Sovereign of the Heaven/C20 eliminating the former shame
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C20 eliminating the former shame
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C20 eliminating the former shame

"Tsk tsk, I didn't expect that it would be only the second match, and it's actually Di Rong against Di Chen. This ranking is very interesting, does Di Chen still have any chance of winning? "

Someone laughed and said, "Who can we blame? As trash, he doesn't know his place. Last time, when the servant girl, Duo'er, died, he was already very generous without being punished, but now he's even coming here to die."

The sounds of ridicule spread out in the crowd. Di Rong walked to the center of the plaza with a confident look and looked at Di Chen with disdain.

His thoughts were the same as everyone else, he believed that he had won!

Di Chen straightened his clothes, turned a deaf ear to the surrounding sounds, and slowly walked to the center of the plaza. Behind him, Lin Tao reminded: "Di Chen, be careful."

He could only cheer for Di Chen from the side!

Gazing at the crowd's questioning and mocking gazes, he walked up and stood in front of Di Rong.

"Trash, I didn't expect you to have the courage to walk up here. It's quite admirable. Seeing as you have such courage, I've decided to be a bit softer. I won't beat you up too badly." Di Rong grinned proudly.

Di Chen looked at him expressionlessly, and did not say a word.

"The match begins!" Di Dao also seemed to be a little impatient, and quickly announced the start of the competition. He wanted to see Di Chen's performance on the stage.

As soon as his voice fell, Di Rong took the initiative and made his move. He rushed towards Di Chen quickly and punched towards Di Chen's head, laughing out loud. "Trash, can you block this punch of mine?"

"Bang ?"

With a huge sound, Di Rong's fist had only just been punched halfway when he was sent flying by Di Chen with a light wave of his hand.

Silence, deathly silence, the sound of a pin drop!

Everyone's gaze was fixated on Di Chen, who had a calm expression, and was unable to recover from his shock for a long time.

What happened just now? No one seemed to be able to see that, so Di Chen gently waved his hand!

However, he had lightly waved his hand and sent the expert from the Di family flying? How was this possible?

He couldn't understand it at all. Was this still the trash that he couldn't cultivate in the rumors?

This attack alone was enough to shock everyone present. What was going on? Countless people in the Di Family were about to lose their minds, falling into a state of confusion.

Di Dao also narrowed his eyes. He knew that Di Rong was definitely not Di Chen's match, he had already seen Di Chen's abilities before, after all, he was someone who had stepped into the Lifestealer Realm. However, he never thought that Di Rong would actually be defeated to such an extent that he couldn't even block a single blow from Di Chen.

From the looks of it, Di Chen's Lifestealer Realm had already stepped into the middle stages, his strength would very quickly be at the same level as!

Too terrifying, what happened to this fellow? How could his cultivation increase by so much?

"Di Chen wins!" In the midst of all the shocked gazes, Di Dao uttered those words with difficulty.

Lin Tao heaved a sigh of relief, and a smile appeared on his face, Di Chen did not disappoint him.

Qin Suer who was watching nervously also revealed a happy expression.

Xu Qian's expression didn't change too much, it was just that the expression in his eyes became slightly more complicated!

Di Chen turned his head and smiled towards Lin Tao and the others, he turned and prepared to leave, but right at that moment, Di Rong who was flying far away after catching his breath, once again rushed forward, holding a blade that he had obtained from an unknown place, he roared: "Di Chen, this daddy wants you to die for me."

Then, a blade suddenly stabbed towards Di Chen from behind him!

Everyone's expression changed. Qin Suer shouted anxiously, "Big Brother Di Chen, be careful."

Di Chen turned his head abruptly, and the blade tip was only a few inches away from his stomach.

Unfortunately, they were only a few inches away from a distance of a thousand li. Di Chen's gaze became ferocious as he raised his right hand and clenched his fist tightly in the air. The surrounding energy converged and directly controlled Di Rong, and a killing intent flashed across his eyes.

Di Rong fell backwards from the impact, lying on the ground and spitting out a large mouthful of blood. Di Chen raised his hand and fiercely stomped down on Di Rong's chest. This stomp had used all his strength, with his Lifestealer Realm, he was able to stomp Di Rong to death with a single stomp.

"Stop!" At this time, the Elder who was standing next to Ye Xiwen roared loudly, his figure flashed, and he rushed out, throwing a palm attack towards Ye Xiwen's head.

This elder was Di Rong's father, it was reasonable for him to save Di Chen. He did not plan to hurt Di Chen with this palm strike, he just wanted to force Di Chen back, and stop here, so as to not harm Di Rong's life. Unexpectedly, Di Chen not only did not stop, he even punched the clan elder.

The fist and palm collided, and with a loud thumping sound, a huge force came from his arm. Di Chen was forced to retreat three steps, and that elder was the same, retreating five steps as well. He raised his head and looked at Di Chen in shock, "You brat, you're also actually at the middle stage of the Lifestealer Realm, how is this possible?"

As an elder, how could he accept letting a Di Family's younger generation's strength be on par with his, or even a little bit stronger?

Di Chen stared at him coldly, and laughed coldly: "What, are you planning to bully me with your numbers? Even an elder had to interfere. What did that mean? Do you really think that I, Di Chen, am someone that can be easily bullied? "

The elder frowned, and said in a deep voice: "You are the one who broke the rules, Family Head had previously said that it would be fine if we just call it a day, but now you want to kill me, it's enough to disqualify you from participating."

Di Chen curled his lips and laughed in disdain, "Family Head? It's very easy to call him by his name, the fence-sitter. A guy who didn't even have a family token or even a word of mouth to replace him, just because he was chosen by you personally to represent the Di Family, he became the Family Head in name. Who gave you the right? "

Di Chen did not continue with what happened just now, and instead pointed straight at Di Dao.

The elder's eyes were filled with gloom and he had no way of refuting Di Chen's words. He could only turn his head and look at Di Dao: "Family Head, you will be presiding over today's match.

Di Dao slowly stood up. He heard every single word that Di Chen was saying, and his expression was not looking too good either. He said in a heavy voice, "No wonder Di Chen does this, Di Rong is the one who doesn't know what's good for himself. Alright, don't get in the way of the competition, that's enough, Di Chen wins. "

"Family Head!" The elder shouted anxiously.

Di Dao frowned: "Shut up!"

That elder lost his temper, glared at Di Chen, and supported the heavily injured Di Rong to leave.

Di Chen smiled and walked out of the plaza!

The look in the eyes of the Di Clan's people who were looking at Di Chen had already changed.

This legendary trash had not only defeated Di Rong, but he also had the power to fight against the elder of the Di Family.

No, this should not be the trash from before!

Di Chen did not stay any longer, bringing Lin Tao and the other two along as he left the place.

After exiting the Di Family, Lin Tao was so excited that he couldn't control himself, "This is too exhilarating, I have never been as exhilarated as I am today. Di Chen, you are really extraordinary, hitting the faces of these people in the middle, and even slapping them until they make popping sounds. I want to see how they will continue to act so arrogantly in the future! "No, I'm too happy today. Come, let's go drink. I'll treat you."

Di Chen smiled slightly: "I think you're the only one who wants to drink it, but it's possible for you to have some to help us enjoy it today."

Lin Tao straightforwardly gulped down a few mouthfuls of strong wine. He wiped his mouth and said with a smile, "The only regret is, you didn't kill that brat Di Rong, I don't like him for a long time in my eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that I have spent all my power, I would definitely not have let him off lightly."

Di Chen smiled slightly: "That's enough, forcing the opponent too much won't benefit us."

"What's next?" Lin Tao impatiently asked: "What do we do next?" Don't tell me that we will have to directly continue winning the competition and smoothly obtain the position of the next Family Head? "

Di Chen shook his head: "How can it be that simple, Di Dao would naturally not let me go easy, tomorrow I will see what that fellow is trying to do, no matter what tricks he has up his sleeves, I will expose him right in front of everyone, and let his ugly face to be completely exposed."

"So that's how it is!" Lin Tao laughed, "I understand, you want to stall for time."

"Something like that!" Di Chen laughed and said: Let's not bring this up for now, tell us more about you, are you going to let go of your cultivation just like that? Don't you want to cultivate again? "

"Yes, of course I do." Lin Tao blurted out these words without hesitation.

Di Chen smiled and said: "Since you want to, then you better think of a way. If this goes on, when my veins die, I'll completely be powerless to save you."

Lin Tao let out a long sigh. He let out a bitter laugh and said, "Do you think I've never thought about it before? But if my dantian is shattered, it's the same as having both my legs broken. How can I recover?"

Di Chen smiled, "He can even receive a broken leg. Su'er, let him have a look."

Qin Suer nodded, she moved and sat beside Lin Tai, extended her hand out and grabbed Lin Tao's arm, then began examining him.

Lin Tao was shocked as he nervously asked, "What are you doing? Men and women shouldn't be too intimate with each other, will you? "

"Shut up!" Di Chen bellowed.

Lin Tao held her breath and sat up straight, she did not dare move, and after a long while, Qin Suer released her hand, her face became gloomy and silent.

Di Chen asked: "What's wrong? Is it serious? Is there a way? "

Qin Suer embarrassedly shook her head: "It's too serious. With my current abilities, there's nothing I can do about it."

Lin Tao immediately waved his hand. He was careless, but it was hard for him to hide the disappointment in his eyes as he said, "Like I said, how can this little girl be okay? I'm a big problem, I have to find a high ranked person."

Qin Suer replied in dissatisfaction: "It's not like there's no other way. As long as we find a person with a strong power and use his vitality to reconstruct your meridians, and then use medicinal pills to repair your Dantian, you will be able to cultivate anew. Perhaps he might even be stronger than before."

"Are you for real?" Lin Tao was doubtful.

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