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C6 Grandfather

A wave of dizziness hit him, and Di Chen completely fainted.

"Chen'er, how did you do it?"

Di Tian shook his hands in disbelief. He saw Di Chen's right hand dance, and then, the entire Soul-Sealing Pagoda and the Soul Locking Chain that held his hands and feet shattered.

"Chen'er, what happened to you?"

Di Tian quickly regained his senses. Seeing that Di Chen had fainted, he became extremely anxious and directly carried Di Chen in the air and left.

Not long after the two of them left, a person stepped on the air and came. It was the patriarch of the Di Family, Di Dao.

"What's going on? How could this be? "What about that old fogey?"

Di Dao could not believe what was in front of him.

"Could it be that the old fellow broke through his Lifestealer Realm and escaped after entering the Martial King Realm and shattering the Soul Locking Tower?"

Di Dao's face changed slightly, his heart trembling uncontrollably. If that was the case, things would be difficult.

"Buzz ?"

At this time, the air twisted and an old man flew over. This old man was covered in a black robe and had a head full of red hair.

The old man directly walked in front of Di Dao, baring his metallic teeth and saying in a deep voice: "Acting Patriarch Di Dao, after waiting for so many years, you finally have what you want, but, I believe that in a few days, you will become the true patriarch of the Di Family. This old man will congratulate you in advance."

The old man paused here for a moment, then continued, "Of course, the purpose of this old man coming here today, if you want to believe the Di Dao Family Patriarch, you also understand, please do as you said and bring the Earth Flame Technique over."

"Hmph, old fogey Huang Yu, isn't your Divine Flame Sect's Soul-Sealing Pagoda's formation extremely destructive? Why is it that the tower's formation has been destroyed all day and people have already escaped? If you still want the Method of travelling, you should think of a way to save your old life first!"

Di Dao's face became ugly, and said coldly.

"What? Isn't that old man Di Tian dead?"

When the old man called Huang Jiu heard it, he immediately jumped in fright, and anxiously looked towards the place behind Di Dao. All he saw was a pile of ruins, what Soul Locking Tower Formation would there be?

All of this caused Huang Yu's entire body to go cold, and she quickly asked: "Where did that old fellow go?"

Di Dao's face darkened, and snorted: "How should I know, I just came over."

"That would be troublesome." Yellow

"I think we should report this to the protector of our Divine Flame Sect, otherwise, we won't be able to defend against a Martial King Realm expert killing him."

Hearing Huang Yu's words, Di Dao's face changed continuously, and finally said: "I will find an even more precious divine item. To the Protector of the Divine Flame Sect. "

The two of them continued to draw up their battle tactics against Di Tian. After a long while, they finally dispersed.

A heaven-shaking conspiracy against Di Tian began without a sound.

Snowy Forest!

In a snowy forest area, snow-white trees with luxuriant branches and lush leaves were connected to the ground. They were extremely thick and bulky, as if they could cover the starlight, causing this area to be eternally dark.

These were all thousand-year old trees. They had an extremely vigorous and powerful life force. Even though the temperature was extremely low, even if it was winter, there wouldn't be much damage.

At this time, in a corner of the snowy forest, the two figures of an old man and a young man sat cross-legged facing each other. It was Di Chen and Di Tian, the grandfather-grandson pair.

"Chen'er, your injuries?"

Di Tian looked at Di Chen and asked worriedly.

"Grandfather, I'm fine now, don't worry."

Di Chen laughed and said, he had already woken up for a few hours, and the power of speech in his body had recovered.

However, he did not expect that the power of his speech did not originate from the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, but from the symbol.

"I think it's better if I check it out for you." Di Tian could not be at ease with his grandson's body, and he even used his spiritual will to examine Di Chen's body a few times.

"Grandfather, is your body alright? "Once I become stronger, I'll definitely refine a part of your body for you."

Di Chen promised solemnly that, with the inheritance of the Ancient Runes, he did indeed know many ways to refine the body, and there was even a special method, which was to cultivate the Classic Runes. He would be able to condense the power of the words and then transform into the runes, changing into a thousand forms which were extremely powerful.

Di Chen told his grandfather about his experiences in the past few years. Other than the fact that he had obtained the imprint of the Ancient Wen Sheng, it was not that Di Chen did not trust his grandfather, but it was just that this matter was extremely important, and if even a few people knew about it, there would be an additional layer of safety. If this matter were to spread, then it would definitely shake the world, and countless people would try to snatch it away.

"Hmph, Di Dao, this unfilial son, I won't forgive him."

Hearing what Di Chen had said, Di Tian was enraged. The veins on his forehead were all bulging and his eyes were bloodshot, as if flames were about to spew out.

"That's right, Chen'er, what did you use to destroy the Soul-Sealing Pagoda?"

Di Tian was very curious about this. No matter how he looked at it, his grandson was just an ordinary person without any elemental energy in his body.

"Grandfather, this is a special ability of mine. It's a fortuitous encounter I've gotten recently, but it's inconvenient for me to tell you." Di Chen's heart was in shock, he never thought that even with his grandfather's powerful cultivation, he would not even be able to see the shape of the divine brush.

"That's fine too, everyone will have their own fortuitous encounters and secrets."

Di Tian waved his hand and said carelessly.

Di Tian wanted to go out to search for medicine to recover his body, but Di Chen ran towards the Di Residence. Before he left, Di Chen passed on the ancient text of the scripture, which was written in the language of ancient characters, to his grandfather. Although he was worried about his grandfather, with his current cultivation, there was nothing he could do about it, he could only pray that his grandfather would return safely.

Although it was difficult for Di Chen to make a move in the Di Family, he would always face everything that had happened. The hatred between Uncle Qiu and Gemini was still waiting for him to take revenge, and this was also related to his reputation.

He had to wash away all the shame by himself.

"Soon, it will be the five-year examination period for Thousand Autumn Dynasty. I have to be extremely prepared."

Di Chen muttered to himself as he walked in the snow.

Squeak squeak squeak ?

Just as Di Chen was deep in his thoughts, a big white tree root let out a "Wu Wu Wu Wu" sound, shocking Di Chen: "Could it be that there is a wild beast?"

Di Tian slowly groped his way over. After having obtained the inheritance imprint of the ancient scholar and refined his body, his mind and spirit had been greatly enhanced. He felt that when digging, he could sense any movement within ten meters. It would not be too much to call it 'Listening to Ant Battle.'

"Wuwuwu ?"

As Di Chen got closer, the sound of his heavy breathing became louder and louder, like the sound of muffled thunder.

"Could it be that the beast is sleeping?"

Di Chen's heart thumped, if the wild beast was asleep, then with a more agile attack, being able to kill in one move was not impossible.

Di Chen was drooling at the value of wild beasts, and his grandfather spent all of his precious treasures on the Sea Eagle that he obtained yesterday.

"No, it's a rank 7 beast!"

A powerful aura surged towards Di Chen, causing his expression to change slightly, and become serious.

Rank 7 wild beasts were very strong, and they were not the slightest bit stronger than the Rank 6 Sea Falcon he met yesterday.

Di Chen's heart was thumping, he did not know if with his current cultivation, he would be able to handle this wild beast.

"This won't do. I need to have the courage to climb higher. If I don't even dare to challenge a beast, then how would I dare to talk about dominating the world and roaming the martial world?"

Di Chen's expression turned cold, he clenched his fists tightly, the power of his words started to boil, the runes surrounded his body and turned into a fist aura, then turned into a blade and sword image in the next moment, he leaped up and flew towards the location where the beast was hiding.

"Weng ?"

Following the sound of an explosion, a beast's roar seemed to split the earth apart. Accompanied by a wave of fury, it surged forward, causing Di Chen's eardrums to hurt, and he could not help but take a few steps back.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The roar of the beast shook the heaven and earth; it was extremely loud.

Under the snow, 'kacha' sounds could be heard echoing through the skies. It was as if the heavens and the earth were being split apart, and it was a sound that could shake the heavens and the earth.


After the shout, a huge monster that covered the entire sky jumped up high and glared at Di Chen. The cold Qi it was emitting was overbearing, its eyes were like that of a venomous snake, releasing a sharp light, as though it was going to tear the morning apart.

"Snow pig? And it's a stage seven snow pig! "

Di Chen was very surprised. Snow Pigs were produced from the essence of snow. Every year, a lot of Snow Pigs would be born in the snow and winter. Although there were a lot of them, their IQ was the lowest type of wild beast and they did not have much attack power.

An ordinary snow pig only had a cultivation base at the third or fourth stage. It was unknown what kind of heavenly and earthly treasure this snow pig had eaten. It was extremely powerful.

"Hey, you fat pig, aren't you tired from flying? Hurry up and come down to rest for a bit! "

Di Chen looked at the snow pig flying low in the sky. He knew that those were not real wings, but rather those made by the snow pig using demonic energy.

"Chi ?"

The snow pig was enraged, it howled and dove towards Di Chen, wanting to swallow him alive.

"Good job!"

Di Chen sneered, he stepped out again and again, and the power of his words sneezed out, forming a 'fixed' symbol. The 'fixed' character flashed with a purple light, shining like an iron tower that rushed towards the snow pig.

This iron tower was created by trapping his grandfather's Soul-Sealing iron tower. Although its power wasn't as large as the original one, it was still not bad.


The snowy pig was hit, and a painful groan came out from its mouth. The demonic qi dispersed in all directions, and the wings formed by the demonic qi also disappeared. With a "boom" sound, the snowy pig fell from the low sky, creating a snowflake.


The snow pig crawled up from the snow ground and howled at Di Chen. Its demonic qi soared to the sky and its huge body shook the earth, making wave after wave of powerful might suppress the heavens. This might was extremely strong, as if it was going to suffocate Di Tian.


Receiving the pressure, Di Chen's face immediately became pale, and he spat out a mouthful of blood, which dyed the entire snow red. His body could not help but tremble.

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