Sovereign of the Heaven/C3 The Inheritance Mark of Ancient Grand Literary Sage
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C3 The Inheritance Mark of Ancient Grand Literary Sage
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C3 The Inheritance Mark of Ancient Grand Literary Sage

In just one day, the only two people in the Di family who were good to him had died because of humiliation and grievances. Di Chen hated himself for not being able to protect them even though he was their master. He hated these people for overturning right and wrong, for not being able to differentiate between black and white and causing Gemini to not only die from humiliation and mental collapse, but also Uncle Qiu to be killed in order to protect him.

"Clan leader, it doesn't seem right to kill him before the matter is clear. According to the clan rules, it shouldn't be right to kill him. If the elders knew, I'm afraid ?"

Di Dao was somewhat angry by Di Dao's actions, and asked with a cold expression. Then, without waiting for Di Dao's reply, he walked over to Di Chen's side and checked his body condition.

"This old man is inhumane, killing innocent girls and throwing my Di Family's face away. As the head of the family, if I spare his life, how am I going to explain this to the Di Family?"

Di Dao's face turned cold. If it wasn't for protecting his son, how could he possibly be so angry and do such a disgraceful thing?

Lin Ming used his divine sense to inspect Di Chen's body. His expression changed greatly as he roared at Di Long: "Di Long, you crippled a member of the same clan and ended up seriously injuring them and breaking all their meridians. Tomorrow, you can go to the Discipline Hall to receive punishment from the clan rules. As for Lin Tao and the rest, they disregarded right and wrong. Before they could investigate the truth of the matter, they added fuel to the fire to help the evil and tyrannize the situation. In the end, they ended up inflicting grievous injuries on the innocent ?

Injuries, that's why they are punished according to the clan rules. "

"Elder Lin, isn't this matter clear now? "Why do you need to cause such a ruckus?" Di Dao said indifferently as his expression returned to normal.

"Hmph, Di Dao, I respect you as the master of the family, but what have you done after I went into closed door cultivation for all these years? You think it's fun to keep bullying a kid who's a few years old? "Don't forget, you don't even have the keepsake of the chief. If you are the chief, then you are the chief. If I don't respect you, the chief, you are nothing in my eyes. Not even fart."

Lin Ming said expressionlessly, and after he finished speaking, he coldly swept his eyes across all the youths present. Without waiting for anyone to reply, he directly picked up Di Chen and soared into the sky. He knew that there was no use in staying here, and he had no power to change the matter before him.

Looking at Lin Ming's disappearing figure, Di Dao laughed coldly to himself: "Lin Ming, I'll let you act arrogantly for now, but you'll definitely die at my hands one day."

's face was gloomy, the fact that he could not obtain the Patriarch's keepsake had always been the pain in his heart.

After Lin Ming left, all the youths also bid their farewells, and not long later, only Di Dao and his son remained.

"Father, why is this old thing so strange when he came out of seclusion at this time?"

Di Long looked at Di Dao, and asked puzzledly.

"Hmph, you bastard. You only know how to do such foolish things." Di Dao glared fiercely at Di Long, and shouted somewhat resentfully. "You can go to the Punishment Hall tomorrow to receive your punishment. Don't think about it before the Family Competition, you should just stay there and reflect on it."

After Di Dao finished speaking, he waved his sleeves and left in a huff.

"Damn, isn't it still inheriting your genes?"

Di Long secretly sneered, and then turned and left.


The clouds in the sky gathered together to form a black dragon. It spanned across the sky like a black pot, enveloping the entire earth.

Thunder rumbled, and a streak of lightning tore through the sky as it descended. It was like a golden snake had its head held high, roaming for thousands of miles, instantly illuminating the pitch-black sky.

Black clouds covered the city. The night wind blew, and the atmosphere was heavy and depressing. A fierce gale and heavy rain were about to arrive.

A piece of news that was even more explosive and intense than this torrential storm, covered the entire Ling'an City's streets and alleys and flooded them like floodwaters.

The Di Family, which was one of the three great martial cultivation families in Ling'an City, had such a scum, and he was a direct descendant at that. What made everyone's eyes fall on their eyes was that this direct descendant was the son of the former Clan Chief of the Di Family, Di Shan. They were waiting for the dozen or so prominent young geniuses of the Di Residence to bump into them.

The First Young Master Di Long wanted to exterminate his relatives, the law enforcement clan elder relied on his own authority, his force was strong, and privately protected the sinful Di Chen, taking care of the loyal old servant, so as to stop the culprit Di Chen from committing a heinous crime, he was killed due to anger by the patriarch of the Di clan, Di Dao.

One piece of news after another spread like a fiery field, burning hotter and hotter than the last, causing the entire Ling'an City to be in full swing.

Everyone was discussing this issue. Some people scolded Di Chen for being ungrateful, while others for causing the death of the old servant. Some people ridiculed Di Chen for being shameless;

Suddenly, Di Chen's notoriety spread far and wide, shocking the entire Ling'an City.

Lin Residence!

Located in the Di Family pavilion, there was a green mountain and a river. The spiritual energy was dense and it was the residence of the law enforcement clan elder, Lin Ming.

"Pa, pa ?"

At this moment, roars like thunder resounded in the courtyard of the Lin Residence. Lin Ming's anger exploded, and the tea table on the table shattered into pieces. He looked coldly at Lin Tao who was in front of him and roared loudly: "Your stupid brain has done such a good thing, now that the news has spread, what kind of person do you want the junior clan leader to be in the future? "If I had been even a little bit late yesterday, then the junior clan leader would have been killed for nothing by you."

Lin Ming was very angry. He really did not think that so many things would happen because of him cultivating in seclusion for a few years.

"Father, Tao'er knows her mistake."

Lin Tao lowered his head in apology.

After two days of investigation, he knew that he was tricked like a gun yesterday. Adding the news that was spreading crazily outside, Lin Tao felt that he was very sorry for Di Chen.

"What's the use of knowing your mistake now, what did you do long ago?"

The veins on Lin Ming's forehead stood on end as he furiously glared at Lin Tao and coldly roared, "You want to make me, Lin Ming, an unparalleled divine might, give birth to a rotten wood's head as a son? It's such an obvious matter, yet you don't even need to think about it too much before coming to a conclusion. "

"Forget it, you should go back to your room to cultivate!"

Lin Ming sighed, waved his hand, and said: "In two months time, it will be the Family Competition. At that time, if we can win, there might be some unexpected benefits."

"Father, what about Di Chen? Are we just going to endure this? It doesn't matter if Di Long plotted against me, but I never thought that he would dare to discredit even you, father, right now, truly shameless to the extreme. "

Lin Tao's cold aura burned with passion, as if he was about to spit fire. He was truly angry, because the rumors outside did not target Di Chen directly, and even affected his father's reputation.

"Let's talk about this later. You can go and cultivate."

Lin Ming said softly, after that he closed his eyes and started to recuperate, just like when he was trying to open Di Chen's meridian, he had used up a lot of his True Essence and Qi.

"Then father, rest well. Your son will take his leave."

He knew his father's character. If it was something he didn't want to say, he wouldn't be able to find an answer no matter how much he asked. However, Lin Tao believed that his father had already made a decision on this matter.

The sky was crying and the ground was shaking.

The heavy rain kept pouring down, as if it was going to drown the world in darkness.

In a house, Di Chen sat in front of a window and looked out at the torrential downpour. He had already woken up a few times, his mind was still in a trance, and his heart was in pain. Uncle Chang's silver strands of white hair and the happy looks of the two children's voices kept echoing in his mind, as if they were mocking his incompetence.

Rustle ?

Di Chen was startled awake, and raised his head to look, but seeing that Lin Ming had come over so late, he was a little surprised. He immediately stood up and cupped his hands together in thanks: "Thank you for saving my life, Clan Elder Lin, I, Di Chen can't thank you enough."

"You're welcome." Lin Ming waved his hand and said, "It's enough as long as Young Patriarch wakes up."

Lin Ming sighed in his heart. This youth had too many rough experiences in growing up, the heavens were very cruel, causing his young parents to disappear. At such a young age, he was constantly bullied by everyone for seven or eight years.

However, living in this world where the strong preyed on the weak, there were too many injustices and grievances ? Therefore, Lin Ming did not know what to say to comfort his.

"Elder Lin, yesterday, when you brought me back from this heavily injured state, did you see a brush on me?" I want to practice calligraphy. "

Di Chen looked at Lin Ming and asked hopefully.

"You're talking about this old brush, right?"

Lin Ming took out an ancient brush from his sleeve and handed it over to Di Chen, saying: "Last night, when I was treating your injuries, I saw this thing placed it on your chest, I was afraid it would make your chest uncomfortable so I took it out."

Di Chen took the brush, and upon seeing that it was he who went to the Immortal Wen Pavilion to buy the old brush, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief, and said to Lin Ming: "Elder Lin, do you have any kind of white paper for practice? I want to practice calligraphy. "

After Lin Ming heard this, he asked wrongly: "It's already the middle of the night, and you still want to practice writing, Young Patriarch?"

"Elder Lin, you don't need to call me Young Patriarch from now on. Ever since my father went missing and I couldn't train in martial arts, I am no longer a Young Patriarch."

Di Chen's face stiffened, and laughed with difficulty: "Anyways, my mind is in a mess, I can't fall asleep, so I want to practice my writing, in a month's time, I will take the Elementary Scholar examination, and seize the time to practice my calligraphy, in the future when I become an Elementary Scholar, it would be better for me to become an official in the Thousand Autumn Dynasty!"

"Good ambition!" "Come with me and practice in my study."

Lin Ming praised and nodded, letting Di Chen follow him. However, he kept sighing in his heart, if this child could cultivate the martial way, forget about his Inherent skill, just by his persistence alone, his achievements would not be too bad.

Before long, Lin Ming brought Di Chen to a study room. This was not a spacious study room. A few bookshelves were filled with books and they were arranged in an orderly manner.

"No one has used this study ever since I went into seclusion. However, there are still frequent people who come to clean it. It's very clean. You should just practice your writing here!" The calligraphy brush that you want to use is here as well. "

Lin Ming introduced the various situations in the study to Di Chen while walking, and in a moment they were beside the desk.

"This place is very good!"

Di Chen looked at the situation of the study room and praised: "As expected of the Law Enforcing Elders' study room! Although it's not big, it's still very impressive! "

"A mere military man cannot compare himself with you scholars! You can practice your calligraphy here! If you're tired, go back to that room and rest. From now on, you'll be living in my courtyard! "Don't go back to your woodshed."

Lin Ming said, after that he walked over to the desk and used his Innate True Origin to melt the ink into water, then he instructed Di Chen to pay attention to some of the details before leaving.

After Lin Ming left, Di Chen ran over to the table and grabbed the golden brush, but when he suddenly saw that the hand was still holding onto the brush that he bought from the Immortal Wen Pavilion, his heart started to ache. He remembered that the money needed to buy the brush was from Uncle Qiu, who had a worried expression on his face at that time, as if he could not even spend a single cent of his money.

Thinking about that, Di Chen's mind was in a mess, he had harmed Uncle Qiu and himself for going through so much pain and suffering. But now, it caused him to lose his life and was unable to repay him for the rest of his life.

Di Chen arranged the paper, wiped the brush on the ink, and started to write.

Leaning on the wind, they could not help but have a blood feud. He could only lower his head as he gazed gloomily at the horizon.

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