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Spiritual And Martial Conqueror/C5 The Woodshed's Secret Chamber
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C5 The Woodshed's Secret Chamber

The woodshed secret chamber.

Lu Shaoyou picked up a bag of goods. He felt that there seemed to be salt in this bag of goods. He turned around and saw Lu Xiaobai carrying a bag of goods. Lu Xiaobai could not even straighten his waist. He said, "Is it very heavy?"

"Why are you suddenly so strong? This bag of salt is one hundred and twenty kilograms. You could not carry it in the past." Lu Xiaobai said in surprise when he saw Lu Shaoyou easily carrying the bag of salt.

"Is that so? Why don't I feel that it's heavy?" Lu Shaoyou was also puzzled. He remembered that he could not carry it in the past. But now, this bag of salt seemed to only weigh thirty to forty kilograms on his shoulder. It did not require much effort.

"You're so strong." Lu Xiaobai said to Lu Shaoyou, and then the two of them followed the group of servants and carried the salt to the warehouse.

The warehouse was quite far from the back door. Last night, Lu Shaoyou did not carefully look at the Lu family. Now, he looked at the Lu family and found that it was not a small place. This area was only the backyard. All the direct descendants of the Lu family lived in the front yard. It looked very luxurious and spacious.

At the entrance of the backyard, Uncle Nan had been sitting quietly at the side of the back door. His gaze was intentionally fixed on Lu Shaoyou, who was carrying a few bags of salt back and forth. There was no expression on Uncle Nan's face, but if someone took a closer look... It was not hard to notice that there was a flash of light in Uncle Nan's eyes from time to time.

Uncle Nan had been in the Lu family for several decades, and his status in the Lu family wasn't low. No one knew his real name, and everyone called him Uncle Nan. Even Chief Zhao was afraid of him. Usually, Uncle Nan would only watch over the back door and prune the flowers and plants in the backyard. These thousands of bags of salt, dozens of servants would need an entire morning to move them all. At the end, everyone felt powerless. Only Lu Shaoyou was still in high spirits.

Lu Shaoyou carried the last bag of salt and entered through the back door. Uncle Nan slowly stood up and suddenly bumped into Lu Shaoyou. He seemed to have been hit by Lu Shaoyou and immediately coughed.

"Uncle Nan, are you alright?" Lu Shaoyou quickly held Uncle Nan's hands.

"Young Master Lu, I'm fine." Uncle Nan held Lu Shaoyou's hand and said as he steadied his body.

"Then I'll be leaving first. Uncle Nan, be careful." Lu Shaoyou said, feeling Uncle Nan's warm hand.

Lu Shaoyou did not pay much attention to it. He continued to walk towards the warehouse.

"Strange, why is it like this? He's a Yin and Yang Physique." Uncle Nan muttered to himself as he stared at Lu Shaoyou's back.

"Didn't you say that you can't become a Martial Artist? What do you want the Martial Skill for?" After lunch, in Lu Shaoyou's room, Lu Xiaobai stared at Lu Shaoyou and said.

"Do you have a way to get it?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"I am just a servant. How can I get the Martial Skill? However, I do have an outer circle Martial Skill book. It was left behind by the person who lived with me. He has gone home to visit his relatives these few days." Lu Shaoyou said.

"Bring it to me and let me take a look." Lu Shaoyou said. This outer sect Martial Skill was also a Martial Skill, it was good to take a look.

"Alright then, I'll send it over to you later." Lu Xiaobai said.

Lu Shaoyou had nothing to do in the afternoon. No one in Lu family cared about him. In the afternoon, Lu Shaoyou strolled around the backyard. Of course. This was only the backyard. Lu Shaoyou couldn't enter the area where the direct family members of the Lu family were.

In the evening, Lu Xiaobai brought over a small booklet. His mother also came back. He looked at his mother's tired face. His heart ached. It seemed that his mother had suffered a lot today. He had to change everything as soon as possible.

Lu Shaoyou returned to his room. He opened the Martial Skill that Lu Xiaobai had brought and started reading.

After reading it, Lu Shaoyou could not help but feel greatly disappointed. It was impossible for this outer sect Martial Skill to cultivate a peerless divine skill. There were only some simple moves on it, and it was useless even if he looked at it.

"What do I need to do to become a Martial Artist?" Lu Shaoyou murmured. If he wanted to change his destiny, he would need to at least become a Martial Artist himself.

"Why are you so close to death? Do you still want to become a Martial Artist?" Right at this moment, a mosquito like voice sounded in Lu Shaoyou's ears.

"Who are you?" Lu Shaoyou looked around the room in surprise. He was the only one in the room.

"If you don't want to die, come to the woodshed. Don't alert the others." The voice continued to speak in Lu Shaoyou's ear, then disappeared.

Lu Shaoyou felt that this voice was somewhat familiar, so he hesitated for a moment. He decided to go to the woodshed. This concerned his life and death. Regardless of whether it was true or not, he had to go. Since this person could transmit his voice, he must be someone very capable.

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Lu Shaoyou quietly walked towards the woodshed. The woodshed was not far from where he lived. It was midnight, and no one was there. When Lu Shaoyou arrived at the woodshed, he carefully looked around. There was no one outside.

"Stop looking, hurry up and come in." The voice once again whispered into Lu Shaoyou's ear.

"Who the hell are you?" Lu Shaoyou mustered his courage and opened the door of the woodshed. In the dark night, he saw a familiar figure. "Uncle Nan, why are you here?"

At this moment, Lu Shaoyou looked at the old servant, Uncle Nan. He did not look like an old man during the day. His eyes were bright and there was an invisible force in them. However, his face was slightly pale.

"Is it very strange? If I didn't see you grow up with a kind heart, I wouldn't have come to save you." The old servant, Uncle Nan, looked at Lu Shaoyou and said.

"Uncle Nan, save me? Why do I feel like you are different from before?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"You are about to die, but you still don't know." Uncle Nan looked at Lu Shaoyou and said.

Lu Shaoyou was puzzled. The old servant, Uncle Nan, looked at himself and said, "It can't be. I am fine. Uncle Nan, don't joke with me.

The old servant, Uncle Nan, laughed and said, "You think I'm joking? Five, four, three, two. One."

As the old servant, Uncle Nan, finished his words, Lu Shaoyou was confused. Suddenly, two streams of air, one cold and one hot, rampaged through his body, as if they wanted to destroy his internal organs.

Lu Shaoyou was about to scream, but before he could say anything, his vision blurred. The old servant, Uncle Nan, arrived in front of him in an unbelievable way. After that, Uncle Nan pressed a few times on Lu Shaoyou's chest and lower abdomen. The two huge currents in Lu Shaoyou's body disappeared and quieted down.

"I'm not lying to you, am I?" The old servant, Uncle Nan, said.

"Uncle Nan, what's going on? You have to save me!" At this moment, Lu Shaoyou was certain that this old servant, Uncle Nan, must be a legendary expert. It seemed like Uncle Nan had deliberately hidden himself in the Lu family. The cold and hot air currents in his body... It seemed like it was caused by those two Demonic Pill.

"Follow me." The old servant, Uncle Nan, glanced at Lu Shaoyou, then walked to a corner of the woodshed and pressed on a spot. Suddenly, an underground secret chamber appeared under the corner.

The old servant, Uncle Nan, ignored Lu Shaoyou's surprised expression and walked into the secret chamber. Lu Shaoyou walked into the secret chamber with surprise.

After a light sound, the door of the secret chamber was closed. Inside the secret room, Lu Shaoyou saw nothing except a stone bed.

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