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Sovereign of the Heaven/C19 Family Competition
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C19 Family Competition

Di Dao was also an expert of the Lifestealer Realm, and he was even at the late stage of the Lifestealer Realm, which was more than a little higher than Di Chen, so his fist was aggressive, extremely ferocious, like a wild beast coming out of a cage, bringing with it an irresistible might.

Di Chen opened his eyes wide, seeing that the fists were already in front of him, he did not dodge, but chose to increase his Qi, his right hand formed a fist, and fiercely punched out, the two fists collided, and with a boom, the powerful energy moved and produced a burst of Qi, causing both of them to retreat, Di Chen took five steps back, his face flushed red, his chest rising and falling unsteadily.

Di Dao took two steps back, and his body no longer wavered, but a look of shock flashed past his face as he said in shock: "You actually broke through to the Lifestealer Realm? This is not possible, you didn't even know how to cultivate in the past, so even if your meridians were to be reopened, it would only be a matter of two months ago.

Even if it was a heaven warping talent, he had never seen anyone who could breakthrough to the Lifestealer Realm within two months. This had already exceeded the scope of normal logic.

Even the prodigy Lin Ming that was publicly acknowledged by the Di Family back then took more than ten years to break through to the Lifestealer Realm!

Of course, he could not understand what was happening to Di Chen, nor could he understand how much hatred and anger Di Chen had endured all these years!

"You can't kill me anymore, right? Di Dao, everyone has Lifestealer Realm at the same time, even if you are at the late stage of the Lifestealer Realm, it would not be that easy to kill me. " Di Chen said with an ice-cold expression.

Di Dao was stunned for a moment before laughing, "Who said I wanted to kill you? Even if I keep you alive, you can never hope to snatch it back to the Di Clan. Your parents can't do it, and you can't! "

"Then let's wait and see!" Di Chen said coldly, then turned his eyes and asked with a frown: "Did you lock up Uncle Lin Ming? Didn't you want to get my information out of him? I will stand in front of you right now and let Uncle Lin Ming go. This has nothing to do with him. "

Di Dao grinned: Why would I ask for your information? How could I do such a senseless thing? It was only because he offended his superiors and killed my Di family that I imprisoned him as a punishment. But you, you call me Uncle Lin Ming so affectionately, could it be that you are on the same side as him? "

If Di Chen had not returned to Lin An City, and had not returned to the Di Clan, then finding out where Di Chen was would definitely be very useful. To be able to get people to kill Di Chen outside, no one knew whether it was done by him or not.

But now that Di Chen had returned to the Di Clan, the situation was different!

Killing Di Chen in public would cause him to be targeted by thousands of people, so he had to change his plan.

Di Chen waved his hand and coldly snorted: "Stop with this nonsense. I don't care what the reason is, let go of Uncle Lin Ming now!"

Di Dao laughed coldly: "Based on the current you, you don't have the qualifications to speak to me in such a manner. When you are able to win in the Family Competition, and then ask me for such a request, I might consider it."

"Very well, just you wait. I will definitely make you willingly bow before me." Di Chen clenched his fists tightly and turned to leave.

Lin Tao and the others followed Di Chen and left.

Looking at Di Chen's leaving figure, Di Dao coldly laughed, "Brat, if you want to fight with me, it's impossible even in a few hundred years."

The competition this time around would definitely be under his control. He wanted to make sure that Di Chen would not be able to return.

"We're leaving just like that?" Walking out of the Di Family, Xu Qian asked in surprise.

Although he didn't understand the inside story, isn't it a bit too perfunctory to just say a few harsh words and leave?

Di Chen didn't even turn his head as he faintly said, "What else? With my current strength, I am still unable to defeat him. It is impossible for me to force my way in to save Uncle Lin Ming. I have come here today to simply ascertain the situation.

Two days later, Lin Tao shaved off the stubble that had appeared during this period of time and combed his hair clean. After changing into a set of clean clothes, he regained his fresh and fresh appearance of a young master, the only difference was that there was a heaviness on his face that he had never felt before.

Now that his cultivation had been crippled and his father had been imprisoned, he finally realized that his life had been rough!

Today was the Clan Competition held once every three years in the Di Clan. Before, he didn't have the opportunity to participate, but this time, he couldn't.

But why did he still dress himself in such a bright and beautiful manner? His spirit was brimming with vigor, and it was of course because of Di Chen.

Di Chen had said that from today onwards, he would gradually uncover Di Dao's conspiracy and save his father. He couldn't let his father see how decadent he was!

The Lin Family had never fallen. Even if they were forced to lie on the ground by fate, as long as they still had a breath of air, they had to straighten their back and take a breather.

After tidying up everything, Lin Tao met up with Di Chen and the others outside the courtyard, and headed towards the Di Clan together.

Numerous people from the back of the Di family and their servants were all gathered in the middle of the square in front of the Di family, discussing what was going to happen. Each of them had their own candidate in mind, and most of them were supporting Di Dao, his son, because Di Long was considered the strongest warrior among the new generation members of the Di family.

And once they reached the Lifestealer Realm, they would be on equal footing with the Family Head Elders and the others!

With such talent, how could others not have high hopes? Of course, there were also those who supported the others, but only Di Chen, other than the Lin Tao trio, had no supporters, and even the people from the Di Family disdained to look at him. How could someone like him, who was bullied at the Di Family's age, have any chance of winning?

Regarding the surrounding reactions and reactions, Di Chen did not take them to heart. Instead, he brought a few people with him and stood to the side without uttering a word.

"Oh, isn't he the great genius of our Di Family? If you are unable to cultivate for over ten years, even writing a few words would be a problem.

Two jeers came from the side.

Di Chen turned his head to look, it was a guy with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks. He recognized him, it was the son of an elder named Di Rong, and his cultivation base was around the eighth level of the Warrior Realm. Usually, when he was confused with Di Long, he could be considered as Di Long's favorite follower.

Seeing that Di Chen did not react, Di Rong continued to ridicule him, "It's such a pity, a genius like you going out to the streets to beg and change your clothes, but if you want to participate in the Clan Competition, isn't that just courting death? I think you might not even be able to make it through the first round. Fate has already determined that you are a trash, so don't struggle anymore. "

Di Chen was still able to hold his cool, but Lin Tao was already unable to hold it in, he did not have the habit of being pointed at and humiliated.

Staring angrily at him, he clenched his fists and cursed: "Bastard, what did you say? "Believe it or not, all your teeth will fall out of your mouth."

Di Rong chuckled and looked at Lin Tao with disdain, "Another trash has come. Why are you shouting at me now?" "If it wasn't for the fact that we're going to start a fight soon, I would have definitely beaten you up and made you roll all over the ground for sure."

"Brat, I can teach you a lesson even if I don't have a cultivation base!" The impulsive Lin Tao was just about to attack, Di Chen anxiously pulled him back, raised his hand and patted his shoulder.

Smiling, he said, "Alright, Lin Tao, stop trying to get an understanding of those ignorant fools. There are no benefits in causing trouble now."

Lin Tao gritted his teeth and glared at the other party. Then, he retreated and no longer spoke.

Di Rong laughed out loud, "Aiyo, as expected of trash. You don't even dare to retaliate after being humiliated like this. You guys have truly overestimated yourselves." Mud cannot support walls! "

He laughed and left.

At the side, Xu Qian sighed, and said puzzledly: "Brother Di Chen, I don't understand. You're obviously that powerful, why are you still allowing this kind of fellow to act so presumptuously in front of you?"

As an outsider, he could not stand to watch this any longer.

Di Chen said calmly: "Impulse now is only a bad thing, my goal is not these people, the big picture is more important!"

Soon enough, after all the Di Family members had gathered, Di Dao walked to the center of the plaza with a small booklet in his hands. After sweeping his gaze across everyone in the square, he said with a serious expression, "All the brothers and sisters of the Di Family, today is the triennial competition of the family, and the victor will be qualified to become the next Family Head. As the acting Family Head of the Di Family, I will be the one to host this competition."

After he finished speaking, he looked down at the booklet in his hand, "There are a total of twenty-four contestants. The competition will be divided into two groups. There will be a total of twelve contestants, so this will be the first round." They were all part of the same clan, so they shouldn't act rashly when the time for battle came. Otherwise, the clan rules would punish them. "Next, I will announce the name of the person and begin the competition. I will sit together with the various elders in making the decision."

Then he announced the names of the two younger generation members of the Di Family. The two of them walked to the center of the square and bowed to each other. After that, the competition officially began.

Di Chen watched on expressionlessly at the edge of the arena.

He was very clear on the strength of the younger generation of the Di Family. Most of them were above the fifth level of the Martial Disciple realm.

Only Di Long was closer to the Lifestealer Realm, but compared to his real Lifestealer Realm, he was still far behind!

The two of them fought back and forth in the center of the square, using their techniques to determine victory or defeat. It was boring watching them fight for so long.

Finally, one of them seemed to be a step too slow in reacting. He was kicked away by the other person and rolled over ten meters before stopping.

Di Dao quickly stood up and announced the opposite party's victory, to prevent the two of them from provoking enmity, and continued to fight to the death.

After the two of them left, he continued to read out the names. However, when he saw the next group of names, his lips curled up into a smile as he said loudly, "Next group, fight on the back of the Di Family, Di Rong against Di Chen."

"Di Rong versus Di Chen?" The moment these two names were spoken, the entire audience was in an uproar.

Of course they knew Di Rong and Di Chen's identities well. Their abilities were not on the same level at all.

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