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Sovereign of the Heaven/C9 Lesson Dillon
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C9 Lesson Dillon

"What's going on?"

A loud sound rang out, and the stifling atmosphere caused Shang Yu, who was in Di Chen's embrace, to wake up. He raised his head and praised: "Big Brother Di Chen, you were so awesome just now!"

"Damned girl, do you know that I was the one who did it?"

Di Chen had a strange look on his face. He had used the power of his speech, yet he couldn't even see the cultivation level of his grandfather, Di Tian. Who would have thought that this little girl could see it.

"No!" I guessed. But I believe Big Brother Di Chen must have grasped a mysterious power, a power that even the naked eye cannot see through. " Shang Yu giggled.

Di Chen wiped away the tears on Shang Yu's face and said happily: "Damn brat, you really changed a lot! He hadn't seen him for a few years. That year, that snot girl had grown up. Furthermore, he was so beautiful! so much so that your big brother Di Chen wouldn't even recognize him. "

"I'm not a stinky girl. I'm a sweet girl. Smell it if you don't believe me!" Shang Yu blinked her eyes mischievously and said with a chuckle.

"This ?"

"Fuck, what a scam."

When the young prodigies heard the flirtatious words of the two, they were stunned once again, even the ordinary-looking girl that came back with Shang Yu had her eyes opened wide like two small suns, filled with disbelief.

"Is this still their Sky Realm Academy's icy goddess? Normally, I wouldn't even bother to say a word to a man, but now, I'm hugging and flirting with one of them? "

"Damned girl, seeing that this isn't the place for us to talk, I'll take you to a quiet place. We'll have a good chat later!"

Di Chen gently pinched Shang Yu's nose with his fingers and said with a smile. Then he held Shang Yu's hand and left.

"Big brother Di Chen, you're so annoying!" Shang Yu pouted coquettishly, the little Girl displayed her power. She did not object and allowed Di Chen to walk away while holding her little hand.

"What do you think I am?"

Seeing that Di Chen was about to pull the beauty away, Jun Wu Yi, who was still in shock, suddenly became angry and rushed towards Di Chen. He had to severely injure Di Chen in order to remove the anger in his heart.

The fist's light was overwhelming, accompanied by an enormous pressure.

's face slightly changed. Jun Wu Yi was not the kind of person who would compost pills like Di Long, but rather, he was a genius who would become an expert in Lifestealer Realm. Each and every one of his moves contained immense power.

Di Chen circled his steps, pulling Shang Yu behind him. The power of the words in his body revolved, his palms slashed out, and the image of a blade appeared in the sky, the two runes' blade 'and' slash 'appeared out of nowhere.

Di Chen said coldly: "Since your fist art is so powerful, then my 'fist' symbol will also appear!

The shadows of his blade flashed as his fist flashed and arrived right at Jun Wu Yi's incoming attack.


The fists of the two clashed, and sparks were produced from the collision. Each of them took more than ten steps back. Di Chen's hands trembled slightly as the power of speech in his body was exhausted. The remaining power of speech was in a mess as it boiled everywhere.

"Ling'an City's number one genius is indeed worthy of her reputation." Di Chen sighed inwardly.

However, he didn't know that at the moment, Jun Wu Yi was even more shocked, and that even his hand was in pain because of the shock, but he didn't understand that Di Chen's body didn't emit any elemental energy fluctuations, and was able to block his attack. Even if it was a Level 10 Warrior, this punch would probably be able to heavily injure him!

"Again! I don't believe in evil! "

Jun Wu Yi was furious as he took a step forward and attacked Di Chen.

More than once, Di Chen had been chased and beaten by other people, and his heart was burning with anger. He wanted to use his Heavenly Divine Brush to fight, because at the moment, he was not Jun Wu Yi's match. However, at this time, a figure appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of Di Chen and Shang Yu, waving his hand to block the attack of Jun Wu Yi.

"Brother Jun's actions are a bit inappropriate, right?"

The person who came was also a young man. He wore a black robe, and his body was enormous. His face was like a carving of a knife, and it was very resolute.

"Shang Qing! It's you, why? Are you going to stop me from teaching them a lesson? "

Jun Wu Yi ordered with a cold look on his face. This caused the eye sockets of the youths to constrict.

Shang Qing, the strongest member of the Shang Family's younger generation, one of the three great families of Ling'an City, was also one of the three prodigies.

Everyone never thought that the three most talented youths of Ling'an City would come here because of a beautiful girl.

"Girl, why aren't you returning home? What are you wandering around for?"

Shang Qing did not pay any attention to Jun Wu Yi's cold shout, but asked Shang Yu who was standing beside him.

"Big brother, you're here."

Shang Yu laughed naughtily and directly threw herself into Shang Qing's embrace, then said in a spoiled manner, "Big Brother, it's been eight years since we last met, and you're getting more and more powerful."

"Damn girl, let's go home!" Father, mother, and the elders are all waiting at home! "

Shang Qing rubbed Shang Yu's hair and said while smiling. He had doted on his little sister ever since he was young, even though they had not met for eight years, he had never changed.

"What?" That beautiful girl actually called Shang Qing big brother. "

The young elites from various clans were greatly shocked, and then all revealed expressions of shock.

These people were all outstanding youths from different clans in Ling'an City. Of course, they had heard of Shang Yu's various stories, those who were born with the Nine Yin Body were taken in by powerful martial artists as their disciples and brought away to cultivate. He didn't expect to be back today.

"So that beautiful young lady is actually that trash Di Chen's fiancee. No wonder she hugged him the moment she saw him."

Some people laughed at this time. Their eyes were not sharp enough to see the exchange between Di Chen and Jun Wu Yi, if not they would regret what they had just said.

"Di Chen, what demonic technique did you cast?"

At this time, Di Long who was on the ground could move, he stood up and roared fiercely at Di Chen: "Di Chen, I want you dead."

At the same time as he roared, he had already dashed towards Di Chen. With a face filled with bloodlust, he wished that he could swallow Di Chen whole.

"Humph!" A mad dog, don't mess around with a dog, it's so annoying. "

Di Long rushed towards Di Chen as if he was immune to it, but when he passed by Jun Wu Yi, Jun Wu Yi was furious, and directly smacked Di Long away. In his heart, he was full of disdain towards Di Long, and had received a lesson from him.

"Jun Wu Yi, you ?"

Di Long flew backwards as he fell to the ground, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood. He looked at Jun Wu Yi with a cold look in his eyes, but was unable to say anything.

"You what you!"

Jun Wu Yi said indifferently: "You talk too much!" If you are not convinced, you can ask the number one genius of the Di Clan, Di Hui, to come and take revenge for you! "

"Jun Wu Yi, don't go overboard with this matter. When will it be the Jun Family's turn to handle the matters of my Di Family?"

This was the pain of a young generation of the Di Family. Among the top three families in Ling'an City, both the Jun Family and the Shang Family had a famous genius whose halo was like that of heaven and earth. Only the Di Family did not have this kind of talent, and the genius Fourth Young Master Di Hui was currently a ninth level warrior.

Although the top three clans usually did not argue, they often fought openly and secretly over various resources. It was even more obvious in the younger generation, and most fights would be called sparring, as long as it was not serious or as long as the person was dead, the older generation would not interfere, and they could only rely on the younger generation to resolve it themselves.

"Brother Shang Qing, I never thought that your sister would return! Please forgive this little brother for being blind and being unable to recognize that beautiful girl as Brother Shang Qing's sister. "

Jun Wu Yi looked at Shang Qing and smiled faintly, but his eyes continued to stare at Shang Yu. Shang Yu's beautiful and charming appearance, as well as his noble temperament made him feel a great sense of possessiveness.

"Jun Wu Yi, you dare to touch Yu'er? Are you courting death?"

Di Chen, who was standing at the side, saw the possessiveness hidden in Jun Wu Yi's eyes and snorted coldly in his heart.

"Girl, let's go home! Don't make Father and Mother panic. "

Shang Qing didn't seem to hear Jun Wu Yi's words as he dragged Shang Yu away. Just as he took two steps, he seemed to have thought of something and turned to Di Chen: "Di Chen, it seems like you aren't the trash of the outside world. Let's go together."

Di Chen nodded and followed suit.

"Sister Shang Yu, there's still me!"

A shriek sounded out, and from the crowd, the ordinary-looking girl that originally looked like Shang Yu ran out and said angrily, "Junior Shang Yu, you aren't thinking of leaving me here, are you? There are so many wolves here."

"Oh!" "I have that thought."

Shang Yu's calm voice returned, she introduced the ordinary-looking girl to Shang Yu and Di Chen, then the four of them turned and walked away.

"Brother Shang Qing sure knows how to play the big card!"

At this time, Jun Wu Yi and Xiang Tian, who hadn't expressed any opinion for a long time, started snorting coldly, and immediately released their aura, directly suppressing their opponents. Although the outside world called the three elites, Shang Qing's reputation had always been above theirs, and of the three of them, Shang Qing was the most mysterious, at the age of seventeen, possessing unfathomable strength. It was said that he had once killed a person with Lifestealer Realm.

Jun Wu Yi and Xiang Tian couldn't stand Shang Qing's arrogant attitude any longer, so they joined hands and released their aura, wanting to embarrass him in front of everyone.

"This is not a martial stage, please do not bring shame upon yourselves!"

Shang Qing's cold voice came out, he stopped in his tracks, and without even looking back, he only saw an enormous, suffocating aura rising up from his body, and a gigantic steel blade slowly appeared in the air. The blade's radiance soared, and slashed towards Jun Wu Yi and Xiang Tian.

"Puff puff ?"

Two muffled thunders resounded as both Jun Wu Yi and Xiang Tian spat out blood. Both of them looked at the steel blade that hadn't dissipated yet, and their faces were filled with fear as they said in unison: "Blade martial soul? Lifestealer Realm! "

"Humph!" I hope that there won't be a next time. Otherwise, it will not be a simple lesson. "

Shang Qing waved his black robe, causing the steel blade in the air to dissipate. Afterwards, he brought Di Chen and the others to walk away, but this time, no one dared to stop him.

"Bastard!" Shang Qing actually stepped into the Lifestealer Realm! "

When Shang Qing and the others had left the scene, Jun Wu Yi was still roaring furiously.

The young elites of the various clans didn't dare to speak, fearing that they would anger this unreasonable fiend.

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