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Sovereign of the Heaven/C7 Nine Revolutions Life Tactic
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C7 Nine Revolutions Life Tactic


The hissing sounds rolled over, the sharpness shot up to the sky, the snow pig was enraged, it really pounced towards Di Chen, wanting to kill him.

"Instant slash!"

Di Chen's eyes were ice-cold as his pupils contracted. He was not afraid in the slightest when facing against such might. He directly unleashed his strongest attack, using the two symbols that he had comprehended.


The sky seemed to freeze and instantly, a tiger's roar sounded out, shaking the entire nine heavens and ten earth.

Di Chen's clothes were burning as he waved his hand. He drew the two characters' Set, Slash 'and turned it into a fierce tiger, soaring through the clouds and spitting out flames as he charged towards the snow pig.


Suddenly, the snowy pig stopped when it saw the flood dragon and tiger. It laid on the ground as its body trembled. It did not resist at all.

"The supreme being of all dragon beasts, the tiger is the king of all beasts. When dragons and tigers appear, all beasts submit!"

Weng! *

The snow boar's body was coiled around by the Flood Dragon, but the giant tiger was constantly tearing apart the snow boar's body. The snow boar's entire body was bleeding, its four limbs were broken, and it roared in pain.

At this moment, the energy of the two runes was exhausted.

"What?" This snow pig could repair the wound on its own accord? Heavy limbs? "

Di Chen panicked. He saw that the snow pig was emitting a green light as it coiled around his body. It was actually repairing his body at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, regrowing his crippled limbs.


The snow pig quickly restored its body and rushed towards Di Chen. Its eyes were bloodshot, wanting to tear Di Chen apart. Not to mention that this human had worried him about his cultivation, he had even challenged his endurance three to five times. If it wasn't for the fact that he was at a critical moment in his attempt to break through to the eighth step, he would have already killed this damn human.

The snow pig had swallowed a magical blue bead, so it already had a good IQ.

As the roiling imposing aura pressed down on him, Di Chen's expression changed greatly, and beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

"No matter how crazy you are, I will still kill you, bastard."

Di Chen's expression was cold as ice, he roared: "If there is a slash, then there is a blade, the blade symbol is out!"

Di Chen waved both of his hands and wrote the word 'blade' in the air.

A flash of blade radiance, beautiful and bright like a shooting star, lit up the void. It cut across the void and struck the snow pig.


Just like that, a giant blood-red hole appeared between the snow boar's eyebrows. The next moment, the ferocious snow boar actually stopped moving. His eyes widened, as if he had seen something unbelievable. The light in his eyes gradually faded, and he collapsed.


Di Chen touched the sweat on his forehead. He was shocked speechless, he never thought that a snow pig could be so powerful.

Panting heavily, Di Chen walked to the side of the snow pig's corpse and took out a steel knife from his Cosmos Sack to cut open the snow pig's stomach before taking out the demon core.

The snowy pig's Demonic Core was sparkling and brilliant, emitting nine orifices of golden light. The nine colors of the rising sun shined and flowed with divine multicolored light; it was extremely gorgeous and bright.

"This snow pig's demon core is very strange." Di Chen observed the demon core carefully and came to a conclusion. He was shocked.

In the five elements of heaven and earth, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five elements will produce yin and yang, and will contain everything.

Generally speaking, a beast's demon core had one color, representing one type of beast. If it was a demonic beast demon core with two colors, then it would be the demon core of a dual attribute demonic beast. Three colors of a beast's demon core were incomparably rare, let alone a demon core of a beast with nine colors like this, it was simply unheard-of.

Ding dong!

Just then, a buzzing sound came out from the snow pig's stomach. From the wound that Di Chen had made just now, a fist-sized white pearl had flowed out.

"It seems like that's the Snow Pig's Demon Core!" Di Chen revealed a look of relief, and ran over to pick up the snow pig demon core, he was extremely excited.


All of a sudden, a sound rang out in the air. The sound rumbled like heavenly thunder, filled with a majestic aura.

The Snow Pig Demon Core and the Nine-coloured Goblin Core in Di Chen's hands instantly exploded, transforming into a myriad of golden lights, wrapping Di Chen within them. The huge amount of energy did not have the slightest impact, as if he was bathing in a clear ocean, his entire body flickered with golden light.

After a long while, the golden light dissipated, revealing Di Chen's body.

"The Nine Revolutions Life Tactic, absorbs the energy of all living things, condenses the body of life, and refines it to perfection. A drop of blood can be reborn, immortal and indestructible ?"

Di Chen opened his eyes. His face was filled with disbelief, he had actually obtained the supreme technique "Nine Revolutions Life Tactic" from the Nine-coloured Goblin Core. However, he did not know the origins of this technique, and felt that it was a little regretful.

The entire snow pig demon core was smashed by the Nine-coloured Goblin Core, all of the energy entered Di Chen's body and cleansed and strengthened his bones.

No, it was not a demon core, but a Pearl of Life.

Di Chen observed himself carefully, and realised that he had grown taller, his skin had become fair, and he looked extremely handsome and confident.

"Hmm? The Pearl of Life entered my dantian area and it was shrouded by mist. If you did not observe carefully, you wouldn't be able to see it. "

Di Chen was very surprised, he tried to communicate with the Pearl of Life using his mind, but no matter how Di Chen tossed and turned, the Pearl of Life did not have any reaction, so Di Chen could only do it.

"I never would have thought that I would be blessed by misfortune and that I would encounter so many fortuitous encounters. My dark world will finally emit tens of thousands of rainbows."

Di Chen mumbled to himself as he walked towards the Ling'an City. Along the way, he had killed quite a few wild beasts, but they were not of a high level. There was only a Level 6 wild beast that had condensed into a demon core.

Ling'an City.

The streets were bustling with noise and excitement. It was close to the new year, and the streets were crowded with people.

On the streets, many people kept their eyes closed and pointed at him. Many people secretly talked about the scandal of Di Chen raping and killing the servant girls to people they did not know about.

Di Chen heard all kinds of words and felt hatred in his heart, but on the surface he did not move at all. He turned a deaf ear to all the words, and directly walked towards the beast market.

The beast market was a market that specialized in trading wild beasts and demonic beast. Whether it was a living, jumping wild beasts or dead demonic beast, there was a special purchasing office here.

demonic beast was a beast's evolution. It was a higher level animal, many times stronger than a wild beast.

Not long after, Di Chen arrived at the Beast City.

When Di Chen stepped into the beast market, he only saw several rows of peddlers setting up stalls, with stalls lining up on both sides in an orderly manner. Di Chen saw that the stalls were all filled with beast skin, beast teeth and other things, with a variety of different types, especially the most commonly seen tiger patches, squirrels, wild boars, pheasants, and sea thieves ? Wait, wait, wait ? parts of the carcass of a wild beast.

Although today was not the opening day of the beast market, but now that the new year was approaching, there were many warriors who went to the beast market to buy some beast meat to satisfy their stomachs. As for normal people, they would not be able to eat these beasts that contained essence energy. Otherwise, if they were light, they would suffer a stomachache, but if they were heavy, they might even explode and die.

Di Chen casually strolled around, asking everywhere for the price of the wild beast corpses. After an hour, he understood that it was about time, so he bought the wild beast corpses he hunted down at a normal price, then left in a relaxed manner.

Every day, it would be packed with guests, but today, it was especially quiet. There was not a single person on the first floor, and several tables on the second floor only saw a few handsome young men and two young girls in yellow gowns facing each other.

These youngsters all had sinister smiles plastered on their faces. It was obvious that they were very happy to encounter such beautiful women.

One of the girls looked ordinary. She was short and had nothing out of the ordinary about her. Although the other young girl was young, she had a flawless oval face. Her face had a rosy luster, and her eyes were bright. Her figure was tall and slender, and under her yellow dress, she appeared graceful and gorgeous.

"Scram! You dare to block our way? Do you want to die?"

The ordinary-looking girl was enraged as she coldly shouted.

"Hehe, this lady, they are all bastards. Ignore them."

A young man in a green robe stepped forward and pretended to be serious as he said, "I am Di Long, the eldest son of the Di Family of Ling'an City. "I'm not the same as them, and I believe that the girl has also noticed my brilliance. From the first moment I saw the girl, I felt a strong sense of familiarity, and I wanted to buy her a cup of tea."

Di Long's eyes burned with passion as they danced in the air. Although he spoke to the girl that looked like an ordinary girl, his eyes did not leave the girl's eyes.

"Di Long, fuck your sister... You're shameless enough! "

There were a few people who were dissatisfied with what Di Long had said, but because Di Long's cultivation was higher than theirs, and their friendship was not bad, they did not say anything.

However, there were a few youths who were also disciples of large clans. He was angered by Di Long's words and scolded loudly, "Di Long, you grandson, what are you pretending for? Everyone knows who you are and what kind of trash you are. How could this happen? "This is something worth thinking about."

"Un, I know about this matter as well. The recent news of Di Chen raping and murdering a servant girl is a great sensation, but there is one thing you guys don't know, and you all know that the trash, Di Chen, has been oppressed greatly by the Di Family. Not only was he forced to live in a weedy woodshed, even the two servant girls who were taking care of him when he was eating and drinking were taken by someone else, do you all know who that trash, Di Chen, was raping and killing a servant girl? "This is actually the pair that served him before ?"

It was said that when he went out to train, he obtained a book on the techniques of the gods and ghosts. After cultivating, there was nothing in the world that he did not know.

"He Wenye, what do you mean by that?" At this time, someone who saw He Wenye acting suspenseful asked in confusion.

"Alright!" Bao Dating, we know that you know a lot of things, so why don't you explain it to us! " Another person jeered.

"He Wen Ye, you better make it clear that you are not afraid of your shadow being crooked. Otherwise, based on what you have said, you will regret it one day."

Di Long snorted, his eyes filled with anger, but he endured it, because he had to maintain his demeanor in front of beautiful women.

"Humph!" A shameless person dares to threaten me? "

Bao Dating was extremely displeased, and said coldly: "According to my understanding, that servant girl called Shuang'er has always been on good terms with Di Chen, as though they are siblings. If Di Chen wants Shuang'er's body, I reckon that Shuang'er will be so happy that she will automatically sacrifice herself. Furthermore, he's only thirteen years old, and the toothpick has not even been developed yet. It's inconceivable, and I came up with a shocking and incomprehensible detail, that the two of them are Level 3 Warriors and Di Chen is just an ordinary person. Would an ordinary person be able to rape and kill a Level 3 Warrior? "

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