Sovereign of the Heaven/C5 Comprehension of first character
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C5 Comprehension of first character
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C5 Comprehension of first character


A muffled sound rang out as the beast blood splattered. It splattered into the lake, dyeing the lake water red. A dark and terrifying bloody hole appeared between the Sea Hawk's eyebrows. It completely lost all of its life force and fell from the sky above the lake, splashing the lake water until it turned into ripples and tumbled down.

"That was close!"

Di Chen was glad that he had the foresight to kill the Sea Eagle and swim around. Otherwise, the Sea Eagle would definitely fall and hit him.

"Boom ?"

Rank 6 beasts had already condensed into a demon core within their body, so all of their vital energy was concentrated onto the demon core. This kind of demon core was a dream of a warrior, if a Rank 5 warrior could obtain the demon core of a Rank 6 beast, it was possible that once the energy from the demon core was refined and assimilated into their body, it would give them a boost and allow them to step into the ranks of Rank 6 warriors.

Forget about the value of demon cores, just talking about the Sea Eagle Beast Skin being worth a lot of money in the marketplace, Di Chen would definitely not give up on the fat meat he had.

Due to the oppression from afar and the buoyant strength from the water, although the whole body of the Sea Eagle was enormous, it did not have the slightest weight. With Di Chen's burst of potential and tensed mind, he very quickly dragged the Sea Eagle to the shore.

"Phew ?"

As soon as he landed, Di Chen fell to the ground and panted heavily, as if he was extremely tired. But he didn't dare relax. He got up and dragged the falcon far away from the shore before he stopped.

"I'm rich!"

Looking at the shining body of the Sea Eagle on the ground, Di Chen was very excited. The Sea Eagle was huge, almost six feet tall.

"Rank 7 wild beast, Sea Eagle King! "Such powerful Qi and blood, it should be enough for this old man to recover half of his strength."

While Di Chen was still in the midst of excitement, an old and hoarse voice came from underground. "Get the hell out here."

Di Chen's voice rumbled, but that ancient and hoarse voice of his was no longer heard.

However, the more it acted this way, the more Di Chen felt uneasy. His world view of thinking, which was inherited by the Ancient Literary Saint, underwent a tremendous change, but he was still unable to completely adapt to what he had acquired. He was still maintaining the state of a small fry being oppressed by his clan members.

For example, if a person went out to buy a lottery ticket and suddenly won a super big prize and received a huge sum of money, he would not know how to spend the money.

"Chi ?"

The body of the Sea Eagle that was on the ground suddenly rotated and continuously curled up, emitting a dense Qi. Then, it directly transformed into air and evaporated in front of Di Chen's eyes.

"What?" it instantly refined the entire ocean eagle into Profound Qi. Could it be an expert from Lifestealer Realm? "

Level 10 was the basic period of cultivation. Stepping onto the martial artists' stairs, one would reach the Lifestealer Realm Realm, stealing life from the heaven and earth, and increasing one's lifespan.

A practitioner of Lifestealer Realm could fly into the sky and flee to the ground, killing without a trace with a wave of their sleeves. Di Chen's eldest uncle, Di Dao, and the Law Enforcement Elder, Lin Ming, were experts in Lifestealer Realm. As for what stage they were fighting to their deaths, Di Chen did not know.

Thinking about it, Di Chen's face changed. He wanted to choose a path to escape, but the hoarse voice sounded again.

"Young man, you are a child of the Di family. I am the Ancestor of the Di family, Di Tian. I won't harm you."

The hoarse voice carried a bit of pain, but it resounded in Di Chen's ears like a clap of thunder, and he was unable to calm down for a long time.

"Young man, what are you thinking about?"

That voice had not heard Di Chen's reply for a long time, so he asked again.

Di Chen's expression changed again and again as he tried to ask, "Does Senior Di Tian have four sons?

"How do you know all this? Is Chen'er well? " The voice asked anxiously, its tone full of excitement.

"Are you really Di Tian, Di Chen's grandfather?"

When he was six years old, his parents had mysteriously disappeared, and his grandfather had left behind a letter saying that he wanted to go out and search for them. After that, he had never seen his own grandfather again, and in the past few years, Di Chen had always been thinking about his grandfather, hoping that his grandfather would return as soon as possible.

"Grandfather, where are you? It's Chen'er, I missed you so much."

Di Chen's face turned sad. Tears fell from his eyes as he looked around, searching for Di Tian's figure.

"Chen'er, you are Chen'er, you are my Chen'er."

The ancient voice stirred, wave after wave of majestic surging aura surged out from the ground, causing the ground to shake violently. After a while, the few piles of rocks on the mountain in front of Di Chen shifted and moved, lined up on both sides, and the smoke enveloped the entire area, making it impossible to see what it was.

When the smoke dissipated, a four-sided pagoda appeared in front of Di Chen. In the middle of the pagoda was a white-haired old man with disheveled hair who looked extremely haggard and aged, but Di Chen could still tell at a glance that it was his grandfather, Di Tian.

"Grandfather, why are you ?"

Di Chen's lips trembled uncontrollably, feeling that it was unbelievable. His grandfather was the number one of the Di Family, a super expert at the ninth stage of the Life Seizing Stage. He was ranked highly in the entire Ling'an City!

"Grandfather, who locked you up here, and who did it?" Di Chen roared, killing intent shooting out from his eyes.

"Chen'er, Grandfather is already very satisfied to be able to see you again in his lifetime ?"

The old man's eyes were red with tears as he looked at Di Chen, his gaze filled with love.

"Grandfather, who was it that imprisoned you here?"

Di Chen's heart was unable to calm down at all, he immediately jumped towards the iron tower, scaring the old man inside as he hurriedly said: "Chen'er, don't you run over here. This tower is called Soul Sealing Pagoda, if you get too close to it, it will suck your soul away.

Di Chen ignored the old man's shout, he was so excited that he forgot about it, but Di Chen walked straight through the Tie Ta and arrived in front of the old man.

"Chen'er, why are you fine?" No, Chen'er, why are you still an ordinary person? But normal people can't even get close to this Soul-Sealing Pagoda! Otherwise, it would be very easy for him to turn into ashes. "

"That's right, Chen'er, hurry up and leave. This Soul Locking Tower was set up by your uncle and an expert from the Divine Flame Sect. I was so agitated just now that I made the tower roll. I might have disturbed the telepathic thoughts of the two of them ?"

The old man panicked. He recounted the reason for his miserable treatment, and then, his forehead emitted a light. His memories gathered together, forming a divine sense, as it charged into Di Chen's mind.

In a blink of an eye, Di Chen had refined the spiritual will memory that his grandfather had passed on to him. Compared to the inherited imprint of the Ancient Wen Sheng, the memory of his grandfather was like a witch meeting a young one, the concept of an egg and a rock did not help him much, but at least it was better than nothing, after all, this was the inheritance of the Di Family.

"Chen'er, are you alright?" Seeing Di Chen closing his eyes, the old man Di Tian asked anxiously.

Di Family pavilion, Di Residence.

This was where the Di family's patriarch lived. The tall buildings and courtyards were standing tall. The air was filled with mist, symbolizing the elegance of the garden. It gave off a noble aura, as if it were an immortal palace.

At the same time, in one of the rooms in the courtyard, a fat old man was sitting cross-legged on his bed cultivating with his eyes closed. It was the patriarch of the Di Clan, Di Dao, who suddenly opened his eyes with the corner of his eye twitching.

"The old fellow should have been reduced to ashes by now! The Yang Rings of the Twin Rings of the Yin and Yang must be in that old man's hands. After he dies, the clan leader's keepsake, the Yang Ring, will become ownerless and will fall out. "

Di Dao mumbled to himself as he quickly got up and went to the back of the mountain. He was extremely excited in his heart, the patriarch of the Di Clan's token was a protective spirit level nine tribulation profound artifact. It was divided into two rings, one for yin and the other for two rings. If the Yin and Yang combined together and carried on the same person's body, the person would be even more powerful, and would be even more powerful than the legendary spirit weapon.

Thinking about it, Di Dao became extremely excited, and scolded: "That damned old fellow is too stubborn and unyielding. If not for the Yang Rings Ring protecting his martial soul, he wouldn't be only a Patriarch right now without a Patriarch's keepsake."

Di Dao was very unhappy. Without the Patriarch's keepsake, he had a bad reputation.

At the same time, from a dead swamp outside the Ling'an City, a dark voice sounded out: "That old fellow finally died, then I can finally obtain the Earth Flame Mantra. "Earth Flame Mantra is a high level Profound Rank Method of travelling. Once you obtain my power, it will be extremely useful, and I will be able to advance even further. Hahahaha ?"

"Di Dao, you and I are irreconcilable, I will hack you into pieces for the rest of my life." In the area between the mountains and lakes behind the Di Family, Di Chen roared loudly.

"Chen'er, hurry up and leave!" Otherwise, the unfilial son will come later. Remember to protect yourself well and take the Yang Ring, the clan leader's token. "

The Heavenly God's Perception sensed that a Ranker was flying towards them from afar. He immediately passed a green storage ring to Di Chen and was about to use his powers to send him away.

"Grandfather, wait a moment, I can save you." Di Chen immediately regained his senses, and shouted: "Grandfather, first, put on the Sun Ring Ring, protect the martial soul, I'll bring you out of here."

Di Chen knew that this was an urgent matter, so he didn't wait for his grandfather to speak. I need your help right now, hurry up and come out. "

A golden light flew out from Di Chen's arm, transforming into an ancient brush lying in Di Chen's palm. It was the brush that bore the Human Inheritance Mark on Tian Shi.

This brush was an Emperor level Nine Calamity Divine Artifact. It could draw serpents, draw dragons, and make the finishing touches. At the same time, it could chop apart gold and jade, slay gods and slaughter demons, and destroy souls ? He always knew that this pen had a lot of incredible functions. In fact, it even had its own space inside as it grew living beings.


Di Chen scolded lightly as he waved the brush in his hand to write the word "Slash" in the air.

This was the second word in the Book of Heaven's Words that he comprehended in a fit of rage. The word "cut" emitted a golden light. The two sides of the chain coiled with multicolored light and turned into a giant axe. It then chopped at the Soul Locking Chain on the legs of Di Tian's hand.

"Sizzle ?"

The mountain-like Soul Locking Chain was shattered by the axe and the Soul Pagoda chain that was linked to it were all broken. After Di Chen finished doing all of this, the Heavenly Soul-Sealing Brush turned into streams of air and entered his arm.

"Grandfather, quickly take me away."

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