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C2 Ice and Fire

Ice and fire.

"At the very least, only Fourth Rank Demon Beast would have Demonic Pill." Lu Shaoyou found out from the memories in his mind that this Demonic Pill could only be produced by a Fourth Rank demon beast at the very least. The Demonic Pill seemed to be very valuable.

Just as the Giant Eagle was torn open by the bat demon beast and revealed the Demonic Pill, flames suddenly emerged from the Giant Eagle demon beast's body. After that, the ice melted, and the sharp beak directly pecked the wound on the bat demon beast's abdomen. Instantly, blood kept flowing out from the bat demon beast's abdomen. A baby fist-sized bead that was covered in blood and glowing gently fell onto the ice.

"Another Demonic Pill?" Lu Shaoyou was surprised. It was rare for a Fourth Rank demon beast to appear. He didn't expect that there would be two Fourth Rank demon beasts at the bottom of the cliff all of a sudden.

The bat demon beast screamed in pain, then it suddenly bit the neck of the Giant Eagle demon beast with its sharp teeth. Blood spurted out from its mouth. This time, the Giant Eagle demon beast was completely dead.

At this moment, the surrounding ice on the surface of the water began to melt once again. Lu Shaoyou's entire body was shivering. His lips were pale, and his face was ashen. His body was almost frozen. He looked at the battle between the two huge demon beasts. It was like he was watching a 3D movie. This was too shocking.

On the surface of the water, the huge bat was biting the Demonic Pill of the Giant Eagle demon beast and its own Demonic Pill. Its wings flew across the water surface, and then it slowly approached Lu Shaoyou.

"This is going to be troublesome." Lu Shaoyou looked at the bat-like beast approaching him, and his heart was filled with despair. The demon beast's eyes were staring at him.

The bat-like demon beast came to Lu Shaoyou's side, and it made a sound from its throat. One of its eyes was bigger than Lu Shaoyou's body, and it had no malicious intent in its eyes. Instead, it looked at Lu Shaoyou with a pleading look.

Lu Shaoyou thought that he was dead for sure. He looked at the huge demonic beast in front of him and felt the gaze in its eyes. This demonic beast didn't seem to have any ill intentions towards him.

"You have something you need my help with?" Lu Shaoyou asked tentatively. It was said that a high level demon beast had a certain level of intelligence.

Hearing Lu Shaoyou's words, the demonic bat let out a joyful cry. It nodded slightly, as if it was responding to Lu Shaoyou.

"You really understand my words." Lu Shaoyou was stunned for a moment. If it was in the past, he would definitely be shocked. But now, there was nothing to be surprised about. He had already traveled through time and space, what else was there that he couldn't accept?

"Brother Beast, I can't even protect myself anymore. How can I help you?" Lu Shaoyou looked at the bat demon and said with a bitter smile.

The bat demon beast seemed to have understood Lu Shaoyou's words. It lowered its head and looked at Lu Shaoyou. After that, it made a deep sound and jumped onto the water surface. A claw pressed on Lu Shaoyou's lower abdomen. Lu Shaoyou couldn't help but open his mouth.

Before Lu Shaoyou could react, there seemed to be two beads in his mouth that turned into ice and hot liquid and were swallowed by him. The hot liquid burned into his body like fire. In an instant, it was as if there was a fire burning inside his body. The cold liquid instantly turned half of his body into ice.

The bat called out again. It looked a lot weaker, and then it flapped its right wing again. A small yellow snake about ten centimeters long appeared under its wing.

The bat called out again, and the small yellow snake seemed to understand. It immediately climbed onto Lu Shaoyou's body, and crawled into his clothes from his neck.

When the bat beast saw the small yellow snake crawl into Lu Shaoyou's clothes, its eyes seemed to relax. Immediately, it looked at Lu Shaoyou once again with a pleading look in its eyes.

Lu Shaoyou didn't have the time to speak at this moment. There were two waves of energy in his body that collided with each other. He was in too much pain. He wanted to scream, but he could not make a sound.

A moment later, Lu Shaoyou, who was already extremely weak, couldn't hold on any longer. He fainted on the surface of the water. At this moment, Lu Shaoyou naturally did not see the hot air coming from the water on the left side of his body, and the cold air coming from the water on the right side. Half of his face was pale, and the other half was red.

"Am I still alive?" When Lu Shaoyou woke up again, he was still lying on the bottom of the pond, leaning against a dead tree.

"I have recovered." Lu Shaoyou slightly moved his limbs and found that his broken legs and hands had recovered, as if he had never been injured.

"Are you dead? Thank you." Lu Shaoyou immediately saw the pure white bat beast floating on the surface of the pond. Its huge body was over a hundred meters long, and it looked like a huge ship.

Lu Shaoyou could feel that the recovery of his body was related to the two Demonic Pill that the bat demon beast had given him. This Demonic Pill was said to be extremely valuable, so it naturally had some miraculous effects.

"Because your body is so huge, I can't bury you. Just treat this cold pond as your tomb." Lu Shaoyou climbed onto the shore and said to the corpse of the bat demon beast in the cold pond. He then looked around. Right now, he had to think of a way to leave this cliff.

The Lu family was definitely a big family in the Qingyun Town. Everyone in the Qingyun Town knew about the Lu family. The old patriarch of the Lu family was a Martial General expert. In the entire Qingyun Town, he was one of the top figures.

The Lu family was not only a family of martial artists, they also ran a lot of businesses in the Qingyun Town. It was said that there were also many branches in the outer towns.

Night fell, and the cold air was oppressive. Snowflakes began to float in the sky. A young man walked out from the darkness. His figure was slightly thin. His clothes seemed to be somewhat tattered. His tattered clothes fluttered in the cold wind, adding a sense of dejection to him.

"So this is the Lu family?" The young man walked towards a mansion in the Qingyun Town and murmured. This young man was Lu Shaoyou, who had traveled through time and space.

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