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C41 Cao Fei

This meant that Shang Yu had feelings for him. Cao Fei quickly said: "Junior Sister Yu, don't worry, how much more do you need, I will help you pay."

Shang Yu was overjoyed. "Really, Senior Brother Cao Fei, you're too good. I'm a thousand liang less."

At first, when Cao Fei saw Shang Yu's happy look, he couldn't help but smile, but when he heard Shang Yu say that it would be 1000 taels less, his expression stiffened. She wanted to buy 10 One Breath Life Bone Pills for a total of 1000 taels, but she said that it would be 1000 taels less.

It had to be known that cultivators often needed to buy pills, cultivation techniques, and weapons, but the most expensive thing was a thousand gold. Although Cao Fei could afford it, he was truly reluctant.

Seeing Cao Fei's difficult expression, Shang Yu said sorrowfully: "Looks like Senior Brother Cao Fei cannot take it out either. Forget it, I'll go back first."

As he spoke, he turned around and left. His expression seemed to have declined a lot.

"Wait a minute," Cao Fei said with a pained look on his face. He had already said what he wanted to say, and although he couldn't bear to part with the money, he didn't want to lose face.

Shang Yu's face revealed a joyous expression again as she jumped and walked in front of Cao Fei. With a bashful face, she said in a soft voice, "Senior Brother Cao Fei, you are so nice."

This sound of "how nice" made Cao Fei's heart burst with joy, he immediately took out his money bag and placed it on the counter, with the attitude of "I'm very rich", he said: "Shopkeeper, give me ten One Breath Life Bone Pills."

The shopkeeper smiled, took out ten One Breath Life Pill, and then put away the one thousand silver notes. Even he couldn't help but curse in his heart; who didn't know that Shang Yu was lying to him?

Cao Fei gave the ten One Breath Life Bone Pills to Shang Yu and smiled: "Junior Sister Yu, here are your pills."

Shang Yu took the pill and smiled, "Thank you Senior Brother Cao Fei, I will definitely repay you for your kindness."

Cao Fei waved his hands over and over again, "Junior Sister Shang Yu, what are you saying? I am your senior brother, why would I ask you to repay me?"

Saying this, he changed the topic and said: "How about this, I heard that there's something strange happening recently in Thousand Monster Mountain, there might be some heavenly materials appearing, a lot of people went to try their luck, how about we go together?"

Shang Yu found it hard to believe. "Senior Brother Cao Fei, I'm really sorry. I can't go with you.

Cao Fei originally thought that Shang Yu would agree, but when he heard the two words "fiance", his face stiffened.

"You already have a fiance?" It was not that Shang Yu had a strong cultivation, the most important thing was that she was beautiful, there were naturally many people who liked her, but hearing that Shang Yu rarely interacted with men, even if those few geniuses in the academy pursued her, she would not notice, and it was rumored that Shang Yu had requested for her to be married. But now, Shang Yu said that she was unmarried?

From Shang Yu's expression, it seemed that she really liked her fiance!

Shang Yu held onto Di Chen's arm, and laughed: "That's right, he is my fiance."

"Him?" Cao Fei looked at Di Chen in shock. There was not a single fluctuation of spirit energy on Di Chen's body, and he was clearly not a warrior. He could not help but say straightforwardly: "Junior Sister Yu, you are one of the four beauties of the Sky Realm Academy.

The Martial Region Continent respected martial arts, and those who did not practice martial arts were called trash.

Since Cao Fei was an expert that took his life from triple stage, it was naturally not common for him to be able to enter the Sky Realm Academy s. However, Di Chen did not have any Origin Energy Methods in his body, so he was qualified to call Di Chen trash.

When Shang Yu heard the two words "trash", his face darkened. What she hated the most was others calling Di Chen trash, and he said coldly, "Cao Fei, pay attention to your words."

You were just being warm with me, but now you're back to being cold? Aren't you changing too fast?

Cao Fei held back his anger and said seriously: "Junior Sister Yu, I advise you to end the engagement earlier, you are no longer that Shang Yu from the Ling'an City you were before, you are now a favored son of heaven for our Sky Realm Academy, even the Principal values you, your future is limitless, how can you marry a trash?"

Although Shang Yu's cultivation was average, she was still highly valued in the Sky Realm Academy, which was why everyone was confused about her.

Shang Yu's vitality fluctuated, she almost wanted to attack, she did not like people calling her trash.

Di Chen pulled Shang Yu back, and laughed: "Girl, don't cause trouble. After all, he spent a thousand gold for us to buy pills, how can you be so rude to him?"

Shang Yu smiled sweetly, "Since Big Brother Di Chen said that it is so, then I will not make my move. Let's go."

As he said that, he left with Di Chen, not even sparing Cao Fei a glance.

Cao Fei's face sunk, it could be seen that Shang Yu liked this guy. He spent a thousand gold just to please Shang Yu, but after you took the thing, you actually turned hostile?

Since you already have a fiance, why are you being so friendly with me and causing me to misunderstand?

How could Cao Fei endure such a thing?

Cao Fei immediately rushed in front of Shang Yu and blocked everyone's path, then said coldly: "Junior Sister Shang Yu, you are still young and don't understand the dangers of this world. I know that someone like you who knows how to marry a trash who hasn't cultivated is forced to do so.

Then, he looked at Di Chen and said: "I don't know how you managed to deceive Junior Sister Shang Yu into liking you, but I suggest that you give up on this marriage. You guys are not people of the same world, trash like you will only implicate Junior Sister Shang Yu.

Shang Yu's voice was cold: "Cao Fei, you've always been pestering me, today I'll give you a lesson with the thousand taels, I'll treat what you said as nothing, and quickly scram, otherwise don't blame me for being ruthless."

Cao Fei said righteously: "Junior Sister Shang Yu, I know you have your own difficulties, don't worry, I won't leave you behind."

These words made Di Chen at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He thought that this Cao Fei was speaking lies with his eyes wide open, how could he see that Shang Yu was having troubles?

It was likely that he had spent his money in vain, so he tried to find an excuse to make things difficult for Zhang Xuan.

Lin Tao had an impatient look on his face as he said, "Let's go, don't worry about this guy."

Di Chen did not want to fight with Cao Fei. After all, Shang Yu was the one who did this unscrupulously, so he brought Shang Yu and left.

Cao Fei pestered her incessantly, and stopped her, saying seriously: "Little sister Shang Yu, you do not need to be afraid, will I protect you?"

Shang Yu almost wanted to make a move, do I need your protection?

Di Chen's face turned ugly, and he frowned: "Rain girl does not need your protection, if you leave this place, I will not bother with the two words' trash '."

"Shut your mouth," Cao Fei berated: "Who allowed you to call Junior Sister Yu so cordially, you're just a piece of trash, are you still afraid of others saying that? If you win, I'll let you guys go."

Lin Tao mocked, "Do you still need to let us leave if you win?"

Cao Fei was so angry that he was confused. His words were a little strange as he stared at Di Chen without uttering a word.

Seeing that Cao Fei did not seem to be willing to give up, Di Chen slightly shook his head, looked at Shang Yu and the others and said: "All of you move to the side, I will settle him quickly."

Shang Yu reminded: "Big Brother Di Chen, be careful, this guy is different from the people you met before."

Di Chen was naturally aware that Cao Fei was, after all, a disciple of the Sky Realm Academy.

When Di Chen and Cao Fei arrived outside the Universe Pavilion, many people around them heard the argument between the two. There were countless experts in the Millennium City and countless geniuses, so it was common for people to fight like this. In addition, since Cao Fei was only fighting with his life on the line for triple stage, Di Fei did not have much strength left, so no one would be curious about him, but Cao Fei was after all a person from the Sky Realm Academy, and there were still some people who were watching.

"This guy doesn't have a Spiritual Energy in his body, how would he dare to fight with someone with a life-stealing triple stage?"

"Maybe this guy is hiding his strength!"

"How does he hide his soul force? Did he reach the Martial King Realm?"

There were people who could hide their cultivation, but not spirit energy. As long as they learnt martial arts, their bodies would release spirit energy, but Di Chen's body would not have any spirit energy, he was clearly an ordinary person.

Everyone was discussing, and it seemed like they did not think well of Di Chen.

"Punches have no eyes. Don't blame me for hurting you!"

Cao Fei sprung up with a leap, and threw a punch at Di Chen. Seems like Di Chen did not plan to give him the chance to retaliate, this punch was very strong, and he was prepared to kill him in one strike.

"You want to kill me?" Di Chen frowned, if it was only because he was unconvinced that he could make a move, that would be fine, but when he made a move, it was a killing move, it was unbearable for Di Chen.

Di Chen wrote the word "steady" in the air with his finger, and the power of his words gushed out.

Just as Cao Fei rushed to the front of Di Chen, his body suddenly stopped, in front of Di Chen, he suddenly stopped, as though he was trapped by an invisible force and was unable to move.

"My body?" This was the first time he had seen such a strange move, and the key was that he did not know how Di Chen did it.

Di Chen laughed, and then smashed his fist onto Cao Fei's body, directly sending Cao Fei flying, and rolled over ten times on the ground. Although he was at the first stage of Life Seizing Supreme Realm, he still used brute strength, and there were no energy waves, but Di Chen's punch was not something that an ordinary person could withstand.

"How did this fellow do it?" The power of his words was the power of his words, it was different from the warriors' spirit energy, and they could not feel it. Everyone only saw Di Chen's hands moving in the air, and did not know what he was doing.

Cao Fei crawled up from the ground, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Di Chen unconvinced: "It's not over yet."

As he spoke, a majestic burst of elemental energy gushed out from his body. It was as though the elemental energy was about to shatter the void, causing the void to emit a crackling sound.

Everyone started to retreat, Cao Fei was serious, it seemed like he was in danger.

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