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Sovereign of the Heaven/C47 Eternal Gate
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C47 Eternal Gate

This Thousand Monster Mountain was very dangerous, Cao Rouer could still protect Cao Yuer, but now, Cao Yuer was threatening to bring Di Chen along, if not she would not be together with them, and not only was Di Chen a stranger, was it not worth trusting, even if he was worth trusting, with Di Chen's cultivation, could he possibly protect Cao Yuer, and would he be able to help his obtain the Heavenly Treasure that was about to appear?

Usually, Cao Yuer was very afraid of Cao Rouer, but she was actually very stubborn today. It seemed that she would not let Di Chen go if she did not bring him along.

Then, he looked at Di Chen and said: "If you drag us down or if you bring us any trouble, I'll definitely kill you."

"I ?" Di Chen disliked people who threatened him the most. He originally wanted to refuse going with them, but the moment he moved, his body would feel excruciating pain. Why would his body move alone?

Cao Fei was the most angry, and he glared at Di Chen. This fellow had beaten him up earlier, but now he was even going with him?

But Cao Fei really couldn't do anything!

Cao Yuer laughed excitedly, then supported Di Chen and left the cave.

Everyone advanced along the way because of Di Chen's slow speed, which made Cao Fei's teeth itch even more. Along the way, they met a lot of demonic beast, which were not high levelled, and were basically all killed in one hit by Cao Rouer, which were very common demonic beast, but actually not worth a lot of money. Cao Rouer was too lazy to take them away, but these demonic beast were great things to Di Chen, because absorbing their flesh would allow his cultivation to increase, so Di Chen did not waste any of it and kept the demon corpses.

At first, Cao Fei was allowed to "take advantage", but he quickly gave up. Even if it wasn't worth much, it wasn't cheap either.

It couldn't be helped, these demonic beast were all killed by Cao Rouer, of course Di Chen would be embarrassed to snatch them away from him, he could only watch as Cao Fei kept them, Cao Yuer scolded him angrily for being stingy, but Cao Fei ignored him, no matter what, he could not let his "love rival" take advantage of him. Furthermore, although the level of the demonic beast in front was low, there were still quite a few level 5 or 6 demonic beast behind him, and even some level 7 and 8 demonic beast, which could be sold for a lot of money.

Among them, there were many Level 5 demonic beast and three Level 6 demonic beast. These Demonic beast flesh and blood were more than enough for him to cultivate to the Fifth Stage of Life Seizing Stage. It was just that he could not absorb the Demonic beast flesh and blood in front of them, and had to find a place to cultivate in peace.

Three days later.

Some had been poisoned to death, some had been bitten to death by demonic beast, and most of them had been killed by humans. Thinking about it, they had just gone through a huge battle, and some of their blood were still flowing from their bodies. It seemed that not long after dying, Cao Rouer had noticed that some of them were members of the Sky Realm Academy, and that these people were also strong members of the Sky Realm Academy. They were ranked very high on the Destiny Decree, but now that they had fallen here, it could be imagined how dangerous it was.

"The appearance of the body here means that we are not far from our destination."

Cao Rouer said with a grave expression on her face, "Yu'er, Cao Fei, the two of you be careful, even I don't have the ability to protect myself in this place."

Cao Fei said seriously: "Sis, don't worry, we will be careful."

Cao Yuer changed from her usual mischievous look: "Sis, you don't have to worry about us, we can take good care of ourselves."

Di Chen was also on his guard. Although he was not as sensitive as Cao Rouer, he could vaguely sense that there was a terrifying pressure in the surroundings.

This miasma was so poisonous that even Cao Rouer would be poisoned to death by it. From the sound of the roars, it could be determined that it was at least a level 9 demonic beast, and there were more and more corpses on the ground. There were even warriors at the ninth stage of the Life Seizing Realm.

Four hours later, Cao Rouer and the rest arrived at the Thousand Monster Mountain.

In front of him was a dilapidated three-storey building with the words "Immortal Wind" written on the signboard. Judging from the wood of the building, it should have been built quite a long time ago.

"Hmm?" Cao Rouer's brows twitched, and said after a moment of silence: "Could it be that this is the ruin of the Eternal Gate?"

"Eternal Gate?" Di Chen was a little doubtful. It had been a while since he came to Millennium City, and this was the first time he heard that there was a Eternal Gate here.

Seeing that Di Chen did not know, Cao Fei said disdainfully, "You really don't know anything, to the point where you don't even know Eternal Gate."

Cao Yuer explained: This Eternal Gate is one of the ten great sects of the Primordial Era, it is said to be situated in this Thousand Ancient Mountain, it covers an extremely wide area, the disciples in the sect are numerous, and the experts are as numerous as the clouds, and after that, the entire sect and its disciples perished in one night and one night, and the Sect Leader also disappeared, and this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountain also changed the earth's crust and completely submerged the Eternal Gate within the ground, which allowed it to become one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountain after hundreds of thousands of thousands of years.

It was said that in the ancient times, heaven and earth medicines could be found everywhere. The demonic beast s were numerous and strong, making them very suitable for cultivation, but after the world changed, the strong demonic beast s were no longer suitable for living in this world. The rare spirit flowers and herbs were almost extinct, and it was becoming harder and harder for warriors to cultivate.

In the past, there were many War God s in the Martial Region Continent, and Martial Saint and Martial Saint s could be seen everywhere. But now, let alone War God s, even Martial Saint and Martial Saint s could be counted on one's fingers, and warriors were finding it more and more difficult to cultivate.

The Eternal Gate was one of the top ten ancient sects. Naturally, such a sect would leave behind a lot of good things, and any one of them could increase the power of a person by several fold.

"No wonder it attracted so many people to explore."

Di Chen could not help but be interested, and said: "Let's go in and take a look?"

Cao Fei snorted: "Look at the corpses around here, it seems like someone has already been here before, do you think that we can get anything good after entering?"

Di Chen did not think much of it: "All spirit treasures are obtained by fated people, who knows, maybe those people do not have the chance?"

This was the truth, just like how Di Chen being able to learn the Sky Text Scripture was fate, no one could be sure of who the God of Fate would favor, it wasn't wrong to give it a try.

Cao Rouer thought for a while, then said: "Let's go in and take a look, the few of you follow me."

Di Chen took out a small bottle and poured out a few pills from it. All of these pills had changed their quality, after all, they were too old, and had been exposed to the air for too long, so even if they were immortal pills, they would probably lose all their medicinal energy, and even if there were any, they would probably have been taken away by someone else.

"I guess this was a place to store medicinal pills. What a pity."

These pills were incredibly rare, and some of them were already impossible to concoct. However, these pills had become useless or even poisonous. It was truly a pity.

Di Chen thought for a while before he kept the pills.

Cao Yuer said in a strange tone: "Di Chen, you cannot eat these pills.

Di Chen laughed: "I know, I have a friend who is a doctor. I want to let her see, maybe I can research the ingredients of these pills and refine them anew."

Cao Fei taunted: The quality of the pills have changed a long time ago, I am unable to determine what the ingredients are unless he is a doctor who became a saint, but there is no such person in Martial Region Continent, do you think that the pills will stay if they are useful?

Di Chen thought that was true, but he still kept it in, at least he had to show it to Qin Suer, what if she could figure it out?

"Hmm?" At this time, Cao Yuer's gaze suddenly became serious, coldly looking out of the pavilion.

He was called Huang Ting and was also a disciple of the Sky Realm Academy. His cultivation was also at the ninth stage of the Life Seizing Supreme Realm, and beside him was a youth of fourteen or fifteen years old, who had an arrogant look on his face. Even though he looked young, he was also a strong warrior at the fifth stage of Life Seizing, and his name was Huang Zhan, who was also Huang Ting's younger brother.

Beside Huang Zhan, there was a young lady with short hair who was the same age as him. Her name was Li Xin, but her cultivation was at the fourth stage of Life Seizing, and beside Li Xin, there was a young girl with long hair who was slightly older than her. Her name was Liu Jingjing, and her cultivation was at the eighth stage of Life Seizing, just one step away from the ninth stage.

The two sides were both alert and hostile when they met each other, as if they would attack at any moment.

"It's you guys," Cao Rouer said as she saw the newcomer.

Huang Ting laughed: "So it's Lady Cao Rouer, what a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet you here. What, Miss Rou'er can't be thinking of fighting with me here, right?"

Cao Rouer sneered: "Could it be that I'm afraid of you?"

Huang Ting laughed: "Miss Rou'er will naturally not be afraid of me, but you have seen the corpses outside. This place is very dangerous, if the two of us were to fight here, and both of us would suffer losses, the others would only be able to benefit."

That was the truth. Although the two did not like the other's looks, they did not have a deep grudge after all. There was nothing worth fighting over here, so there was no need for them to fight to the death.

Cao Rouer did not speak anymore, and continued to rummage through the shelves.

Huang Ting looked carefully at the cultivation bases of Cao Rouer and the rest, the opponent's cultivation was weaker than his, he did not put in his eyes, but he did not have any plans to fight Cao Rouer, and brought everyone here to search, if they could find anything useful, it would be beneficial for their cultivation, but that would depend on who had the faster hand.

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