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Sovereign of the Heaven/C44 Qin Su'er caught
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C44 Qin Su'er caught

Yang Yue's gaze fell on Di Chen, teasing her: "They want me to kill you, do you think I should kill them or not?"

These words seemed to be Di Chen's own choice, but whether or not to kill it was not up to Di Chen to decide.

Qin Suer's face was full of fear. Di Chen pulled Qin Suer behind him and looked at them vigilantly. If these people wanted to kill him, he did not have any chance to retaliate.

Ling Fei said disdainfully: "Truly two useless trash, to actually be this scared, even to the point of not daring to speak."

Murong Yue said with a smile that was like a flower: "One of you two have no spirit energy undulations while the other is only at the third level of the Warrior, coming to this Thousand Monster Mountain with your strength is just seeking death. In my opinion, why not let us help you two?

She was a woman, and her voice was gentle. She sounded very comfortable, but her words were very vicious, causing people to tremble with fear.

Di Chen focused and said seriously: "I have no enmity with you, why do you want to kill us."

Yang Yue laughed: "This is the Martial Region Continent, the strong are revered, the weak have no say, the strong have no reason to kill the weak?"

The Martial Region Continent was a place where the strong preyed on the weak, and the weak had no right to live at all. In front of the strong, they were tools to cultivate, like cannon fodder, touchstone, and not be able to control their own life and death, Di Chen had already seen this clearly from when he was in the Di Family. Even his elder brother Di Long could kill him at any time, but he could not refute Yang Yue's words.

Killing people did not look at the laws, only at strength. This was the Martial Region Continent, weakness was the sin.

Just then, Murong Yue walked in front of Di Chen, the elemental energy in her body fluctuated, and she squinted her eyes as she smiled at Di Chen. As long as she attacked, he could kill Di Chen anytime.

Di Chen looked at Murong Yue's beautiful face with shock.

The surroundings became quiet, the air seemed to have frozen, Di Chen knew that Murong Yue could only kill him in that second.

Yue'er, "At this time, Yu Xiuyuan broke the silence," Forget it, these two fellows are probably the kind of people who don't have talent, trying to come to the Thousand Monster Mountain to try their luck, hoping to encounter some kind of opportunity that would soar to the skies.

Many people who did not have talent would go to dangerous areas to find opportunities, which was normal, so Yu Xiuyuan subconsciously thought that Di Chen and Qin Suer were such people.

This kind of person was very funny to Yu Xiuyuan!

Murong Yue smiled at Di Chen, then withdrew her spirit energy and turned to leave without hesitation.

Di Chen finally heaved a sigh of relief. If she had made her move just now, he would definitely have died.

"However ?" Just then, Yu Xiuyuan changed the topic of their conversation, looked at Qin Suer and said: "I presume this woman knows medicine, our team just happens to be lacking such a person, Yang Yue, take her away."

The Thousand Monster Mountain had a lot of poisonous miasma, and a lot of poisonous animals and plants. If one was not careful, they would be poisoned, and all of these poisonous miasma were fatal, it would be safer to bring a doctor.

In fact, every team of ten thousand demonic beast would bring along a doctor, but what was most lacking in Martial Region Continent was a doctor. There was a medical academy there with a total of ten thousand people, and there were many outstanding disciples among them.

With a glance, Yu Xiuyuan could tell that he was a doctor. Furthermore, she knew of the Single Vein Grass, and was probably a person with some knowledge. Yu Xiuyuan naturally did not want to miss this opportunity.

"So she's a doctor, no wonder she came here to take the risk," Yang Yue said excitedly as he forcefully pulled Qin Suer away.

"Let go of me," Qin Suer became anxious and struggled with all her might, but she could not struggle free from Yang Yue.

"Let her go," Di Chen angrily rushed over. Although he knew that it was dangerous to attack, he couldn't just watch as Qin Suer was taken away.

Yang Yue suddenly turned his head, with a wave of his hand, a gust of wind blew Di Chen away, and smashed him heavily onto the ground. His bones seemed to have broken, and he laid on the ground, unable to stand up.

Di Chen was at the first stage of Life Seizing Realm, but his cultivation was different from others. He was using the Demonic beast flesh and blood s to forcefully raise his cultivation level, so Di Chen's movements were not as nimble as normal warriors, and his body was not as strong as normal people.

Seeing this, Yang Yue looked down on Di Chen and snorted: "You truly are a useless trash. We have already spared your life just now, but you actually don't know death, since you want to die, then I will grant your wish."

As he spoke, he wanted to kill Di Chen.

"Stop," Qin Suer shouted anxiously, "I'll go with you guys, don't kill him."

"Yang Yue," Yu Xiuyuan immediately stopped him, "Forget it, this kind of person won't be able to live for long in the Thousand Monster Mountain.

After Yang Yue heard this, he retracted his spirit energy and snorted: "Consider yourself lucky, there's actually a doctor protecting you like this. I won't kill you today, but if I see you again next time, don't blame me for being ruthless."

Murong Yue looked at Di Chen and laughed: It seems that this beautiful little sister really likes you, you, a trash like you can actually get the favor of a doctor, I truly did not expect that, I advise you to quickly go down the mountain, maybe you can even preserve your life, there are some people with dull talent that are not suitable for cultivation, do not force yourself, being an ordinary person is also a good thing.

The few of them did not have the mood to bother with Di Chen anymore, and forcefully brought Qin Suer away.

Qin Suer was dragged away, but she still turned her head to look at Di Chen with a face full of reluctance. She hoped that Di Chen could save her, but she knew that Di Chen could not, and only hoped that Di Chen could take good care of her.

This is the first time he had a feeling of helplessness. He said that he wanted to protect Qin Suer, but now, he wants her to sacrifice herself to protect me?

The weak did not have the right to speak in Martial Region Continent, Di Chen thought.

"Su'er, I'll definitely save you." These two Level 4 demonic beast were nothing to them, but to Di Chen, they were good things, enough to increase his cultivation to Life Seizing double stage.

In a cave.

As Di Chen sat cross-legged on the ground, he grabbed the flesh of the Demonic Wolf and demon python in his hands. The Pearl of Life s in his body started to spin non-stop, and the flesh started to wither at a visible rate, causing Di Chen to absorb the pieces of flesh and blood into his body. Di Chen could feel a surge of boundless energy entering his body, filling every corner of his body, making it easier to absorb.

One day later.

"Phew ?" Di Chen exhaled a long breath, spread out his hands and took a look. His life threatening double stage, had finally broken through another small realm.

The cultivation of [Lifestealer double stage] was nothing in the Millennium City, there were people younger than him but stronger than him, and even the hawkers on the streets were stronger than him, so this cultivation would be difficult for him to pass the Sky Realm Academy examination.

"It would be best if I could break through the fifth stage of Life Seizing Supreme Realm and reach the tenth level of the Scholar before the Sky Realm Academy's assessment begins. Only then will I be confident."

Di Chen knew that those people just now were definitely the disciples of the Sky Realm Academy. These guys were very scary, but they were all at the same realm as him, so how could he save Qin Suer when they were all at the same realm as him?

"Looks like I can only take things one step at a time," Di Chen thought.

Although his cultivation had achieved a breakthrough, the power of speech in his body was exhausted, Di Chen took out a pen and paper and started to write, writing and reading was Di Chen's method of cultivation, so Di Chen would bring a book and a brush with him.

What Di Chen wrote was "fix", the first formula of the written scripture of the heavens!

Fixing people, settling demons, settling the wind, settling all living things. One would definitely be able to make all living things still, allowing the heaven and earth to return to peace and tranquility.

The stronger the cultivation, the stronger the power. According to the legends of Tian Shi, the moment one reached the word 'Sage Wen', the entire Millennium City would be at peace.

How old is Millennium City? How many powerhouses were there in the Eternal Demon Moon?

To be able to cause a strong expert like the Millennium City to stand still, one could imagine just how powerful this "fixed" formula was!

This was the realm that warriors and scholars would appear in when they were focused on cultivation. Everything around them was gone, and this cave only had him, he was writing brazenly, he wrote a word on a piece of paper, and after he finished writing, he threw down the paper and continued writing on the second paper.

He wrote...

Time passed, and the sky outside became dark again. It was unknown how much time had passed.

"Phew ?" Di Chen let out a long breath of air, and was finally free from the state he was in. He put down the brush and moved his aching body, the power of speech in his body was already full, he realised that his scholar level seemed to have improved, he was still just a step away from breaking through to the tenth level of the scholar realm. But he could not continue cultivating during this period, he turned his head to look around, only to realise that the ground was covered with scattered papers, and words were written on the ground.

"I've written so much?" Di Chen was a little surprised. He had unconsciously written down a few words, but he didn't even know how many times he had written them.

Di Chen kept all the paper, the word 'fix' contained all of his power as a scholar, which meant that in the future, when Di Chen used the 'fix', he would immediately throw all of these paper out, and did not need to use his force.

walked out of the cave, and started to kill demonic beast s. Breaking through Life Reaching double stage required two Level 4 demonic beast s, and breaking through Life Reaching triple stage required at least fifty Level 4 demonic beast s. Di Chen's cultivation seemed to be simple enough, as long as he could absorb the Demonic beast flesh and blood, it would be difficult to kill all fifty of them with Di Chen's current cultivation.

"Hmm? "Two demonic snakes?" Di Chen quickly found a demonic beast, this was also a level four demonic beast, but it was not strong enough. Di Chen immediately took out a piece of paper with the word "Set" written on it, and with the toss of the paper, a wave of power exploded out from the paper, locking the two demonic snakes in place.

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