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C2 despicable shamelessness

When he said these words, Di Chen's heart was filled with regret, as if all of his energy had been sucked out of his body, and he was filled with bitterness and helplessness.

"Seventh Young Master, Duo'er's body is currently in the woodshed where we live. I was just going to come back and see if it was okay to bury Twin there. "

Uncle Qiu said, as if he was relieved.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

Di Chen looked at Uncle Qiu, his expression somewhat blaming, and said irritably: "Let's go back to the firewood house now, and find a place to bury Gou'er's body properly."

Right after he finished speaking, Di Chen immediately turned and walked towards the west pavilion's firewood house. His footsteps were trembling, and his figure seemed very lonely.

Uncle Qiu followed behind with a worried expression. On the way, the two of them did not speak again, and the atmosphere was a bit depressing.

The spiritual energy was sparse, and the people who lived in it were sparse. The area around the woodshed that Di Chen lived in was also overgrown with weeds, which was extremely strange and desolate, and belonged to a remote corner. It was something that his first uncle had specially ordered someone to build for him here.

After half an hour of fast walking, Di Chen and Yue Yang finally reached the wood house that they were staying in.

"Di Long, Lin Tao, Jiang Hua... Why are you guys here? "

The fact that there were so many people at the door of the firewood house shocked Di Chen greatly.

"Di Chen, you're finally back! You animal, you actually raped my two servant girls, and even poisoned her to death. Great! He has an elegant demeanor, but he's actually a genuine beast. "

Dozens of young people dressed in long robes stood orderly at the door of the firewood house that Di Chen resided in.

One of the slightly older youth was actually Di Chen's older cousin, Di Long. It was he who had shouted and cursed at Di Chen.

"Di Chen, I never thought that you would be so inhumane that you would even kill a servant girl. As the son of a law enforcement elder, I will order someone to put you in death row and await for my father to judge you for your crimes according to the clan rules."

"Yes, such a heartless person must be put to death to serve as an example."

"A prince who offends the law and commits crimes similar to that of a commoner. Even if he was the son of the chief, he still had to be executed."

The few young people glared at Di Chen as they scolded him.

"Di Long, you beast with the face of a human, you have raped and tainted such a good girl like Shuang'er. In the end, Shuang'er's mental breakdown, took the poison and committed suicide, and you still have the face to slander me."

Di Chen was burning with rage, his eyes completely red. He never thought that Di Long would be so shameless and despicable, calling him a thief and slandering him instead.

"Eldest Young Master, Young Masters, Seventh Young Master just came back from the streets and hasn't done anything yet!"

Uncle Qiu's expression was anxious, as he tried to defend Di Chen.

"Hmph, you haven't done it before?"

Di Long looked up with his nose in the air, he had an overbearing aura, he snorted coldly and cursed: "How did that Shuang'er die in his room, with no clothes covering his body, and his entire body covered with wounds, not a single piece of good meat?"

The Law Enforcement Elder's son, Lin Tao, carried his father's righteous character and hated criminals even more. Hearing that someone spoke up for Di Chen, the killing pervert, he became even more furious and spoke to the guard youth beside him: "Silver Fox, go into the woodshed and wrap Twin a quilt the corpse of Twin Little Girl. Then, give it to my father as evidence and tell him to punish this pervert severely."

"Yes, young master." The Silver Fox guards cupped their hands and entered the woodshed in a flash.

"You're not allowed to touch Duo'er's body."

Just then, Di Chen roared out and rushed towards the woodshed, Di Chen was furious, he did not expect that after Bian Er died, these people would not even let their bodies be buried safely.

"Hmph, you want to be a pervert and act like one. I can't forgive you."

Di Long laughed coldly again and again, stepped forward and threw a punch at Di Chen.


Di Chen was struck, this one hundred kilogram punch, made Di Chen's entire body fly out like a kite with its string cut. He crashed into an old pine tree, and blood sprayed out, he had suffered a very heavy injury.

Di Long took action and sent Di Chen flying, his speed was extremely fast, and when the few of them managed to react, they only saw Di Chen lying on the ground, spitting blood.

"Seventh Young Master, are you alright?"

Uncle Qiu trembled all over, and anxiously ran over to help Di Chen up. Although he was an ordinary person, but he was old and knowledgeable, and knew the difference between a normal person and a Level 6 Warrior.

Most Level Four Warriors had already possessed a strength of more than ten kilograms. Under one punch, the raging wind would howl, split the mountains and split the rocks, shake the seas, and it would not even be a problem if they were to break through the mountains. Not to mention the fact that Di Long, a Level 6 Warrior, was trying his best to punch Di Chen's frail body, so that even if Di Chen did not die, he would at least be able to finish half his life.

Di Chen was severely injured, and he could not stop coughing out blood. His fingers could not even move.

"Eldest Young Master, it doesn't seem appropriate for you to attack your younger cousin on your own."

Lin Tao frowned slightly as he questioned with a slightly changed expression.

Glimmers danced in Di Long's eyes as he said coldly, "Scum like him only knows how to discredit my Di Family when he's alive. I want to kill him to avenge my servant girl."

Right after he finished speaking, the aura from Di Long's body started to churn, and once again rushed forward, wanting to kill Di Chen.

Di Long's aura surged, he was mighty and domineering, the people beside him all felt as though a gigantic mountain was crushing down on them, wanting to suffocate them to death.

"A Level 7 Warrior!"

A youth cried out in alarm with an expression of disbelief.

"Oh my god!" Di Long had only levelled up to level 6 in only two months! "He's already leveled up and became a Level 7 Warrior! He's only twenty years old!"

An elder's son repeatedly praised. The youths had no choice but to nod in agreement.

A seventh level martial artist had released his origin energy and was able to execute the Hundred Step Divine Punch empty-handed. He was also able to attack through the air and was extremely powerful.

Amongst the younger generation of the Di Family, the only one who could suppress him in terms of martial arts cultivation was the number one genius of the Di Family, the fourth young master, Di Hui. Now, with Di Long, he felt very uncomfortable.

"Eldest Young Master, you can't kill him. If you kill him, you will also be severely punished by the clan rules. He made a mistake and has the Law Enforcement Hall to judge him. You won't be able to do anything."

Lin Tao snorted coldly as he blocked in front of Di Chen. Although he also hated Di Chen, as the son of a law enforcement elder, he still had a certain understanding of the Di Clan's rules.

"Lin Tao, scram. You don't need to bother with my matters."

Di Long roared again and again, his voice sounding like thunder, "Could it be that this kind of scum, the poisonous tumor of the clan, should not be killed?"

"Even if you want to kill me, it's not your turn to do so."

Lin Tao had a cold expression on his face as he faced Zhang Xuan tit for tat. There wasn't the slightest intention of him backing down.

"Lin Tao, why are you protecting this perverted murderer? Let the young master just kill him. "

His name was Jiang Hua, and his father, Jiang Shui, was one of the top elderlies in the Di Family. He held a high position in the family, so he relied on his father's authority, and he was also a good martial arts genius. Among the younger generation of the Di Family, Jiang Hua had a very important position.

As Jiang Hua's voice rang out, the other youths also started to try persuading him.

"Humph, aside from the life and death arena, clan rules forbid people from killing each other. Don't forget."

Jiang Hua and his team's actions made Lin Tao's face turn ugly, and he was at a disadvantage in his speech.

"Good!" "You're not going away, are you? Then I'll teach you a lesson for your father."

Lin Tao's persistence made Di Long's heart burn, he was flustered and exasperated, every time he did something wrong, he would find a scapegoat for death, and this was no exception. Otherwise, the people of the tribe would know that with the crimes he committed, the clan rules could execute him tens of thousands of times.

Di Long's eyes flashed with a bloody light, he waved his fist up, wanting to send Lin Tao flying. He wanted to quickly kill Di Chen and push all the crimes onto Di Chen. was just a trash, if he were to borrow this crime to kill, no one would blame him.

"Di Long, you dare ?"

Lin Tao's voice came out loud, he did not expect Di Long to dare make a move on him, so he instantly used all the martial skills he had learned, and stepped out, blocking Di Long's attack.

Martial Skills were the methods a martial artist used to increase their attack power through their zhenqi. Low level martial skills could increase one's combat prowess by several folds, and high level martial skills could increase their combat strength by ten, dozens, or even a hundred times more. It could even be thousands or tens of thousands of times more.

The reason why Lin Tao had used martial skills from the very beginning was because he was only a sixth stage martial artist while Di Long was a seventh stage martial artist. Even though there was only a difference of one stage between the two, in essence, there was an unsurpassable heavenly bridge.


Just as their fists were about to collide, an authoritative voice boomed from beyond the heavens.

This voice was accompanied by the power to push back attacks, forcing the two of them to retreat more than ten steps. Even those who were not participating in the battle felt a surge of shock in their hearts, as they were heavily affected.

The corners of the youths' eyes squinted as they looked towards the source of the voice. They only saw two figures leaping over from the sky. In an instant, he was in front of them.

The two people who came were two old men with the bearing of sages, one was fat while the other was thin. It was the current clan leader of the Di Clan, Di Dao, and the law enforcement elder, Lin Ming.

"Who told me what is going on? Why are they fighting?"

Lin Ming looked at the few of them and asked loudly.

"Father, you've come out of seclusion ?"

Lin Tao's face slightly changed, and anxiously explained everything that had happened here along with everything that had happened to Lin Ming.

"This wasn't done by Seventh Young Master, he didn't know about it at all. It was my old man who did it. I poisoned Miss Shuang'er with sleeping grass and then raped her and killed her."

Just as Lin Tao was about to explain the situation, Uncle Qiu's voice sounded.

"Scum, die!"

Hearing that, Di Family Patriarch Di Dao was furious, he waved his sleeve and a huge force came out, directly killing Uncle Qiu, destroying the entire body into thin air.

"Uncle Qiu ?"

Di Chen's entire body was in great pain, but he was still coughing up blood. He watched helplessly as Uncle Qiu, who had been taking care of him since he was young, was killed by his uncle, and was completely unable to do anything about it.

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