Sovereign of the Heaven/C48 Pill Competition 1
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C48 Pill Competition 1
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C48 Pill Competition 1

"Big brother, you and this Cao Rouer have always been at odds, but right now our overall strength is stronger than theirs, but this is our chance, are we going to miss it like this?"

Huang Zhan stared at Cao Rouer and the others, his eyes revealed killing intent. He was different from Huang Ting, he would not care about the big picture, and would only follow his own preferences.

Li Xin and Huang Zhan are close friends with each other, so they would unconditionally support him in everything. "Your strength is about the same as Cao Rouer's, and that Cao Fei and Cao Yuer are both at the fourth stage of Life Seizing Stage, so their strength is also about the same as mine, so Big Brother Huang Zhan is much stronger than them. In addition, we're still Big Sister Liu Jingjing, so killing them is as easy as pie.

Although Li Xin was relatively young, and seemed to be a lively and cute girl, she was extremely vicious with her words and actions, easily killing people.

Liu Jingjing nodded her head and laughed: "There's still one more person over there."

Huang Zhan followed Liu Jingjing's gaze and looked over, and said with a frown: "This guy is interesting, she actually does not have a single bit of spirit energy in her body, I don't think she is a warrior, why would this Cao Rouer bring such a person?"

Li Xin thought about it and analyzed, "Perhaps he has some sort of special ability or friend, people who don't have any Origin Energy wouldn't need to worry about him."

A warrior's spirit energy was very hard to hide, as long as one learnt martial arts, they would have spirit energy inside their body, and people who learn martial arts would be able to see it with a glance, so Li Xin and the rest would not believe that Di Chen was hiding his cultivation. There was no such person in Martial Region Continent.

Huang Ting was also somewhat curious, he stared at Di Chen for a while. Di Chen's body was a bit weaker, his face was pale white, he had obviously been injured, but he did not notice anything special about Di Chen, but Cao Rouer always had a reason, he did not think too much, and when he looked at Cao Rouer again, he was moved, all the spirit force in his body started to fluctuate, but in the end, he still shook his head.

"Forget it, Huang Zhan, Li Xin. In a few days, the two of you will be taking the Sky Realm Academy examination.

Huang Ting still did not have the intention to kill Cao Rouer, and said: "You guys better look around carefully for any pills left behind, don't let them get there first."

When Huang Zhan and Li Xin heard this, they gave up on the thought of killing each other. They thought that after joining the Sky Realm Academy, they would have a chance to kill the two of them, so they were not in a rush.

Cao Yuer saw that they were leaving and said angrily, "These fellows actually want to kill us when we're weaker than them."

Although the few of them spoke softly, their hostility was so strong that everyone could tell that they were planning to make a move.

Cao Fei shot a glance at Di Chen and snorted, "They must have wanted to attack him because they saw that he didn't have any Origin Energy in his body. I knew he was a burden, and sure enough, he almost dragged us into it."

Di Chen was speechless, the ones they wanted to kill were you guys, without me and the rest, how could they blame me?

Cao Yuer said angrily: "Second Brother, why do you always blame Di Chen? Isn't it just that Shang Yu doesn't like you, that's why you bear grudges against Di Chen?"

She was a little angry that Cao Fei had always been against Di Chen, and angrily pulled Di Chen towards the second floor: "Di Chen, don't worry about him, let's go look for him on the second floor."

Cao Fei who was being said to have the point did not argue, this was his idea.

Cao Rouer looked at Cao Yuer's back and frowned. She originally thought that Cao Yuer was grateful to her because she had saved her life, but now it seems that it was not so simple. She seemed to have a good impression of Di Chen.

Arriving at the second floor, he saw that Huang Ting and the others were looking for something, and their gazes all landed on Di Chen and Cao Yuer at the same time, revealing a playful smile. Di Chen was too lazy to bother with them, he looked around and saw that the second floor was similar to the first floor, the floor was already in a mess.

"Yu'er, go look elsewhere. I'll keep these pills first." Di Chen said.

Cao Yuer thought that if there were any other useful pills, she couldn't possibly let Huang Ting and the others get lucky. Hence, she didn't go along with Di Chen to pick up the trash pills, but instead started looking around.

Di Chen squatted on the ground and stored the abandoned pills, thinking that Qin Suer would definitely agree to do this if she saw these pills, but this behavior was kind of funny in Huang Zhan's eyes, how come this guy looked like a country bumpkin who had no experience, wanting to see everything else.

Di Chen did not care about what others thought as he picked up the pills one by one.

Just then, footsteps came close to Di Chen. Just as he was about to pick up a pill, a foot suddenly appeared in front of him and stepped on it, shattering the pill.

Di Chen's actions paused, he raised his head and looked calmly at the person who came over, and saw that it was Huang Zhan, who was smiling at him playfully, Di Chen did not say anything, and lowered his head to pick up the other pill, and at this time, Huang Zhan stepped over again, and shattered the pill into pieces.

Di Chen's eyes revealed killing intent, this Huang Zhan was at the fifth stage of Life Stealing, while Di Chen was at the Life Seizing triple stage, but Di Chen's cultivation level was too low, it was useless against someone at the fifth stage of Life Seizing. If they were to fight, might not be his match, so instead, he calmly walked away to pick up pills from other places, while Huang Zhan followed behind Di Chen.

Di Chen said with slight anger: "There might still be medicinal pellets in this place to consume, yet you are disturbing me when you aren't looking for the medicinal pellets, do you think it's interesting?"

Huang Zhan laughed: "I was just looking for pills, it's just that I accidentally stepped on the pill you were looking for."

Di Chen asked coldly: "Are you not careful even if you follow me the entire way?"

Huang Zhan disagreed: "This Immortal Wind Pavilion is not yours, do you want to restrict my freedom?"

Since he could not explain the situation to him, Di Chen was too lazy to bother with him and turned to leave.

Huang Zhan took a step in front of Di Chen, and snorted: "I'm walking my path properly, yet you criticize me for no reason.

I'm looking for trouble?

You kept following behind me and crushing my pills, and you say I'm looking for trouble?

How could Di Chen not understand that Huang Zhan was looking for trouble, and causing a fight to break out between the two of them? With his hands behind his back, he held onto a piece of paper with the word "Instant" written on it, and stared at Huang Zhan without saying a word, he already had the idea to make a move.

As Huang Zhan watched Di Chen playfully smile, the elemental energy in his body also fluctuated. He was waiting for Di Chen to make the first move, and then, kill him in one move.

How could he not know that Huang Zhan was trying to anger Di Chen intentionally, as once Di Chen attacked first he would kill him, it would never cause a fight between the two of them, but Huang Ting had already said that he would not fight with Cao Rouer, and fighting against both of them would not benefit them, but Huang Zhan did not listen to him, and impulsively went to do such a foolish thing, how could he not be angry?

Huang Zhan seemed to be slightly unwilling, but he saw that Huang Ting seemed to be a little angry, and thought for a moment before retreating.

Seeing that Huang Zhan had left, Di Chen thought that he had to break through the first level of the Scholar realm soon, otherwise, it would be very dangerous for him to meet a fifth stage Life Seizing Cultivator.

"What are you doing? I was the one who got the pill first, what right do you have to try to steal my pill?"

"Nonsense! I saw that pill first. You stole my pill."

Right at this moment, the sounds of two women quarreling came from afar. It was precisely Cao Yuer and Li Xin, and from the tone, it seemed like the two had found a usable pellet.

Everyone immediately rushed over, and saw Cao Yuer and Li Xin fighting for the red bottle, inside it was a faint fragrance, if there was such a fragrance, it meant that the pill could still be consumed, although they did not know what pill was inside, but it was a pill left behind by the Eternal Gate, everyone knew how valuable the pill was, and that it might be able to allow a person to break through a whole realm.

"Yu'er," Cao Rouer asked. "What's going on?"

Cao Yuer said angrily: "I was the one who found this bottle of pills first, but this Li Xin actually stole it from my hands."

Li Xin argued: "This is obviously what I saw first. It should be you who stole my medicinal pellet."

Cao Yuer said: "You're lying, you've been looking for it here before, why didn't you see this bottle of pills at that time, and only saw it when I found it?"

Li Xin retorted, "Could it be that you're in charge of when I found this bottle of medicinal pellet, and I didn't notice it at the beginning, but I realized later on that it wasn't okay?"

From her tone, it was obvious that she was trying to force the truth out of them. Everyone already roughly understood what was going on.

Cao Rouer stared at Li Xin with cold eyes and said: "You sure know how to find excuses, quickly let go, I won't kill you."

Huang Ting laughed coldly: "Cao Rouer, if you want to kill her, you have to ask whether I agree or not."

He did not want to fight to the death with Cao Rouer, but it was different now. Here was a bottle of the Eternal Gate s' pellet, even if it meant that he had to think of a way to obtain it.

Cao Fei scolded angrily: "Have you gone deaf? Didn't you hear what Yu'er said? Didn't you hear that he stole it first?"

Huang Zhan laughed coldly: "It should be you who is deaf. Didn't you hear from Li Xin that she saw it first?"

Cao Fei scolded angrily: "Who can't tell that you guys are purposefully finding an excuse to steal our pills? This pill is ours, hurry up and scram, otherwise don't blame us for being impolite."

Huang Zhan taunted: "You think a fourth stage Life Seizing Cultivator like you would be so rude towards me?"

"You," Cao Fei was so angry that he almost wanted to attack, but he knew that he was no match for Huang Zhan.

For a time, neither side was willing to give up. They were in a stalemate and could fight at any time.

But if they were to fight, Cao Rouer and the rest would definitely lose, and Huang Ting and the rest would also suffer, which would not be beneficial to their following movements.

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