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C4 Young Master with a Miserable Life

Young master with a miserable life.

The small yellow snake, which was about ten centimeters long, stared at Lu Shaoyou with its round eyes. The tongue in its mouth stretched and shrank, and then it ignored Lu Shaoyou. It continued to wrap around Lu Shaoyou's arm, as if it had fallen asleep.

Lu Shaoyou carefully sized up this small yellow snake. There were dense scales on its body that were emitting a smooth luster. Upon closer inspection, this small snake seemed to be somewhat different from ordinary snakes. It did not seem to be a completely ordinary snake.

"Brother Beast, you saved me. You probably want me to help you take care of this small snake. This is what I owe you. I will take care of this small snake for you. " Lu Shaoyou said. If it wasn't for the fact that the bat demon had given him two Demonic Pill at the bottom of the cliff... He might have frozen to death in that pool.

After sending the clothes he had changed into to his mother's place, he returned to his room. As the young master of Lu family, the only difference between him and his servant was that he lived alone in this dilapidated courtyard. He didn't need to live in a room with three or four servants.

He fell into a deep sleep. He hadn't slept for a few days. That night, he really slept soundly. In his dream, he even saw a few beautiful women. He almost had a nosebleed.

"Young Master Lu, wake up."

Lu Shaoyou was sleeping soundly when a voice shouted beside his ear.

"Lu Xiaobai, I am dreaming." Lu Shaoyou could tell from the voice that it was a servant of Lu family, Lu Xiaobai. Among all the servants of Lu family, Lu Xiaobai was the only one who had the best relationship with him.

He opened his eyes and saw a young man who was about 16 or 17 years old appearing in front of him. This young man's servant attire was similar to theirs. This young man had a strange appearance, and he was very quick-witted.

"Young Master Lu, where have you been these past few days? Are you alright?" Lu Xiaobai looked at Lu Shaoyou and whispered, "I heard Housekeeper Zhao beat you up and then you disappeared. Did something happen to you? Did they do anything to you? "

Lu Shaoyou could tell that Lu Xiaobai was really nice to him. He said, "I'm fine. I will settle this with them in the future."

"Young Master Lu, you have a fever, right? It's good that you are fine. You want to settle the score with them? Do you want to die?" Lu Xiaobai looked at Lu Shaoyou and said.

Lu Shaoyou suddenly remembered that in his previous life, young master meant male prostitutes. He immediately said to Lu Xiaobai, "Don't call me young master in the future."

"Then what should I call you? In the entire Lu family, only Uncle Nan and I can call you young master. Hurry up and eat, I brought you breakfast." Lu Xiaobai's small eyes stared at Lu Shaoyou, then he took out some food and handed it to Lu Shaoyou.

"You can call me His Highness." Lu Shaoyou said. He looked at Lu Xiaobai and felt touched.

"Okay, you should finish eating quickly. We should go to work. Otherwise, Housekeeper Zhao will definitely cause trouble for us again." Lu Xiaobai said to Lu Shaoyou.

"What do you need to move?" Lu Shaoyou asked curiously.

Lu Xiaobai looked at Lu Shaoyou and said, "Don't you need to do things? There are a lot of goods here today. We are going to move them to the warehouse."

"I am not the young master." Lu Shaoyou said. He really had a hard life.

"Let's go." Lu Xiaobai said to Lu Shaoyou.

After leaving the courtyard, the two of them walked towards the back door of the Lu family. The goods of the Lu family were placed at the back door.

Lu Shaoyou knew that at this time, his mother should have gone to the laundry room in the backyard. His mother gave birth to him. Logically speaking, she should be Second Madame of Lu family, but his mother did not have any status. She still had to continue doing what the maidservants did. She had to do even more bitter work.

Lu Shaoyou knew that he couldn't change all of this for the time being. He could only grit his teeth and tell himself that he had to change everything as soon as possible. He had to become a Martial Artist or a Spiritual Cultivator.

According to the rules of Lu family, even if it was a servant who could become a Martial Disciple, he had to become a Martial Disciple or a ___. ... His status will rise immediately. Spiritual Cultivator was extremely rare. In the entire Lu family, there were only two or three Spiritual Cultivator at most. They were all treasures of the Lu family.

"Let's go, Housekeeper Zhao is in front of us." After passing through a few corridors, Lu Xiaobai suddenly said to Lu Shaoyou. Beside the back door of Lu family, there were three figures. Two of them were dressed like servants, and the one in the middle was dressed like a supervisor.

Lu Shaoyou sized up the three of them. He remembered that it was these three who had beaten the original Lu Shaoyou to death. After that, they quietly threw him down the cliff. It was fine if these three people bullied him normally, but they didn't really dare to beat him to death. After all, no matter what, he still had the blood of the Lu family on him.

Among these three people, there were two servants who were dressed like servants. In the Lu family, they were high rank servants. Usually, they only needed to serve First Madame's room. As for the person dressed as the chief steward, he looked like he was 35 or 36 years old, and his eyes were gloomy. These three people were the servants that First Madame brought from her mother's home.

Lu Shaoyou looked at these three people and felt a chill in his heart. He had to get rid of these three people. They were definitely a disaster to him. These three people and the other maidservants often bullied him and his mother.

However, the two senior servants were Martial Disciple Martial Artist, and Chief Zhao was even a Martial Warrior. Even ten burly men were no match for Chief Zhao. It would be difficult for him to get rid of these three men.

Lu Xiaobai led Lu Shaoyou out from the back in a hurry. Not far from the back door, there were over a thousand bags of goods piled up on the empty floor. Each bag seemed to be quite heavy.

Chief Zhao and the two senior servants looked at Lu Shaoyou. The three of them were instantly surprised. They looked at each other and their faces turned pale.

"Chief Zhao." One of the servants on the left side said to Chief Zhao in surprise.

"There's nothing to be surprised about. Maybe we were mistaken. He was lucky. He didn't die even after he was thrown to the cliff. It's good that he didn't die. It seemed that the old master was already investigating these two days, so he didn't need to worry about him for the time being. Let him have a few days of comfortable life." Chief Zhao whispered to the two people beside him.

"Why didn't Chief Zhao cause us any trouble today?" Lu Xiaobai picked up a bag of goods and said to Lu Shaoyou. He seemed to be a little puzzled. Usually, Chief Zhao would look for opportunities to cause trouble for the two of them.

At this moment, there were dozens of servants carrying the goods beside the pile. This group of servants ignored Lu Shaoyou when they saw him. They treated him as an invisible person. If they paid attention to him, they would make Chief Zhao angry.

"That's because we're lucky." Lu Shaoyou said. The three of them must have been scared when they saw him.

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