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C6 Yin Yang Spirit Martial Skill

Article 6. Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art

"Uncle Nan." Upon seeing this secret chamber, Lu Shaoyou was shocked. In his memory, there was no secret chamber in this woodshed.

"I have been watching over this place, so I opened up a secret chamber here for emergencies. Tell me honestly, what happened these few days? What's the matter with the two energies in your body?" Staring at Lu Shaoyou, Uncle Nan lost the respect he usually showed Lu Shaoyou. However, the concern in his eyes had increased.

At this point, Lu Shaoyou did not dare to hide it anymore. He told Lu Shaoyou everything about the cliff from beginning to end.

"Green Giant Eagle can spit fire, white bat can spit cold air." After Uncle Nan heard Lu Shaoyou's story, he looked confused. He then said to Lu Shaoyou, "Where is the little snake you mentioned? Quick, let me take a look."

"This is the snake." Lu Shaoyou rolled up the sleeve on his right hand, revealing the small yellow snake that was raising its head.

"This is?" Uncle Nan was surprised when he saw the small yellow snake. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

"I really didn't expect this." Uncle Nan stared at Lu Shaoyou and said with surprise, "I didn't expect this. Your luck is really good. Such a good thing happened to you."

"Uncle Nan, make it clear. Why can't I understand it?" Lu Shaoyou said. But it turned out that Lu Shaoyou's life was really cheap, even worse than a servant's.

"Of course you don't understand." The old servant Uncle Nan said, "Let me ask you, do you want to die? Do you want to have a day where you can stand proudly in the world?" After saying that, Uncle Nan's eyes sparkled.

"Of course I don't want to die." Lu Shaoyou instantly knelt down in front of Uncle Nan. He wanted to change the current situation. Uncle Nan was definitely not an ordinary person. If Uncle Nan helped him, then he might immediately change his current situation.

"You're smart, but I want to help you, but I can't make up my mind. I don't know if I will help you or harm you in the end." Uncle Nan said with slight hesitation.

"Uncle Nan, of course you won't harm me." Lu Shaoyou said.

"Get up. I know you are kind and filial to your mother. Otherwise, I wouldn't have helped you, and I wouldn't have exposed my identity in front of you. Remember, you cannot tell anyone about me. " The old servant, Uncle Nan, said. He helped Lu Shaoyou up and continued," You have never been able to practice martial arts since you were young, nor have you become a Spiritual Cultivator. In my opinion, it's because you have been deployed with some brilliant techniques. Ordinary people naturally wouldn't be able to tell. I never thought that you would be able to survive this disaster. Obtaining two Spirit Pill. Under these two Fire and Water Spirit Pill, you actually have ten million rare Yin and Yang Physique. "

" Yin and Yang Physique? Uncle Nan, didn't you just say that I'm about to die? And didn't I consume the Demonic Pill? Why is it a Spirit Pill?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

" Do you think that Giant Eagle and the white bat are demon beasts? That was a Spirit Beast. That Giant Eagle demon beast should be a Fourth Rank Spirit Beast Fire Spirit Eagle, and the white bat should be a Tier 5 Spirit Beast Frost White Bat! A Spirit Pill was a treasure! Eating the Spirit Pill is like using a sledgehammer for a sledgehammer. But in the future, this will bring you a lot of benefits. However, as an ordinary person, you have consumed two Spirit Pill, the Fire Spirit Eagle and the Frost White Bat. Sooner or later, your body will explode and you will die. If it wasn't for me suppressing it for you just now, you wouldn't have been able to talk to me here right now. " The old servant, Uncle Nan, said to Lu Shaoyou.

"Uncle Nan, what should I do?" Lu Shaoyou didn't want to die.

"That depends on whether you want to have some achievements one day." Uncle Nan said.

"Of course I want to. As long as I live in this world, I naturally have to achieve something." Lu Shaoyou said firmly.

"I didn't expect you to have such ambition. Today, I will fulfill your wish." The old servant, Uncle Nan, looked at Lu Shaoyou with surprise in his eyes. Today, Lu Shaoyou seemed to be different from the Lu Shaoyou he knew before.

"Master, hello." Lu Shaoyou immediately knelt down on the ground.

"Stop! I never said I would take you as my disciple. I just wanted to help you." A trace of loneliness flashed across Uncle Nan's eyes as he said faintly.

"Uncle Nan, even if you don't accept me as your disciple, I will still kowtow." Lu Shaoyou was stunned for a moment, then he kowtowed three times. As long as he kowtowed, Uncle Nan wouldn't regret it. No matter what, Uncle Nan would teach him seriously.

"You usually look very honest. Why did you become so smart today? You are afraid that I will go back on my word and will not teach you seriously, right?" Uncle Nan smiled, and his eyes showed some praise.

Lu Shaoyou smiled embarrassedly. Uncle Nan was really smart. Uncle Nan knew what he was thinking.

"Sit down." Uncle Nan gestured for Lu Shaoyou to sit down. At the same time, he handed Lu Shaoyou a white Jade Slip. He said, "Remember, there are not many things I can help you with. Otherwise, I wouldn't have ended up like this. You'll have to rely on yourself to choose your future path "

" Uncle Nan, what is this? " Lu Shaoyou took the Jade Slip from Uncle Nan's hand and asked.

"This is a Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art. I accidentally obtained it back then. Only the people of the Yin and Yang Physique can cultivate it. This Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art has countless wonderful aspects. It was because I forcefully cultivated the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art that I ended up in this state. You are very lucky, because you have never cultivated a cultivation technique before. In addition, someone has placed a skill within your body. So... Not only did the Fire Spirit Eagle and Frost White Bat not cause your body to explode, but they also prevented you from dying. On the contrary, it was a miracle that you managed to achieve this one in a million Yin and Yang Physique. You just happen to be able to cultivate this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art." Uncle Nan said, his expression revealing a hint of loneliness. If he was also a Yin and Yang Physique, he wouldn't have fallen into such a state.

"Uncle Nan, then you should know who placed this skill on my body, preventing me from cultivating it?" Lu Shaoyou asked. Someone had actually done something bad to him since he was young. Someone had malicious intentions towards him, which made him very uneasy.

"Can't you guess?" Uncle Nan said.

"Uncle Nan, could it be her?" Lu Shaoyou instantly understood that First Madame might have done this. She was really heartless! Lu Shaoyou's eyes were filled with coldness. In the future, he would definitely make her pay the price.

"You need to be careful with your actions. It's good that you know this in your heart. Before you have the strength to deal with her, you better not act rashly. Although your father doesn't know about your matters, do you think that your grandfather doesn't know? It's just that he has other considerations. As long as you are alive... He'll let her do whatever she wants." Uncle Nan felt the coldness from Lu Shaoyou's body and said, "Use your drop of blood on this Jade Slip. You should cultivate this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art first. When you master this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art, how could the Lu family be put in your eyes? The sky is high and the birds are free to fly, the sea is wide and the fish is free to jump. Your future will depend on your luck."

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