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C3 The Lu Family

Article 3: Lu family

It took Lu Shaoyou three days to climb up from the cliff. It turned out that this cliff was a cliff outside the town. When Lu Shaoyou climbed up the cliff, he found that his strength seemed to have increased. His body seemed to have an inexhaustible strength. Otherwise, he would not be able to climb up the cliff.

There were many courtyards in the mansion of Lu family. According to Lu Shaoyou's memory, this was similar to the architectural style of the Suzhou Garden in his previous life.

Lu Shaoyou knocked on the door of the Lu family. At this moment, his stomach was growling with hunger.

The door of the Lu family opened and two servants wearing grey clothes and a yurt walked out. When these two servants saw Lu Shaoyou, their eyes seemed to be filled with surprise.

"You should go to the door at the back. Madam told us that you can't go to the front door." The two servants looked at Lu Shaoyou in surprise, but did not pay much attention to him. They closed the door immediately.

"You are bastards! Do you still think I am the Lu Shaoyou of the past? I will definitely take revenge on you in the future." Lu Shaoyou spat out a mouthful of saliva in front of the Lu family's gate, then he walked towards the back door.

According to the memories in his mind, Lu Shaoyou knew that the Lu Shaoyou of the past had never walked past the Lu family's gate. Although he was the young master of the Lu family, his mother was a maidservant of the Lu family. His status was extremely low. After his mother gave birth to him, his father's wife bullied his mother even more. His father didn't dare to speak, his mother was humiliated.

"Young Master Lu, you are finally back. You have been missing for five days. Second Madame was very anxious. Go back quickly. "An old servant at the back door saw Lu Shaoyou and immediately said to him with some concern and pity in his eyes.

" I know, Uncle Nan. " From his memory, Lu Shaoyou knew that this old servant was called Uncle Nan. Uncle Nan was someone who treated him well besides his mother. When he was young, Uncle Nan always took care of him.

"Did I see wrong?" Looking at Lu Shaoyou's back, Uncle Nan's grey eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light. After that, his eyes turned grey again, and he slowly closed the back door.

Lu Shaoyou passed through a few long corridors and arrived at a low courtyard. This was the residence of the Lu family's servants. The Lu family was one of the top families in town. There were two to three hundred servants. The total number of direct and collateral family members of the Lu family was no less than seven hundred. A family of seven hundred people was not a small family.

Lu Shaoyou walked to a somewhat worn-out courtyard and walked into it. The courtyard was also worn-out. After hesitating for a moment, he pushed open the door.

A woman asked, "Shaoyou, where did you go? I was worried about you. " There was a woman in the room, wearing a light green silk shirt, about 36 or 37 years old. She had a delicate and pretty face, a pointed face, long eyebrows, and a very beautiful appearance. However, her eyes were somewhat red and swollen, as if it was caused by her crying.

When the woman saw Lu Shaoyou, she immediately walked up to him with concern. She looked at his ragged clothes, and her eyes were moist again.

"Mother, I'm fine." Lu Shaoyou looked at the kind woman in front of him and was startled. Her son was already dead, but he couldn't tell the truth. In the future, he would be her son.

"Shaoyou, tell me quickly, where have you been these few days? Why didn't you tell me when you went out?" The woman checked Lu Shaoyou's body and only heaved a sigh of relief when she found that he was safe and sound. She pulled Lu Shaoyou's arms and asked.

"I have something to do. Sorry, I worried you." Lu Shaoyou replied. He naturally could not say that her son had been beaten to death and thrown into the cliff.

"Are you hungry? I left some delicious food for you." The kind beautiful madam quickly brought a few steamed buns and a bowl of meat dishes. Lu Shaoyou could tell that the food was not bad at first glance, but this should be the leftover soup.

"This is clean. It was a dish that Uncle Nan secretly took from the kitchen. Quickly eat it. This is your favorite dish." beautiful madam looked at Lu Shaoyou and said. Her kind eyes revealed a trace of apology. She said in a low voice, "It's all my fault for making you suffer when you were born. If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn't have given birth to you."

" Mother, this isn't your fault, in the future, I won't let you suffer anymore " Looking at beautiful madam's eyes, Lu Shaoyou couldn't help but feel a little moist in his eyes. In his previous life, he grew up in an orphanage and did not have motherly love. Perhaps he crossed time and space because God wanted to make it up to him. At this moment, Lu Shaoyou could not help but swear in his heart. She would be his mother from now on, and he wouldn't let his mother suffer any more.

"Good child, quickly eat it. After you finish eating, take off your clothes, and I will help you make it up." beautiful madam looked at Lu Shaoyou and smiled happily.

Lu Shaoyou was really a little hungry. He wolfed down his food and finished five steamed buns in an instant. He then returned to his room.

"It's time for me to plan for myself." In the room, Lu Shaoyou looked at the worn-out room and muttered to himself. In his previous life, his future was bleak. Since he had transmigrated, he could no longer be content with mediocrity.

This was his second life. If he didn't do anything, then all his efforts would have been in vain. In his previous life, he was powerless. In this life, he wanted to have countless beauties and control of the world.

Lu Shaoyou felt as if his blood was boiling.

"Although you have been mediocre for sixteen years, there is a hidden unwillingness in your blood. Don't worry, I will complete it for you in the future. " Lu Shaoyou said softly.

Lu Shaoyou sat in front of a shabby bronze mirror in front of the room and looked at his current appearance. He was originally a 24th or 24th year old man, but now he looked like he was only 16 years old. This was really not bad.

"Although you're mediocre, you're still quite good-looking." Lu Shaoyou looked at his current appearance and smiled. He was tall and thin, and his facial features were three-dimensional. His eyes were as bright as stars.

"Not bad." Lu Shaoyou smiled lazily. There was a wild ambition hidden in his smile.

"Now, it's time for me to understand this world." Lu Shaoyou laid on the bed, carefully searching for information about this world in his mind.

This was a completely different continent from his previous life, and it was called Spirit Martial Continent. This place was boundless, there were Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator existences here.

The strength of Martial Artist was boundless, and it was said that they were able to move mountains and overturn seas to a certain extent. Martial Master was divided into several levels, namely Martial Disciple, Martial Warrior, Martial Master and Martial Psyche. Martial General, Martial Marshal and Martial King.

A Spiritual Cultivator warrior was mysterious and powerful, and had incredible abilities. Spiritual Cultivator was divided into Spirit Disciple, Spirit Warrior, Spirit Master, Spirit Soul and Spirit General. Spirit Marshal and Spiritual Cultivator were divided into three levels: Spirit Disciple, Spirit Warrior, Spirit King, Spirit Venerable and Spirit Monarch.

In this Spirit Martial Continent, warriors at the Martial Marshal and Spirit Marshal were the absolute strongest. It was said that the old master of Lu family was a Martial General Martial Artist.

In this continent, other than Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator warriors, there were also demon beasts and Spirit Beast. These demon beasts and Spirit Beast were extremely powerful, and humans wouldn't dare to provoke them. Only those powerful Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator warriors would dare to fight these demon beasts and Spirit Beast. Therefore, the status of Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator in Spirit Martial Continent was very high.

"It seems like I have to become a Spiritual Cultivator or a Martial Artist. But, why can't I become a Martial Artist or a Spiritual Cultivator? " Lu Shaoyou thought to himself. From his memory, he knew that there was something wrong with his meridians.

If he could become a Martial Artist or a Spiritual Cultivator, his mother and he would naturally have a higher status than now.

"I have to find a way to become a Spiritual Cultivator or Martial Artist. This is the only way out." Lu Shaoyou thought to himself. In this world, if he wanted to achieve something, these were the only two ways he could do it.

"I forgot about you." Lu Shaoyou took off his tattered clothes and planned to wash them for his mother. He found a small yellow snake wrapped around his arm.

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