Sovereign of the Heaven/C46 A mutual friendship without a fight
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C46 A mutual friendship without a fight
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C46 A mutual friendship without a fight

"You're courting death," Cao Rouer was even more sure of her own thoughts, as she punched towards Di Chen. Her fist was very gentle, but it gave off a kind of enormous pressure, causing even the air to explode.

Di Chen knew that he wouldn't be able to withstand a punch from someone at the ninth stage of Life Seizing Supreme Realm, but he couldn't allow Cao Rouer to enter.


The two fists collided, sending Di Chen flying out, smashing heavily onto the ground. One of his arms was smashed into pieces, blood spurting out all over the ground, causing him to turn pale from the pain.

Cao Fei scoffed, "You really don't know your limits, to actually dare to take one hit from my sister. I didn't expect you to like Shang Yu this much."

Everyone knew that the last strike was fatal. Di Chen knew clearly that it was dangerous, but he still chose to fight recklessly.

Cao Rouer did not take advantage of's victory to give chase, but instead walked towards the cave. She hated Shang Yu, not Di Chen, but rather, she hated him the most.

Di Chen once again stood in front of Cao Rouer, staring coldly at her, and did not plan to let her take another step closer.

"Since you wish to seek death, I shall grant you that wish." Cao Rouer never thought that Di Chen would once again rush towards his and punch towards Di Chen.

The wind blew over, Di Chen was afraid that he was dead this time, but he did not dodge.

"Elder sister, what are you doing?" But at that moment, Cao Yuer suddenly rushed out and extended both of her arms in front of him.

"Yu'er?" Cao Rouer suddenly saw Cao Yuer rushing out from inside, she subconsciously retracted her spirit force and asked: "Yu'er, why are you inside?"

Cao Yuer said angrily: "I was almost killed by a mosquito just now, it was Di Chen who saved me, I was refining pills in the cave, Di Chen was protecting me, Sis, what enmity do you have with Di Chen, why did you want to kill him?"

"He saved you?" Cao Rouer and Cao Fei were both surprised. They thought that Di Chen was risking his life to protect Shang Yu, but he was actually protecting Cao Yuer inside?

If she had barged in and disturbed Cao Yuer's cultivation, the consequences would be unimaginable. Cao Rouer was still somewhat afraid, but fortunately, she was stopped by Di Chen.

Di Chen was also startled. He honestly did not think that Cao Yuer was Cao Fei's sister, which was why he thought that these two guys were surnamed Cao. He should have thought of it long ago.

Cao Yuer also couldn't be bothered to care about them, and asked while looking at Di Chen: "How are you?"

Di Chen held onto his severed arm, but it still could not stop the fountain of fresh blood. His face was already somewhat pale, and due to the excessive loss of blood, his consciousness was a little blurry, and he fainted before he could even speak, falling into Cao Yuer's arms.

Cao Yuer hugged Di Chen's body, and grumbled at Cao Rouer: "Elder sister, you're really too, how could you injure him so severely."

Cao Rouer said: "Previously, it was him, Shang Yu, who tricked Cao Fei for a thousand silver. I have to take revenge for that."

Cao Yuer also knew about this matter, but he did not think that the person who Cao Fei spoke of was that person. In the beginning, he did help Cao Fei report his injustice, and if Di Chen did not save her, she would have killed him instead. But the situation was different now, she felt that Di Chen was a good person, and she changed her attitude, "Isn't it just a thousand taels, how big of a deal is it?

Cao Fei snorted: "I wish I was dead."

Cao Yuer said angrily: "Second brother, I know what you mean. I just thought that after he dies, you will have the chance to woo Shang Yu. You have been courting her for so long already, but she has really looked at you, don't even think about eating swan meat anymore."

"I ?" Cao Fei originally wanted to refute her, but he had nothing to say. He knew that Shang Yu would not like him, but he still held hope.

Cao Yuer saw that Di Chen's breathing seemed to be getting weaker and weaker, and said anxiously: "Elder sister, take out your Nine Jade Flower Pill."

"What?" Cao Fei did not expect Cao Yuer to say this and immediately stopped him: "These Nine Jade Flower Pills can regenerate flesh and blood, but they are life-saving items. One is worth a million silver coins each, and elder sister only has three pills.

In fact, there were a lot of pills that could regenerate flesh in Millennium City, but they were very expensive, just like how Qin Suer previously bought the cheapest One Breath Life Bone Pill for Lin Tao, which was very slow, and the Nine Jade Flower Pill, which was very rare in Millennium City, and was also very valuable. It was very dangerous for cultivation, and Cao Rouer and the others would be in danger of death at any moment, so these Nine Jade Flower Pills were very important, but now, Cao Yuer actually wanted to give them to someone else?

Earlier, Cao Fei fought with his life on the line against Di Chen for a thousand silver, and now he was going to give him a pill that was worth a million silver?

Not to mention, even if Cao Fei did not agree to it, Cao Rouer would still object.

Cao Yuer said anxiously: "Elder sister, he saved my life. If he died, then ? "Then ?"

The more Cao Yuer said, the more anxious she became. She didn't think of any threats she could make and said, "Then I won't live anymore either."

"Yu'er," Cao Rouer didn't care whether these words were a joke or not, and said angrily: "He is not related to you in any way, and even though I have saved your life, how can you die for him? I can save his life, but if you say these words again, I will punish you by punishing you for not leaving the house for three years."

Cao Yuer had nothing to say. She knew that Cao Rouer had kept her word, so how could someone like her, who had been toyed with, be willing to not come out of the house for three years?

Cao Rouer saw that Cao Yuer seemed to have accepted her reprimand, and then, she took out a Nine Jade Flower Pill and stuffed it into Di Chen's mouth.

As the pill dissolved in his mouth, a terrifying medicinal force fused into Di Chen's body, causing new bones and flesh to grow out of his arm at a visible rate, and soon to be completely fine. However, Di Chen still did not wake up, and it was also because of the excessive loss of blood.

"He's fine now, leave him in the cave. Let's go, I'll let him go this time."

After all, Di Chen had saved Cao Yuer's life before.

But Cao Yuer did not leave and said: "He is unconscious right now, I cannot leave him alone, I have to wait for him to wake up first."

Cao Rouer said angrily: Yu'er, why are you so stubborn, even if Thousand Monster Mountain's treasure were to appear, do you want to miss it, the Sky Realm Academy's examination is going to start soon, but with your current cultivation, it will be difficult for you to enter Sky Realm Academy, this is your best chance, if you miss this chance, it will take a long time before you can raise your cultivation.

Many people had already entered the depths of the Thousand Monster Mountain to snatch that item. Since there were too many strong warriors this time, the first to go would naturally have the upper hand. However, Cao Yuer spending time to take care of a stranger made her angry.

Cao Yuer said anxiously: "Elder sister, this kind of Heavenly material is something that fate has, even if we snatch it away, it might not necessarily be subdued by me. I want to wait for Di Chen to wake up, even if you punish me to face the wall for three years, I will still stay behind."

"You ?" Cao Rouer was so angry that she wanted to scold him, but she could tell that Cao Yuer insisted on doing it this time, she thought for a bit, then changed her tone: "Alright, we'll wait for him to wake up, then you have to listen to me obediently, or I'll kill him first."

Cao Yuer immediately giggled when she heard this. "I knew Sister doted on me the most."

Cao Rouer glanced at Cao Yuer snappily. She couldn't do anything about this little sister of her, since they all loved this little sister more.

Cao Yuer supported Di Chen into the cave and found some grass to help him rest, while she sat on the side to cultivate.

However, Cao Rouer was still a little interested in Di Chen. She did not feel any fluctuation of spirit energy from Di Chen's body, but earlier, Di Chen had been able to receive a punch from her.

One day later, Di Chen finally woke up. He propped himself up on the ground and patted his dizzy head, only after a while did he come back to his senses, he looked around and saw a gloomy cave, where Cao Yuer sat in front of him and smiled at him. Cao Fei and Cao Rouer were standing not too far away from him with unfriendly faces, it looked like if it was not Cao Yuer, they would have already started killing people.

Cao Yuer helped Di Chen to sit properly: "Di Chen, you're finally awake."

Di Chen rubbed his glabella and asked, "How long have I been unconscious for?"

Cao Yuer chuckled: "Not long, it's only been a day."

A day's time might not be long for others, but Di Chen could not afford to waste it. He had to fight for every second, otherwise how would he take the Sky Realm Academy examination, and how would he save Qin Suer?

"Huh?" Di Chen suddenly realized that his arm was unharmed, and said in shock: "My arm recovered?"

"Yes," Cao Yuer said. "I beg Big Sister to give you a Nine Jade Flower Pill to rebirth your arm."

Di Chen knew about this Nine Jade Flower Pills. He had seen it before in the Universe Pavilion, cost a million silvers per pellet, but he never expected that they would actually use this kind of pellet to save him.

A million!

This money could at least help Di Chen to break through his lifesaving six stages.

"Yu'er," Cao Rouer suddenly said, "Since he's alright now, you can come with us."

Cao Yuer did not immediately agree to Cao Rouer's request. Instead, she looked at him and said, "Di Chen, it's dangerous for you to be alone in Thousand Monster Mountain. Why don't you come with us?

"No," Cao Fei immediately objected, "This Thousand Monster Mountain is very dangerous, why would we bring an outsider along with us?"

Cao Fei couldn't wait for Di Chen to die, so how could he be willing to act together with him?

Cao Yuer is stronger than the both of us, so how would he possibly implicate us? Furthermore, Di Chen's cultivation technique is unique, so she can still help us on the way here. "

"I don't agree." The reason why Cao Fei didn't agree to it was because Di Chen and Shang Yu's relationship was too intimate. He liked Shang Yu, and couldn't bear the fact that Di Chen was betrothed to his since a young age.

Cao Yuer snorted: "I don't care if you agree or not, since I will act with Di Chen, if you do not agree, then I will not go with you."

"Yu'er ?" Cao Fei was so angry that he wanted to curse at him. This Cao Yuer had no personality at all, he actually believed in an outsider and did not trust his own people?

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