling'an City would not count for much, and may even be headed towards the prehistoric city that was thousands of miles away.

It was a little far!

Right now, there were two reasons why Lin Ming's mental state was unstable. One was because of Di Chen's departure, and the other was because of the impending competition within the clan.

He could not participate in this competition, but he had to rely on his own son Lin Tao to win. He was truly worried, if only Di Chen did not leave, then even if Di Chen did not, he might not be Di Long's opponent.

At that time, would have victory in the battle, and the entire Di Family would fall into Di Dao's hands!

He was not anxious about this.

Just at this time, a servant ran over quickly from outside and pushed open the door to the room. He spoke to Lin Ming anxiously: "Master, it's bad, Family Head has sent someone over to look for you. The person that was sent is waiting right at the door! "

Lin Ming put down the brush in his hand, and smiled: "You're just looking for me, that's all. "Tell that person to wait, I'll go change his clothes!"

"Alright." The servant acknowledged, then turned around and left.

Lin Ming went back to his room and changed into a straight black robe. He walked outside the door and saw that the person Di Dao sent was a servant unknown to the Di Family. He sneered: "This Di Dao is really interesting, he doesn't put me in his eyes at all.

Lin Ming followed the servant to the Di Family's residence. The servant brought Lin Ming to the plaza and said, "Elder Lin, please wait here for a moment. I will go and inform the Family Head right now."

Then, he turned around and ran away.

Lin Ming stood on the plaza without moving an inch, his expression becoming increasingly gloomy and gloomy under the sunlight.

This Di Dao had such arrogance, he actually made him wait in the plaza, completely not putting him, an elder, in his eyes.

Not long after, Di Dao brought three or four people and laughed heartily. He walked towards him in large strides and laughed loudly: "Elder Lin, how have you been? I haven't seen you for a long time, how have you been!"

Lin Ming sneered, "Thanks to you, I was able to eat well and sleep well."

He kept staring at the four people behind Di Dao. Among them, two of them he recognized that they were elders from the Di Clan, and two of them were people he had never seen before.

"Alright, as long as you sleep soundly, but I haven't been able to sleep soundly these past few days. Elder Lin Ming, do you know the reason behind this?" Di Dao suddenly stopped smiling and stared at Lin Ming as he asked.

Lin Ming laughed: "Of course there's a reason why you can't sleep well. You must have done too many bad things, or else you wouldn't have ended up like this. However, I advise you to be more careful when you sleep in the future, so that the people who died in your hands don't turn into evil spirits and steal your life! "

"Lin Ming!" Di Dao shouted angrily: "I am speaking nicely to you, and you don't know what's good for you. I am giving you face before calling you Elder Lin. Do you know why you are unwelcome and cannot live in the Di family? Just because you are a bastard, and you don't believe in me, I didn't know that the previous Family Head was blind with that one eye, and actually let a bastard like you be an elder of the Di Family. "

Lin Ming's eyes flashed a hint of grief. This was a knot in his heart forever, he was an orphan who was about to freeze to death on the street. He was brought back to the Di Clan by his previous Family Head for adoption, which meant that he was Di Chen's grandfather. After that, he finally had a stable life and an opportunity to cultivate.

He trained harder than anyone. Although it was a bit late, with this hard work and talent, he became one of the top talents in the new generation in the Di family.

While the other warriors were struggling, he had already stepped into the Lifestealer Realm, and was not a match for any of the Di Family's new generation!

No one would have thought that the most outstanding person in the Di family was actually an outsider. Therefore, his eye-catching performance had attracted the jealousy of many people.

Being provoked by countless people, he had frequently fought in the Di Family, but no one could beat him!

In the end, the previous Family Head really could not take it anymore. He had no choice but to arrange him to live outside, and also live with Di Chen's father. Thus, Lin Ming often said that he saw Di Chen grow up, and the words he said were not lies.

Originally, with his cultivation level and strength, he had a high chance of becoming the next Family Head, but because of his unknown origin, he lost all the opportunities he should have.

However, he had never complained before. To be able to keep the dead alive was already the greatest blessing!

Of course, it wasn't that he didn't care, but his identity had always been a pain in his heart. Until now, he still didn't know who his real parents were.

However, today was an exception. With Di Dao's overbearing attitude and his provocative words, Lin Ming could only shake his head slightly: "If the reason why you called me here was to speak of such rubbish, then I'm sorry, but I'm unable to accompany you."

With that, Lin Ming turned and left!

But just as he took two steps, Di Dao shouted from behind him: "Stand still, Lin Ming, are you still putting me, this Family Head, in your eyes? I'm telling you, the reason I called you here today was to ask you if you know where your master is. "

"My master?" Lin Ming suddenly turned his head, his calm face could not help but have an intense change, he frowned and asked: "What did you say? My master is back? "Where is he?"

Lin Ming asked urgently.

His master was Di Chen's grandfather, Di Tian. As the former Family Head, with an outstanding cultivation, had already reached the Martial King Realm. However, after Di Chen's father disappeared, Di Tian also disappeared, and no one knew of his whereabouts. All these years, Lin Ming had been sending people to investigate about him, but he did not reap any rewards.

Di Dao sneered: "Don't play dumb with me. Now that Di Tian has returned, his first goal is definitely to find you. How can you not know? Is Di Tian hiding in your house right now? "

Lin Ming, who could still endure it in the beginning, suddenly became angry and shouted angrily: "Di Dao, shut up. You don't have the qualifications to call me master by his full name. I'll tell you, tell me where my master is now. "Otherwise, even if I were to risk my life today, I won't let you off."

Di Dao deeply furrowed his brows, turned around and looked at the two weird looking guys and said, "It seems that this guy really does not know the whereabouts of Di Tian."

The two of them looked at each other, nodded, and said, "Fine, we'll continue to go out and scout. Don't let off any news, we can't let that old man wander around outside, that old man isn't an ordinary person. If we give him a chance to make a comeback, you won't have a good time either."

"I know!" Di Dao nodded his head gravely.

The two of them turned around and left.

Lin Ming was already unable to wait any longer. Taking a step forward, he grabbed Di Dao's clothes, and furiously shouted: "Di Dao, quickly tell me, where is my master?"

"Scram!" Di Dao pushed Lin Ming away, straightened his clothes, and said coldly: "You don't know Di Tian's whereabouts, so you should know Di Chen's whereabouts. Didn't you save him? You should know his whereabouts very well. Say it, tell me where Di Chen is and I'll let you leave this place safely today.

"Oh, I see!" Lin Ming took two steps back. His expression sank and once again became calm and tranquil.

"Although I don't know why you want to ask me these things, I won't tell you anything." Lin Ming turned around and left expressionlessly.

"Want to leave?" It's not that easy! " Di Dao coldly snorted, stepped forward and slapped Lin Ming's back with a palm.

Lin Ming was forced to take two steps back, his face flushed red, but he did not turn back as he continued to walk forward.

After Di Dao struck his palm, he immediately jumped backwards in a hurry to guard against Lin Ming.

Lin Ming was the top warrior in the Di Family, and was also one of the top amongst the elders.

However, when he saw that Lin Ming still did not retaliate after getting beaten up, his eyes immediately turned dark and stern. "Bastard, you really don't put people in your eyes, didn't you?

Di Dao roared, he once again rushed forward, and continuously struck Lin Ming six times, with one palm becoming fiercer than the other.

After six palm strikes, Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, unconscious!

Di Dao watched on coldly.

The two elders behind him could not bear it any longer, they came forward and said: "Family Head, your actions are too ruthless, even Elder Lin did not retaliate."

"Shut up!" Di Dao turned around and shouted angrily, "Do the two of you want to end up in the same fate as him? If not, then obediently carry him to my Heavenly Saber Prison and lock him up. "

This way, Lin Ming was trapped in the Sky Prison!

At the entrance of the great hall, Di Dao stood on the stairs as his pupils contracted. He stared at Di Chen and snorted coldly, "Looks like you're really confident. Today, let me see what you have learnt."

With that, he rose into the air and punched towards Di Chen's head.

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