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C1 There Was a Problem with His Character

There's a problem with your character.

"Where am I?"

Lu Shaoyou shook his head. He felt that his surroundings were wet, and his whole body was sore to the point of losing all feeling. There was also a cold wind blowing around him, and he could not help but shiver.

Lu Shaoyou felt a chill on his scalp. He quickly opened his eyes and found that it was pitch black around him. There was a crescent moon in the sky. A moment later, under the dim moonlight, he could clearly see that he was in a pool. It should be late at night.

Lu Shaoyou's headache caused him to cry out in pain. He felt a strange force hitting his brain, and then he fainted again.

When the sky was slightly bright, Lu Shaoyou slowly woke up. At this moment, he had just received a piece of news in his mind that almost made him faint again!

"I have transmigrated. I am not dreaming." Lu Shaoyou stared at his surroundings with his eyes wide open. The information in his mind and the numerous transmigration novels that he had read made Lu Shaoyou very sure that he had transmigrated now. This kind of opportunity was even less than winning the 100 million lottery ticket, but he had encountered it.

Lu Shaoyou remembered that he had just graduated from a third-rate university and found an office job to do odd jobs. He was helping his colleague copy documents, but the photocopy machine had an electrical leakage, so he had actually transmigrated.

In his previous life, he had nothing to do with anything. His future was bleak, so he thought that transmigration was a good thing. Perhaps he would be able to make a name for himself in this new world. According to the transmigration novels he had read in his previous life, those who transmigrated would become very successful.

After confirming that he had transmigrated, Lu Shaoyou did not feel reluctant at all. Instead, he felt as if he had been freed. In his previous life, he was just an ordinary person. His future was bleak.

"Where is this place? How did I transmigrate to this place?" Lu Shaoyou looked around and began to recall the memories that did not belong to him.

A moment later, Lu Shaoyou had the urge to commit suicide. When others transmigrated, they were either young masters or princes.

His identity was that of a young master. What was amazing was that... This young master was also called Lu Shaoyou. He was sixteen years old this year, but he was an illegitimate child. His status in the family was not even comparable to a servant. His mother was originally a servant in the family. After giving birth to him, his mother was bullied even more. She lived a life that was worse than a servant.

They were often bullied by the people of the clan and even the servants at home did not take the two of them seriously. Especially the few maids and servants beside his father's original wife who had always bullied the two of them.

Just yesterday, because this young master had contradicted these servants with a few words, he was beaten up by them, and in the end, he was accidentally beaten to death. In a panic, those people threw the young master's corpse into a pond at the bottom of a cliff.

Thinking about his pitiful background, Lu Shaoyou felt like crying but had no tears.

Now, Lu Shaoyou had no other choice. It was not easy for him to survive, so he would try his best to survive.

"We have the same name. I have taken over your body now. If I have the chance, I will avenge you. I will take care of your mother for you in the future." Lu Shaoyou said to himself.

As soon as Lu Shaoyou finished speaking, his mind became clear. A turbid aura seemed to disappear from his mind in an instant.

"It seems like you have a lot of resentment. I will definitely avenge you." Lu Shaoyou looked at the sky and said.

Lu Shaoyou began to think about a realistic problem. He was still lying in the pond. It seemed like he was leaning against a dead tree. The pond was cold. It should be a harsh winter day. Maybe it was because he had long become numb from the cold. So now he actually did not have much feeling.

Lu Shaoyou struggled to swim to the side of the pool. He could not help but curse in his heart. His legs seemed to have been broken. At this moment, he used a little bit of strength. Only now did he know that both of his hands had been broken. Right now, he couldn't use any strength at all. It was impossible for him to move even half a step.

"I am so unfortunate." Lu Shaoyou cursed helplessly. He could not move at all. He might freeze to death.

A sound entered Lu Shaoyou's ears. It sounded like there was an animal swimming in the water. It was extremely fast.

"It can't be a demon beast, right?" Lu Shaoyou learned from the information left in his mind that this world was completely different from his original world. This was a world where martial arts were revered. The entire world was incomparably vast. There were demon beasts and Spirit Beast in this world, as well as Martial Artist and Spirit Master.

Martial Artist and Spirit Master had a very high status in this world, especially Spirit Master.

The original Lu Shaoyou couldn't become a Martial Artist, nor could he become a Spirit Master. That was why his status in the family was so poor that he couldn't even be compared to a servant.

Just as Lu Shaoyou was wondering if the demon beast was approaching him, a hissing sound came from the sky. After that, it was as if a dark cloud had appeared in front of him. A huge bird over a hundred meters in size appeared in the sky.

The huge bird spread its wings and hovered in the sky above Lu Shaoyou. It looked like an eagle. It had white fur under its belly, and its two sharp claws were curved. The Giant Eagle was staring at him closely.

"Don't tell me I'm going to be eaten by this demon beast?" Lu Shaoyou was incomparably shocked. In his previous life, he had never seen such a huge Giant Eagle. After that, he could only helplessly smile bitterly. It was a pity that he was unable to move at this moment. Even if this demonic beast wanted to eat him, he could only watch helplessly.

Lu Shaoyou could feel that there seemed to be an animal behind him that was beating rapidly. At the same time, there was a wing flapping on the surface of the water behind him.

In the sky, the Giant Eagle pounced straight down. Its sharp claws instantly stretched out.

"My life is about to end." Lu Shaoyou's heart was filled with despair. He had just transmigrated, and now he was going to be eaten by a demon beast. He was truly unlucky.

Just as Lu Shaoyou was in despair, a black light flashed in front of his eyes. A black shadow instantly jumped up from the top of his head. Lu Shaoyou saw a huge Flying Beast that was over a hundred meters in size. There was a huge wound under its abdomen with blood. It must have been injured.

At this moment, the two huge demon beasts in the sky had completely collided with each other. There was a constant hissing sound in the sky. Lu Shaoyou was lying in the pond, and he was unable to move even though the surface of the water was shaking.

After the two demon beasts collided a few times, Lu Shaoyou saw the Giant Eagle's sharp claws grabbing towards the bat beast.

In Lu Shaoyou's surprise, the demon beast spat out a layer of white mist from its mouth.

The white mist spurted out, and a bone-piercing cold air spread out in the air. After that, the entire pond quickly turned into ice under the cold air.

In the sky, the Giant Eagle demon beast was instantly frozen into ice, and then its huge body fell down in a straight line.

The Giant Eagle fell onto the ice surface in front of it, causing cracks to appear on the surface of the ice. The bat-like demon beast seemed to be extremely weak at this moment. It then slowly moved on the surface of the ice and arrived in front of the Giant Eagle demonic beast.

Lu Shaoyou saw that the bat-like demon beast opened its sharp mouth and revealed two rows of sharp fangs. With a single bite, it tore open the skin and fur of the Giant Eagle demon beast. A fist-sized, transparent cyan bead rolled on the ice surface.

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