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Sovereign of the Heaven/C43 Thousand Monster Mountain
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C43 Thousand Monster Mountain

The Thousand Monster Mountain was a treasure vault, but it could also be said to be a tomb. Countless experts died inside, and it was said that no one had actually entered the deepest part of the Thousand Monster Mountain.

Di Chen laughed in an indifferent manner: "Girl, your big brother Di Chen is a person who is afraid of death. Do you think I would take my life as a joke?"

Shang Yu giggled: "You're right, you have always been careful when doing things, you will definitely have the confidence to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain, but I won't accompany you there, Sister Su'er can't go as well."

On one hand, she was worried that Qin Suer would be in danger if she went in, and on the other hand, she didn't really want Qin Suer to be alone with her.

Di Chen pretended to be angry: Your fiance is going to take a risk, but you aren't accompanying him. You don't care about your fiance at all, I have treated you well for free in the past.

Shang Yu held onto Di Chen's arm, and kissed him on the cheek like a chick pecking rice. She laughed: "How could I bear for you to die, I also have my reasons."

Lin Tao snappily said, "I say, are the two of you done yet? You two are always showing love in front of me and Su'er, and you guys aren't getting hit by lightning either."

Lin Tao and Qin Suer were also not outsiders, so Shang Yu and Di Chen were never afraid.

Qin Suer only chuckled, but it was obvious that her smile contained a bit of force.

Right, "Di Chen suddenly revealed a curious look:" I remember that eight years ago, you were suddenly taken away by someone else. You have the Nine Yin Body, so logically speaking, you should be very strong, but I have never seen someone fight before.

From her experience, she knew that Shang Yu should be very powerful. However, Di Chen had never seen Shang Yu fight before.

Shang Yu laughed: "Big Brother Di Chen, don't ask me, I won't harm you, I will definitely tell you in the future."

Di Chen thought that that was true, Shang Yu definitely had her reasons for hiding it from her, and Di Chen did not want to force her.

After hesitating for a while, she nodded. Although she was worried about Di Chen, but she would never reject him. On the next day, Di Chen secretly went to find Qin Suer, and the two of them went to Thousand Monster Mountain together.

The Thousand Monster Mountain was situated 30 kilometers north of the Millennium City, and after half an hour, Di Chen and Qin Suer arrived at the Thousand Monster Mountain.

Qin Suer laughed and asked: "Di Chen, Little Sister Shang Yu doesn't want the two of us to be alone, can you bring me here?"

Di Chen laughed: "Not good, you came again, Shang Yu is just a young child, regardless of her, you are familiar with the mountain herbs, bringing you here can make things difficult for you."

Although Shang Yu was definitely strong, in reality, Di Chen was more willing to bring Qin Suer on a mission. Even though Qin Suer was very weak, she could refine pills and also cure illnesses.

Upon entering the Thousand Monster Mountain, the two of them could feel a wave of demonic Qi blowing towards them. These demonic beast had probably already reached level 3 or 4, and at the foot of the mountain, there were level 3 or 4 demonic beast.

Qin Suer suddenly saw a yellow spirit flower growing not far away. This spirit flower's petals were crescent in shape, and emitted a captivating fragrance. She immediately ran over excitedly, and carefully dug out a shovel full of flowers and dirt, placing it into her storage bag.

Di Chen asked curiously: "What's the use of the crescent moon Immortal Flower?"

Qin Suer explained while grinning: "This is for concocting pills, there are many pills that require this flower as an auxiliary ingredient, and it's very difficult to find."

Di Chen looked around. There were many spirit flowers, such as Ground Grass, which was a rare spirit flower that was found all over the Ling'an City. It was no wonder that the streets and alleys of Millennium City were filled with Ground Grass.

The two of them went deeper into the cave, but Di Chen did not find anything useful, but Qin Suer's harvest was plentiful, and he picked a lot of spirit flowers and herbs, which were enough for her to use in alchemy. Actually the reason Di Chen brought Qin Suer along was because she recognized these Spirit Grass s, so as to not miss out on these treasures.

"Hmm?" Not long after that, Di Chen suddenly sensed a strong wave of Spirit Demon Qi coming from ahead. It was at least a level 4 demonic beast.

The two of them quietly walked in the direction of the demonic beast. A few minutes later, they saw a ten meter long black wolf and a thirty meter red python in the distance.

The giant wolf lowered its head and growled in a low voice. The python's head was high as it stuck out its tongue. It seemed that the two could start fighting at any time.

Qin Suer pointed to the place between the python and the giant wolf, there was a small red grass there, it only had one leaf and grew there all alone, it was a Single Vein Grass, one of the very rare Spirit Grass s, it can be used for alchemy and medicine, the demonic beast s can consume this kind of Spirit Grass s, it could be used for cultivation and it had a wide range of applications, this one looked like it was not ripe yet, but it could be sold for at least one hundred thousand silvers, this was not a small number, how many cultivation pills could one hundred thousand silvers buy?

Di Chen laughed: "This Single Vein Grass has a greater value than all the herbs we have gathered before, I will go and pick it."

Qin Suer blocked Di Chen and said: "Those two are Level 4 demonic beast, one of them is very difficult for you to deal with, how are you going to kill the other two?

Di Chen shook his head: "The commotion caused by the two demonic beast must be huge, and may attract a lot of people and cause them to have no time to wait. Although the two Level 4 demonic beast are a little difficult, it's not like there isn't a chance."

Qin Suer knew that Di Chen would definitely not take his life as a joke, so she asked him to be more careful and did not stop him.

Di Chen sneaked over, he originally wanted to sneak an attack on the two demonic beast, but before he could even get close to them, he looked over with hostility.

Although he was strong, he would not hide his Qi like the other warriors, and would easily be exposed.

Weak body, small strength and slow speed, these were the disadvantages of literati.

When Di Chen saw them, he immediately stopped and wrote the word "freeze" in the air with a simple finger. An invisible force spread out, and as if everything that passed through seemed to be sealed, and the air seemed to have stopped flowing, and even the leaves no longer fluttered. The bodies of the two demonic beast s also paused and were unable to move for a moment, but their bodies were still trembling as if they could break free at any time.

Di Chen quickly wrote the word "broken" in the air. While the two demonic beast were still unable to move, the word "broken" floated in front of the two beasts and exploded with a bang.

Although they were heavily injured, the two demonic beast s did not die. They rushed towards Di Chen at the same time.

"He's not dead yet?" Di Chen cursed inwardly. The [Broken] formula had drained all the power of speech from his body earlier, causing his face to turn pale as he clenched his teeth and wrote another two words, "Slash", in midair.

The two words "cut" were like two blades that shot towards the two demonic beast. With a pfft, they sliced the two demonic beast in two, sending flesh and blood flying everywhere.

Killing the two Level 4 demonic beast would drain the power of the words in Di Chen's body.

"I'm finally dead," Di Chen's buttocks went limp on the ground. It was just now so dangerous, I had to exhaust all the power of my words to kill the two demonic beast s, at this moment, I'm afraid that any warrior would be able to kill Di Chen.

Seeing that the demonic beast was killed, Qin Suer stood beside Di Chen, took out a pill and gave it to him: "Di Chen, are you alright?

Di Chen swallowed the pill, his originally aching body recovered, he panted and said: "I'm afraid that I won't be able to use force for a short period of time, hurry up and leave this place after harvesting the One Vein Grass."

Qin Suer nodded her head and immediately went to gather the Single Vein Grass.

However, at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the Single Vein Grass and plucked it up before it could. He said excitedly, "It's actually Single Vein Grass, my luck is really good."

The person who came was an eighteen or nineteen year old youth, and judging from his elemental energy, he was at least at the fourth level of Life Seizing.

Qin Suer was startled for a moment, and then said angrily: "This Pill Vein Grass is ours, return it to me."

"How is this Single Vein Grass growing so well on the ground yours?"

That person smiled and said, "It was clearly me who picked it up first. How could you not be reasonable?"

Qin Suer said angrily: "It was us who first discovered this Single Vein Grass, and it was us who killed these two demonic beast just now. This is naturally our Single Vein Grass."

"You guys killed him?" The man looked at Qin Suer and Di Chen, and mocked: "One of you doesn't have any spirit energy, while the other is only at the third level of the Warrior. Can you two kill these two Level 4 demonic beast? We must be fighting these two demonic beast to the death, you guys should take the chance to gather this Single Vein Grass. "

That was right, from the looks of it, Di Chen and Qin Suer did not have the ability to kill two Level 4 demonic beast, this person naturally did not believe it.

"Yang Yue, why are you talking so much with them. Heavenly materials and unique treasures are things that those who have the ability to obtain, I think it's better to just kill them. It's normal for Thousand Monster Mountain to kill people anyway."

At this moment, another voice sounded from the distance.

Di Chen looked over. Not far away, there were three people, two males and one female, each of them carrying a large hammer on their left. They were tall and sturdy, dressed in beast skins, and were at least at the fifth stage of Life Seizing.

The lady on the right was dressed in red, with a gentle smile on his face, giving off a feeling of intimacy, but Di Chen could feel a killing intent from his, he was probably a ruthless person, with a cultivation of at least the seventh stage of Life Seizing, she was Murong Yue.

In the middle was a young man with delicate features. He was a valiant looking, seemingly weak, but he gave off a sense of fear. His cultivation was at least at the ninth stage of Life Seizing.

The few of them turned to look at Qin Suer and her, with playful smiles in their eyes.

Di Chen's face changed, not to mention that he had exhausted all of his strength, even if he did not, he was afraid that he would not be able to win against them, and this time was dangerous.

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