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C54 fish turpentine

Every time Murong Yue walked a distance, she would be restricted by an invisible force. Although she could quickly struggle free, this would greatly reduce her speed, and could only watch as Di Chen and Qin Suer walked further and further away.

Di Chen turned around and glanced at the deep tunnel. He could vaguely feel a powerful aura behind him, and it was obvious that this Murong Yue had not given up on chasing after him, but he did not see any of her people.

The two of them continued to walk deeper into the cave. After a few minutes, they reached the end of the stone door and at the end of the passage, there were two stone statues on both sides of the stone door. Di Chen and Qin Suer were afraid that the stone statue would wake up and not go near.

Qin Suer looked behind him and said anxiously: "Di Chen, what do we do? There is no other path here, but this Murong Yue will catch up anytime."

Di Chen thought for a while and took out two pieces of paper with the word "set" written on it, he carefully approached the stone statue but the stone statue did not move, so he placed the two pieces of paper on top of the stone statue, with Di Chen's cultivation, it was extremely difficult to control the stone statue, but it could save him in an emergency situation.

knocked on the door and said: "This Murong Yue will be able to catch up soon, we have to quickly open the door, but it seems to be sealed by a force, with our cultivation, I'm afraid we cannot forcefully open it."

"Eh?" Qin Suer pointed at a few big words on the door and asked curiously: "Di Chen, what does that mean?"

It was obvious that the third word had been erased. Earlier, when Di Chen found the < Origin of All Laws >, he mentioned this in the first part of the way of life, which meant that the right side should have originally been "Everything Grows", meaning that there should be "Everything Grows". However, the other words were still as clear as day, so why was the first "Life" erased?

Di Chen had a bright idea. He took out a brush and dipped it in ink, preparing to add the word "Life" on the right side, but just as Di Chen was writing the first stroke of "Life", a majestic power entered his body and directly sent him flying. He rolled on the ground a dozen times before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Di Chen," Qin Suer said as she hurriedly helped Di Chen up. "What's going on?

Di Chen wiped off the blood and gasped for breath: "I'm fine, but the array formation on the door is powerful, I'm afraid I won't be able to force myself to leave a mark on the door unless I have Martial Saint Realm."

In fact, Di Chen did not know that the formation had weakened considerably due to the ravaging of time. If it was a hundred thousand years ago, it would have required at least the War God Realm.

Seeing that he was fine, Qin Suer heaved a sigh of relief, and anxiously said: "Then what do we do, this Murong Yue is quickly catching up."

Di Chen propped himself up from the ground and laughed: "I have a way."

He picked up the brush, and the power of the scholar in his body surged. He carefully wrote a stroke of the brush, and as expected, it was not bounced back by the energy, Di Chen was delighted, his thoughts were not wrong, only the literati could pass through the stone door, but the consumption of power for the scholar seemed to be too great, after Di Chen finished writing the first stroke, he used up a lot of power, and continued to write the second stroke.

"Hu!" After about 10 minutes, Di Chen finally finished writing the word "Life". He let out a long breath, and completely exhausted all of the scholar's power in his body.

Just then, the stone door creaked open to the side. Di Chen was elated, thinking that his guess was right, it seems that someone had set up this array formation, if he had not seen the < Origin of All Arts >, he would not be able to go in.

Di Chen looked around curiously. It was a small stone room, around 30 square meters, and right in front of him was a two meter tall stone statue, which was a woman wearing plain clothes and a dagger. The stone statue was extremely graceful and lifelike, and it seemed like the stone statue was an extremely beautiful woman, with nothing else other than the stone statue, it seemed like it was a secret training room.

Qin Suer looked around: "Di Chen, there is no way out here, how do we leave?"

Di Chen laughed bitterly: "I don't know either, I can only wait and see."


At this moment, the sound of someone trying to break through the door came from outside.

"Qin Suer, Di Chen, I know that the two of you are inside. Get out right now."

Murong Yue bellowed, it seemed that she would not rest until she had killed Qin Suer and Di Chen, but with her cultivation, there was no way for her to force the door open.

Di Chen did not expect her to catch up so quickly, so he was not worried, and laughed: "Come in if you have the ability."

Murong Yue said coldly: "I'll guard right here. I'll see how long you can hide."

Di Chen could not be bothered with her, but he kept hiding on the ground and took out the demonic beast that Cao Rouer had killed earlier. He began to revolve the energy in his body and quickly absorbed the energy, but since he did not have a breakthrough, he took out the Spirit Demon Pellet and started to absorb it. It was a little difficult to absorb the Spirit Demon Pellet, Di Chen had to take five hours to absorb a portion of the Spirit Demon Pellet.

Di Chen took a deep breath. Previously, Cao Rouer had killed demonic beast s that were still level 6, and then he continued to absorb the high level demon cores. After another day, she finally absorbed all the demon cores and broke through to the fifth stage of Life Seizing Stage.

Qin Suer had nothing to do during this period of time, so shshestood by the side and watched. When she saw that Di Chen had finished cultivating, he exclaimed: "Di Chen, what exactly is in your body, why are you cultivating so fast?"

Previously, she had witnessed the scene of Di Chen rushing into the group of demonic beast to absorb them. A demonic beast was drying up at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye, causing her to be terrified.

Di Chen didn't try to hide it from him and laughed: "Previously, I killed a demonic beast and discovered a Pearl of Life. This Pearl of Life can help me absorb the Demonic beast flesh and blood, and then transform it into my own energy to breakthrough into a realm."

Qin Suer had a strange look on her face as she said, "No wonder you cultivate so fast and are quite strong. So it turns out that you are converting the demonic beast's power into your own."

Other people needed to train hard for a few years to break through an entire realm, but he only needed Demonic beast flesh and blood to cultivate, and they were strong as well.

Di Chen shook his head: "You can't say that, although I cultivate very fast and my strength is strong, I do not have any Origin Energy in my body, so I am not able to cultivate any cultivation techniques or secret techniques, and only use the brute strength to fight with others."

A warrior's cultivation technique was based on spirit energy, but Di Chen's cultivation was different from others. He did not cultivate spirit energy, so he could be considered to have forcefully raised his realm, and was unable to cultivate his cultivation technique at all.

Although Di Chen usually seemed to be able to defeat a lot of experts with his brute strength, but if he met a real expert, Di Chen would definitely not be able to fight them.

Qin Suer came to a sudden realization: "No wonder why your writing was so powerful when you were fighting against others previously."

Di Chen thought that although the number of literati in this world was few, it was not as if they did not exist. This kind of thing could not be hidden for long, and was his friend.

Qin Suer nodded her head: "I have heard of him, Wen Sheng is..."

After saying that, she looked at Di Chen in shock: "You can't be saying that you are a literati, right?

The literati was different from cultivators. If Di Chen was a literati, then it would explain why Di Chen's moves did not have any Yuan Power undulations, but was so powerful.

Di Chen smiled and nodded.

It was only then that Qin Suer understood why Di Chen always brought along pen and paper wherever he went.


As the two talked, the stone statue by the side suddenly trembled, causing Di Chen to scream in fear, he quickly protected Qin Suer behind him as he stared at the stone statue vigilantly. The stone clothes on the outside of the stone statue were peeling off like old tree bark, revealing a woman in white, with a face like the moon, fair skin, and a nose like an almond-shaped immortal's, giving others a sense of closeness to her.

This was Di Chen's first time seeing such a woman, even Shang Yu and Qin Suer couldn't compare to his. He looked straight ahead, and subconsciously said, "She's so beautiful."

"Beautiful?" The woman carefully savored these two words, and stared at Di Chen for a long time before speaking, "I didn't expect that after so many years, there would still be people who can enter?"

Her voice was as gentle as water, but it sounded somewhat weak.

Di Chen calmed himself down and tried his best to remain calm. He probed: "Senior, you are?"

"I am," the woman sighed, as if she was reminiscing about the past. She was silent for a long time before she laughed, "My name is Yu Xuanji, I am the Sect Leader of this Eternal Gate."

"You are the Sect Leader's Sect Leader?" Di Chen was startled, and looked at Qin Suer with astonishment. He originally thought that the Sect Leader of the Eternal Gate would be an old man, but he did not expect it to be such a young and beautiful woman.

Yu Xuanji laughed: "What, do I not resemble you?"

Di Chen had a strange expression on his face: "I was just a little surprised, that's all. I heard that this Eternal Gate is a sect that came from a hundred thousand years ago, how are you still alive as a Sect Leader?"

There was an end to a person's life, and even if one cultivated to War God, it was impossible for them to truly not die, but this girl looked like she was only 25 or 26 years old.

Yu Xuanji explained: "Logically speaking, I should have died a long time ago, but I was sealed in this stone statue and my life had stopped flowing. To you, it's 100,000 years, but to me, it's as fast as the flick of a finger."

"Sealed?" Di Chen suddenly thought of what Cao Rouer had said before about the Eternal Gate being exterminated overnight, and said in a daze: "The Eternal Gate was a great sect from a hundred thousand years ago, what happened to the Eternal Gate in the past?"

Yu Xuanji heard the question with a serious face, "You are only at the fifth stage of Life Seizing Supreme Realm, and your profound strength is merely a scholar's. It is best that you do not know about this."

Di Chen thought to himself that being able to exterminate the Eternal Gate must be an extremely terrifying power, and with his own cultivation, he really didn't have the qualifications to do so. After all, it had already been one hundred thousand years, and the secret had already been buried in the subterranean.

However, he could guess that 100,000 years ago, something major had happened in the Martial Domain that was not recorded in any literature.

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