Sovereign of the Heaven/C59 Liu Jingjing betrayed him
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C59 Liu Jingjing betrayed him
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C59 Liu Jingjing betrayed him

"Cao Yuer," Huang Zhan suddenly thought of something bad and anxiously asked: "I ask you, Li Xin went to chase you earlier, where is she?"

If Cao Yuer was here, would it be that Li Xin was dead?

Cao Yuer did not hide anything: "If she wanted to kill me, she would have died in my hands instead. She deserves it."

"What?" You killed Li Xin? " Huang Zhan and Li Xin's relationship was very close, he never thought that Li Xin would die under his hands. Clenching his fist, Huang Zhan roared angrily, "All of you deserve to die, I was originally worried about how to kill all of you, but you all delivered yourself to my doorstep."

The battle could not be decided by numbers, but by the cultivation of each person. No matter how many people at the fifth stage of Life Seizing Cultivators there were, they would never be able to defeat a person at the ninth stage of Life Stealing, so in Huang Zhan's opinion, it would be useless even if Di Chen and the others came.

Cao Yuer choked: "If you want to fight, just fight, don't tell me we are afraid of you?"

Although she said that, she knew that if they really fought, she wouldn't be Huang Zhan's match.

Yu Xiuyuan suddenly thought of Murong Yue, and his gaze landed on Di Chen: "Murong Yue went to chase you earlier, where is she?"

Di Chen laughed: "Her legs are on her body, how would I know where she is? Maybe she found some cultivation technique or pills to cultivate."

Although Di Chen did not say it explicitly, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Murong Yue had been killed by Di Chen.

Yu Xiuyuan didn't know how Di Chen was able to kill a person at the seventh stage of Life Seizing Supreme Realm. He was too lazy to think about it either.

Yu Xiuyuan took a deep breath, and his expression became sinister: "You actually killed Yue'er, you really deserve to die."

"Jingjing," Huang Ting shouted as he looked at her, "You came at the right time, so let's kill these people together."

As he spoke, he rushed towards Cao Rouer.

With Huang Ting, Yu Xiuyuan and the others, it was more than enough to deal with them. And now with Liu Jingjing, no matter what angle they looked at it from, Cao Rouer and the others would definitely die this time.

Cao Rouer looked at Huang Ting who was rushing towards him and her heart turned cold, as if she did not have any thoughts of resisting.

But right at that moment, Liu Jingjing suddenly stood in front of Cao Rouer, her palm striking Huang Ting, both of their palms striking him, causing the two of them to be pushed back several steps at the same time.

"Hmm?" Huang Ting was shocked: "Jingjing, what are you doing?"

Cao Rouer also did not expect this scene. Liu Jingjing had clearly been moving together with Huang Ting, how could she save?

Liu Jingjing was silent for a moment, then said: "Huang Ting, I am truly sorry, earlier Di Chen saved my life, I promised to move with him, of course I can't just watch as you kill them."

"What?" Liu Jingjing was even stronger than an average warrior of the ninth stage of the Life Seizing Supreme Realm. How could Di Chen save her if she met with any danger? More importantly, Di Chen and Liu Jingjing belonged to different factions, why would Di Chen save her?

Huang Zhan said angrily: "Liu Jingjing, before we came, we agreed to move together, how could you betray us?"

Liu Jingjing said calmly: "We did indeed move together earlier, but now that I've changed teammates, I am truly sorry. Seeing that we have moved together previously, I do not wish to make things difficult for you all, you can leave."

Yu Xiuyuan would not give up killing Cao Rouer and the others just because of Liu Jingjing's betrayal, and snorted: "So what if you, Liu Jingjing, helped them? I don't believe that an eighth stage Life Seizing Cultivator like you can do anything to me."

Liu Jingjing calmly looked at Yu Xiuyuan, and didn't say a word.

Huang Ting blocked Yu Xiuyuan and reminded him: "This Liu Jingjing is definitely not weaker than the two of us. If they were to fight, both of us would definitely suffer.

Liu Jingjing and Cao Rouer could deal with Huang Ting and Yu Xiuyuan, but the other side still had Di Chen, so if Di Chen was able to kill Murong Yue, he could naturally kill him as well. At that time, if he went to help Cao Rouer, he would be in a disadvantageous position, because he knew that if they really fought, they would very likely lose.

Yu Xiuyuan shot a glance at Liu Jingjing and Di Chen, and gave up in the end, "You two better remember this, I will definitely kill you two."

Of course he knew what Huang Ting meant, and then he turned and left.

Cao Yuer said angrily: "These fellows are obviously afraid of us, that's why they escaped, why didn't you guys kill them? If you miss this chance, it won't be easy the next time you want to kill them."

Cao Rouer shook her head: "Even though we have the upper hand now, but if we fight, you guys will also be in danger.

would naturally not be in any danger when fighting him, but if Huang Ting and Yu Xiuyuan were to go all out to kill Cao Yuer, she would definitely die, and Cao Rouer could see that Liu Jingjing did not want to kill them, so she would not act rashly.

Di Chen laughed: "There's no need to rush to kill them. The most important thing is to get out."

Cao Fei said with a bitter smile, "But how do we get out? We're currently in the subterranean, and we don't even see the exit."

A terrifying suction force sucked everyone into it, and after a few breaths of time, everyone opened their eyes again and returned to the ground. This was the place where they were sucked in previously, and the surroundings were completely empty, and the bodies of the people who were killed previously had also disappeared. It seemed like they were buried in the subterranean, but the gigantic sword was still stuck in the ground.

"We're out?" Cao Fei looked around in surprise and joy. It was really not easy to come out of there alive.

Cao Yuer said with a strange expression on her face: "How did we come out? Could it be that we triggered some kind of array?"

Cao Rouer also did not understand why so many people had been randomly drawn into the Eternal Gate and now that everyone had been sent out, what exactly was going on?

Di Chen touched the Eternal Token that was hidden on his chest, thinking that it must be related to the badge, but if he wanted to go in in the future, it would be very difficult, but after this incident, probably no one would want to enter the Eternal Gate anymore, since the Eternal Gate was very dangerous, but there was nothing of value.

Cao Fei was still a little afraid when he thought about what happened before, and scolded: "In the future, if you beg me, I won't be coming anymore, this time, other than Yu'er getting a Spirit Opening Pill, we didn't get anything else, and we almost died here. It's not worth it."

Cao Rouer said: This is very normal, most of the ancient sects' locations are definitely dangerous, but Eternal Gate did not discover any useful techniques, weapons, or pills, as though Eternal Gate had already been washed clean by someone, this is rather surprising, and from the looks of it, there are many corpses, and from the looks of it, part of them were taken to the Eternal Gate to search for treasures, but most of them died relatively long ago, so they should have been disciples of the Eternal Gate. What happened in the Eternal Gate back then, where everyone was killed in one night?

All these people died in the Eternal Gate, which meant the Eternal Gate was under attack, but the Eternal Gate was one of the top ten sects, who could destroy the Eternal Gate in one night?

There were no records in the current history books, but there must have been something that had long since been submerged in history a hundred thousand years ago.

Cao Fei said indifferently: "That is a matter from a hundred thousand years ago, whatever that happens, it has nothing to do with us. I will go and retrieve the sword, at least I still have some harvest."

With that, he walked over to the giant sword and grabbed it by the hilt. He gritted his teeth as he tried to pull the sword out, but the sword did not budge and he could not pull it out with all his strength.

"This ?" Cao Fei's face was bitter, it was not easy to realize that he was unable to pull out a sword, he looked at Cao Rouer and said: "Big sister, your realm is higher, why don't you try it?"

Cao Rouer also went over to give it a try, but surprisingly Cao Rouer was unable to do so.

Cao Fei said with a sullen face: "You are the strongest here, if you can't even pull it out, then there won't be anyone who can."

Cao Yuer laughed as she looked at Di Chen: "Di Chen, you should also go and try."

Cao Fei snorted: "Although his strength is not bad, but his body does not have any spirit energy, so even my Big Sis cannot take him out, how can he?"

He still hated her because of Di Chen and Shang Yu's relationship, even though he had previously saved everyone.

Cao Yuer looked at Cao Fei in dissatisfaction: "You're just jealous of Di Chen, Di Chen, don't worry about him, this guy is so annoying, go and try."

Di Chen did not immediately give it a try. Instead, he looked at Liu Jingjing and said, "Your cultivation realm is higher than mine, why don't you try it first."

Liu Jingjing laughed and shook his head. On one hand, she knew that she was unable to pull it out, and on the other hand, she was not interested in the sword.

Di Chen then walked to the front of the sword and grabbed onto the sword hilt. Originally, he thought he would have to use a lot of strength, but he did not expect himself to easily pull the sword out.

"He pulled it out?" Cao Fei was startled, this Di Chen's cultivation was not very high, how did he manage to pull it out?

This sword was naturally Di Chen's, so the sword would be his. This time, he truly did not have any gains.

Cao Rouer and Liu Jingjing were also slightly surprised, but Cao Yuer had a face full of joy, she did not care how Di Chen pulled it out, as Qin Suer had already thought that Di Chen could pull it out, after all, he was a Sect Leader of the Eternal Gate.

Di Chen's hand that was holding the sword started to ache. He started to ponder as he observed the sword: "This sword is very heavy and does not suit me, but it suits a friend of mine."

This friend was naturally Lin Tao, he had been stronger than most since childhood. These days, Lin Tao had been taking the One Breath Forging Bone Pill, so his meridians must have been rejuvenated. If he could cultivate again, this sword would be a gift to him.

Cao Yuer laughed: "Di Chen, I knew that you could pull it out, let's go down the mountain."

Cao Rouer saw that Cao Yuer was actually so happy that she looked at him for herself, and raised her eyebrows slightly, she knew of the relationship between Di Chen and Shang Yu, but now that Cao Yuer clearly had feelings for Di Chen, she was afraid that this young lady who had just started her relationship, would be in trouble in the future.

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