Sovereign of the Heaven/C8 reunion of fiancee
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Sovereign of the Heaven/C8 reunion of fiancee
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C8 reunion of fiancee

With He Wenye's words, everyone became silent. A third level martial artist could kill an ordinary person with a single punch, just like an adult. One was a child, one was a stone, and the other was an egg. This was not a concept at all.

"He Wenye, you ?"

Di Long's face was gloomy, he pointed at Bao Dating and angrily snorted: "My Di Family's matters are not something an outsider like you can discuss. What we want to compete now is who will win the hearts of these two ladies, not talk nonsense."

"Haha ?"

He Wenye smiled but didn't say anything. He thoughtfully looked at the beautiful girl.

"I heard that many of the talented people in Ling'an City have joined forces to bully the two little girls, so I specially came over to take a look, so as to avoid losing all face for the young generation in Ling'an City."

A loud and clear voice boomed as a young man walked up the stairs. This young man had long hair, a burly build, and looked a bit fat, but his steps were neat and forceful.

"Xiang Tian!"

This was one of the three famous geniuses in the Ling'an City. Three years ago, there was a rumor that a person was at the peak of level 10 and had half a foot in Lifestealer Realm. The moment this person stepped into the Lifestealer Realm and awakened the martial soul in his body, he would be reborn and fly over the wall, crossing the void.

martial soul s were innate gifts of the people of Martial Region Continent, they were warriors' souls. It could be said that only after awakening the martial soul in his body would he be considered to have truly stepped into the threshold of martial arts cultivation, including the achievements of the warriors in the future.

There were countless different kinds of martial soul, such as weapon martial soul s, sabers, swords, spears, halberds; natural martial soul s, flames, astral winds, ice spirits, lightning; beast martial soul s, flood dragons, tigers, wild lions, giant apes; of course, there were also many different kind of martial soul, such as mutated martial soul, undying martial soul, life martial soul; of course, martial soul's strength would increase along with the growth of warriors' strength.

martial soul s could be bestowed by heaven and earth, and could be passed down through generations. Even if it was a mountain, a sea, a star, a crescent moon, or a bright sun, it was still possible for them to become a person's martial soul.

However, to the martial soul, many people could only hear but not reach. Although the martial soul would be born with it, not everyone would be able to successfully awaken it.

Awakening a martial soul would require one to be a Level 10 Warrior to form a Sky Bridge in their body, and only by crossing the bridge would they be able to touch the doorstep of the martial soul.

"Haha ?" I never thought that Young Master Xiang Tian, one of the three prodigies of Ling'an City, would be so moved by this beauty even though she's known as a martial arts fanatic.

At this moment, another voice came from far away. This voice was extremely candid, but it was mixed with a trace of a domineering aura, as if it had the feeling of being the supreme existence in the world.

He then saw a group of black shadows rushing over from the outside. They directly leaped up to the second floor and arrived before the crowd. They didn't even need to walk up the stairs.

"Haha ?" Brother Xiang Tian, this little brother here isn't too late, right? "

The person who came was a violet-robed youth. He had a rich and beautiful face, and was extremely enchanting, as if he were a woman.

"Humph!" Jun Wu Yi, you actually like to act cool! " Xiang Tian snorted coldly. He was extremely disdainful.

"Where is Brother Xiang Tian's prestige!"

The youth called Jun Wu Yi seemed to be modestly replying to Xiang Tian's words, but there was a great pride in his tone.

"Hiss ?"

The youngsters were shocked when they heard the name 'Jun Wu Yi'. This name represented a legend of the Ling'an City.

Jun Wu Yi had started cultivating since he was only three years old, and had reached the seventh level at the age of nine. He was a ninth level eighth level warrior at the age of thirteen, and had broken through to the ninth level at the age of fourteen. However, the strange thing was that Jun Wu Yi hadn't awakened his martial soul ever since he had broken through the Lifestealer Realm, and his cultivation had fallen back to zero not long after, but Jun Wu Yi wasn't worried at all, and so he continued his arduous cultivation.

Two years later, news spread from his clan that his cultivation had once again returned to the level of a level ten martial artist, and he could still use some of the Lifestealer Realm's abilities. For example, the Void Steps just now was one of them, he was a person who was established after breaking it, and was extremely powerful. Everyone in the Ling'an City called him the number one young genius, but he was definitely worthy of that.

With the arrival of two of Ling An's three prodigies, all of the youths except Di Long started to feel extremely passionate. These were all legendary super prodigies! Normally, they were rarely seen. Moreover, these two geniuses were both disciples of large families. If they could get on good terms with each other, then Wu Ning would have countless benefits!

"I know that Brother Xiang Tian is a martial arts fanatic. He probably won't fight with me for it, right?"

Jun Wu Yi smiled gently and said: "It seems that you already have the intention to meet this lady, but would like to invite her for a cup of tea, and have a chat with her?"

"Senior, let's go!"

The beautiful young girl didn't even look at Jun Wu Yi as she lightly spoke to the girl who looked like an ordinary girl, and walked towards the stairs.

"Stop, young lady, aren't you being a little too ungrateful? It's very dangerous outside. "

Jun Wu Yi's eyes turned cold. He hadn't thought that an ordinary Girl would dare to refuse his invitation. Jun Wu Yi had a gentle smile on his face the whole time, which in fact made people feel that he was a man of honor, but in fact, he was a very proud and arrogant man, and this made him lose face in front of everyone, which made Jun Wu Yi very annoyed.

"Young master Jun, you don't need to worry about my daughter's matters." The beautiful young girl's voice remained indifferent the entire time, as if nothing had happened which caused her to be shocked in the slightest. After she finished speaking, she took a few steps and left.


At this time, another young man walked out of the staircase. He was tall and handsome, dressed neatly and quietly, had a silk scarf wrapped around his head, and a resolute face, with distinct contours, made him look like an elegant young master from a fairy tale, whose handsomeness could only be depicted in his mind.

This youth was Di Chen who came out of the Beast City. After he returned here, he just so happened to be hungry. Seeing the restaurant, he immediately ran in. He had sold so many wild beasts anyway and his purse was bulging. It wouldn't be too much to have a good meal.

"So many people!" Where's the owner? "

Di Chen ignored them, and turned to walk towards a table on the other side.

However, he did not know that the moment the beautiful young lady saw him, her tears immediately started streaming down, as she ran over and hugged Di Chen from Di Chen's back.

Di Chen was shocked, he never thought that there would be someone who would come to hug him, could it be that someone was going to do that to him? Just as he was about to counterattack, he suddenly heard a tearful voice.

"Big Brother Di Chen, Yu'er misses you!"

"Big brother Di Tian?" Could it be that you are Shang Yu's little sister? "

Di Chen said excitedly with his body trembling.

At this moment, his thoughts seemed to have returned to before he was six years old. At that time, he always had a small tail following behind him, and that was a little Girl who was born at the same time, at the same time, on the same month, as him.

He played with Shang Yu from a young age, almost inseparable from her. However, when they were six years old, a high level martial artist had examined the Nine Yin Body and found out that Shang Yu had a thousand years of rare talent, and wanted to bring Shang Yu to train with her. It didn't matter if Shang Yu and his family agreed or not, he had told the Shang Family's people about it, and then forcefully brought Shang Yu away.

"Big brother Di Chen, I am your Yu'er!"

The young girl called Shang Yu cried sorrowfully. She hugged Di Chen tightly, completely soaking Di Chen's back.

When this scene appeared in front of the eyes of the youths, all of them were dumbfounded. Everyone was shocked, even the number one genius of the Ling'an City, a beautiful young lady who ignored his invitation, actually ran over to hug an infamous piece of trash!

"This ?"

"Damn, this world has gone mad."

Everyone swallowed their saliva as they felt their throats dry up, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Damned girl, you finally decided to come back?"

Di Chen completely ignored the strange gazes of the young talents, and directly turned around to hug Shang Yu's tall and soft body in his arms. As he touched Shang Yu's smooth and smooth hair, ripples surfaced in Di Chen's heart, it was a feeling of excitement.

"Di Chen, you plotted and killed and treated your slave girl, yet now you are hugging her in front of everyone and hurting my Di family's face. You are courting death ?"

Di Long was enraged as he walked out and cursed coldly.

Before he finished speaking, he rushed forward and struck Di Chen's face with his fist. He was extremely jealous! It could kill. At that moment, he wished that he was Di Chen, and that he could hug the beautiful young lady tightly.

"Di Long?"

Di Chen's eyes surged with killing intent. From start to finish, the blood feud between Bing-er and Uncle Qiu had filled his heart, but today was not the right time to kill him. Let's give him an unforgettable lesson first! Thinking about that, Di Chen waved his hand, and a 'fixed' character formed with his will, flashing with a soft light, transforming into a shield that floated in the air.

Di Long was already a Level 7 Warrior, his speed was like the wind, adding on to his anger, his speed was extremely fast. In an instant, he was behind Di Chen, his fist glowing like a blade, his face fierce, and directly smashed towards Di Chen.


Di Long suddenly stopped moving, leaving only his eyeballs rolling around.

"To put on such an ugly posture is such a disgrace to our Di Family! I'll show you how to get into an attractive position. "

Di Chen raised his hands and slapped Di Long with his palms, causing Di Long to fly out with blood coming out of his mouth, but he was still sprawled on the ground and could not move.

At the scene that happened to Di Long, everyone was shocked, they could not see clearly how Di Long flew back. No matter what was said, Di Long, a Level 7 Warrior, was unable to take one blow from another. The problem was, who had done it just now, was Di Chen or the beautiful girl in his arms? However, the two of them did not have any fluctuations of Essence Qi! He was clearly just two ordinary people!

Even the face of Jun Wu Yi, the number one genius of Ling'an City, changed slightly, because he couldn't see what was going on? Furthermore, he did not even see Di Chen and Yue Yang make a move, and Di Long, who had rushed forward, was sent flying backwards.

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