Sovereign of the Heaven/C4 Wen Sheng Legend
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C4 Wen Sheng Legend
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C4 Wen Sheng Legend

Di Chen's eyes burned with a cold light, filled with hatred. He gritted his teeth to write out his current state of mind, he could not take revenge, and could only lower his head. He wrote it over and over, and when he was done he threw it on the floor. It went on and on until he got to the last piece of paper.

The rain outside was getting heavier. After writing the last piece of paper, Di Chen picked up his pen and looked at the words on the paper on the table that had been written a few hundred to thousand times without changing anything.

Di Chen's eyes dimmed, and despair filled his heart.

Since the age of four, Di Chen had been reading and writing non-stop. But so many years had passed, and even now, the words he had written were still unbearable to look at. Even he himself could not understand them. This made him really not know what to do.

"If I don't master the calligraphy well, I won't be able to become an Elementary Scholar, and I won't be able to become an official in the Thousand Autumn Dynasty. "If that's the case, I won't be able to avenge Shuang-er and Uncle Qiu. They died so miserably, and if I don't sacrifice their blood in my lifetime, they won't be able to rest in peace?"

As he thought of this, Di Chen's eyes became moist, and even his tears flowed down, as he clenched his brush tightly.

"Haha ?" Brat, even if you manage to become an Elementary Scholar, a weak scholar like you won't be able to take revenge. A martial artist's punch can take your life, and yet you want to use your studies to take revenge? "

At this time, an extremely arrogant voice echoed within the study room, causing Di Chen to jump in fright. He abruptly said: "Who are you, a thing that hides the head and reveals the tail, presumably is also not a good thing."

"Hehe, who am I, who am I ? I am a great scholar and a great sage! "

The artifact opened its mouth again, and Di Chen saw the brush in his hand flash with a blood red light, following that, a shadow floated out, and appeared in front of Di Chen.

Upon closer inspection, it was the figure of a middle-aged man. He was tall and muscular, wearing a gray robe and a white cap.

"You, you, you, you ? Who are you? "Why did you run out of the brush?"

The person who appeared out of nowhere in the brush that he used made Di Chen's heart tremble, his voice even carried a trace of fear.

"Body of Astronomy!" I've finally found you. "

The middle-aged man did not answer Di Chen's question, nor did he say any arrogant words like he did just now. Instead, he turned into a ray of light and shot into the center of Di Tian's brows.

"Weng, weng, weng ?"

A feeling of heaven turning and earth spinning came assaulting him. Di Chen felt a heart-wrenching pain in his head; he could feel a lot of information surging into his mind like a torrent of ferocious beasts, trying to squeeze out his brain.

"It hurts!"

Di Chen bled from all seven orifices as he roared and rolled on the ground while hugging his head. No matter how ambitious he was, he could not help but faint on the spot.

"Di Chen, Di Chen, wake up, wake up ?"

Vaguely, Di Chen felt someone calling him. He opened his heavy eyelids and shouted: "Where am I?"

Suddenly, Di Chen felt another wave of dizziness, Di Chen could not help but close his eyes again.

"Tian Shi is a great scholar! "Reading books to become a saint, cultivating the scripture of the heavens, generating the power of speech within one's body, transforming words into mantras, changing words into Yin and Yang, changing words into the five elements, words into true gold, words into words into words, words into words; words into words; words into words; words into words; words into words; words into words; words into words into words; words into words into words into words; words into words into words into words into words ? ? ? ? ?

"Oh my god!" I can't believe that I have obtained the inheritance imprint of the great literary saint from the ancient times! "

The information in his mind made Di Chen restless. He never thought that there would actually be a legendary Wen Sheng, and one that was so strong at that.

Tian Shi was the strongest person in that era, but he had a powerful physique that cultivated the scripture, offended the heavens, and was barely able to survive being struck by the ten heavenly tribulations. However, he was besieged by the forces of the martial path, and in the moment of his death, he left his life imprint in his spirit artifact to escape, to be left with a fated person, those who did not have the astral body would not be able to obtain the inheritance.

And he, Di Chen, just so happened to be someone with an astronomical body.

The thunderstorm of that day had passed, and what greeted them was the rare sun of winter.

On this day, the warm sunlight shone down from the blue sky, illuminating the entire world.

The Di Family's residence!

In one of the guest rooms, Di Chen woke up. After opening his eyes, he still felt like he was in a dream.

"Di Chen, what's wrong with you these two days? You've been unconscious, and your entire body is sweating, but no matter how we call you, you still won't be able to wake up. Father has already gone to get a doctor for you. "

Lin Tao, who had always been beside the bed, immediately exclaimed in joy when he saw Di Chen wake up.

After Di Chen heard this, he then realised that there was someone at the side. He turned his head and saw Lin Tao, he was surprised and exclaimed: "It's you!"

"That's right!" It's me. "You won't blame me for that day ?"

"You're thinking too much!" If not for you, I would have already been killed by Di Long that day, and wouldn't have even waited for your father to arrive, so you and your father are both my saviors.

Di Chen's eyes flashed as he interrupted Lin Tao's words. In fact, he really couldn't blame Lin Tao at all.

"That's good!"

Lin Tao heaved a sigh of relief, he was truly afraid that Di Chen would not forgive him for his mistake, after all, he had almost caused Di Chen to die because of his misjudgement. It was only natural for Di Chen to hate him.

"Don't worry!" "The past is the past."

Di Chen stood up, patted Lin Tao's shoulders, and laughed: "I'll be going back to my room first, help me say hello to your father!"

Di Chen left and straightforwardly walked out of the Lin Residence's courtyard.

Lin Tao did not stop him, because Di Chen's body was releasing a smell that made his heart want to puke, causing him to not have the mood to speak anymore.

After Di Chen left the courtyard of the Lin Residence, he did not directly return to the west pavilion where he lived in. Instead, he walked towards the lake at the back of the Di Residence.

Those who saw Di Chen all stayed far away from him, discussing amongst themselves while whispering to each other.

"Look, isn't that the trash of a young master? I never thought that a person with such a handsome appearance, but with a human face and a beast heart, would actually dare to do such an outrageous thing like raping and murdering a servant girl, what a beast! "

"Isn't it? "That Law Enforcing Elder is truly excessive. Relying on his position and power, he actually protected such a heartless person. No, he should be called an animal."

"Hmm, this kind of human is worse than animals. We should chop him into ten thousand pieces and throw him into the sea to feed the fishes!"

Di Chen heard the words of the servants and maids without changing a single word. The crimson red in his eyes burned brightly, as if he was about to turn into two scorching suns and burn the world.

After Di Chen obtained the Ancient Wen Sheng Insignia, the power of words and words had tempered his body. Now that his spirit sense had been opened and his thinking had grown exponentially, he understood what was going on after a brief moment of thought.

"How shameless!"

Di Chen gnashed his teeth as his eyes turned ice-cold. He never thought that Di Long and his son would be shameless to such an extent, not only did they frame him, push such a shameless matter onto him, they even dragged Elder Lin Ming into it.

"Di Long, Di Dao, there will be a day when I will make both of you pay with your blood."

Di Chen sneered repeatedly in his heart, and ignored the servants, directly running towards the back of the mountain and the lake. He really couldn't take it anymore, the smell on his body was not only unpleasant, it was also extremely itchy, and was extremely tragic.

The lake at the back of the Di family's mountain was a waterfall that meandered like a dragon or a tiger. It poured down from a few huge mountains that connected the sky and the ground, forming a huge lake. The lake seemed to have a vast ocean at the top of the peaks, and the water never stopped flowing while the lake was a bottomless pit that couldn't be filled no matter how hard it was.

The lake water was clear and blue, warm as jade, and spring-like in every season.

This lake was one of the weirdest places in the Di Family, but very few people would come here to swim. This was because most warriors had a body cleansing technique that could wash away the dirt on their bodies.

Di Chen came to the lake to check, and looked at the steam rising from the lake, his heart feeling extremely comfortable. In the past, he would often come to the lake to take a bath, and he was no longer unfamiliar with it.


Di Chen jumped into the middle of the lake, skimming over the lake and causing it to fly in all directions, like fireworks descending from the sky. It lasted for a short while, and then it dissipated, and the lake surface regained its tranquility, and Di Chen also disappeared without a trace.

"So cool!"

The water in the center of the lake surged and a head surfaced on the water. It was Di Chen. He continued to wander in the water. After a while, he arrived at the center of the lake. This surprised him.

"Hou, hou ?"

Suddenly, two roars of wild beasts came out from the water, surprising Di Chen and made him want to swim to the shore.

Wild beasts were the same as warriors, they absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to refine their bodies, causing their bodies to change and evolve, becoming demonic beast s with immense strength. It was the same as warriors, divided into levels based on strength.

Early stage wild beasts were divided into ten stages, which corresponded to the level of the warriors. The first stage was the weakest, while the tenth stage was the strongest.


The lake water gushed and surged, wave after wave swept up into the sky, and in that moment, a gigantic figure leapt into the air, covering the entire sky and covering the sun, and rushed towards Di Chen.

The sky suddenly darkened and an extremely dangerous aura assaulted them. Di Chen's face suddenly changed, revealing a look of panic, he raised his head and looked into the sky, and immediately exclaimed: "Not good, it's a Sea Eagle!"

The sea eagle was a level six beast. It had a huge body and wings on its back. Although it lived in the water, it could leap into the air.

"How could I be so unlucky?"

Di Chen was so scared that he could not choose his own path. He moved his hands and continuously jumped around, trying to dodge the sea eagle's pounce.

However, that sense of danger continued to follow him like a shadow, and it became heavier and heavier. The black shadow covered the entire sky and everything became pitch-black, as if there was an ice cave in the abyss.

Di Chen's face turned pale white, his body trembled, and even his movements were hindered.

The boundless aura surged and crushed down, causing Di Chen to be unable to keep his eyes open, and he fell into a state of despair.

Di Chen never thought that he wouldn't die in Di Long's hands. After obtaining such a great fortuitous encounter, before he could even cultivate properly, he died under the sharp claws of a wild beast.


Just then, an extremely unreconciled thought surfaced in Di Chen's mind, his mind lit up, and the word "fix" floated out, releasing a white rainbow light, locking the small lake in place.

According to the legends, the Heavenly Text Scripture was like a wordless heavenly book, and there was no order to describe it. Instead, it read cultivators' continuous cultivation and comprehension of the meaning of the characters, and even formed a word formation to attack the enemy.

It was in this life or death situation that Di Chen figured out the meaning of the word "fix". This "fix" contained everything, and had the ability to imprison organisms within it. That was why Di Chen was able to escape.

"Puff puff ?"

The thumping sound filled the air, Di Chen looked at the Sea Hawk that was still floating in the air, his heart was still beating very quickly, he extended his hand, and started to revolve the power of the words in his body to converge at the center of the Sea Hawk's forehead.

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