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Spiritual And Martial Conqueror/C7 Refining the Spiritual Pill
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C7 Refining the Spiritual Pill

Section 7: Refining Spirit Pill

When Lu Shaoyou heard this, he calmed himself down. Judging from Uncle Nan's words, the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art was definitely extraordinary. Then, he bit his index finger, and a drop of blood dripped onto the white Jade Slip in his hand.

Immediately, the white Jade Slip emitted a dazzling light and drilled into Lu Shaoyou's forehead, turning into a huge amount of information that was left in his mind.

"Quickly remember the chant. Then, follow the chant and absorb the hot and cold energy from your body. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble." Uncle Nan said while standing beside Lu Shaoyou.

"The Dao of Yin and Yang. The Pure Yang Dao is the Azure Dragon, and the Pure Yin Dao is the White Tiger. "

Information about the incantation appeared in Lu Shaoyou's mind. Under Uncle Nan's guidance, Lu Shaoyou quickly started to chant.

Following the incantation, Lu Shaoyou immediately felt that the cold and hot energies in his body seemed to have come alive and started to flow slowly.

These two energies were flowing and colliding uncontrollably in his body. Lu Shaoyou followed Uncle Nan's instructions and guided them. Then, he used the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art to guide the two energies into his meridians. Heat flowed from his meridians into his Dantian and into his Qi Sea. The cold current turned into a warm stream of air and entered his mind. Immediately, he felt extremely comfortable in his mind.

Under this slow guidance, the two energies within his body began to deplete. They flowed into his Dantian and mind respectively.

These two energies shrank and expanded in Lu Shaoyou's meridians. He could feel that all the meridians in his body had expanded by a lot. He was in great pain, but soon after, his entire body felt indescribably comfortable.

"Let's call it a night." After an unknown period of time, Lu Shaoyou heard Uncle Nan's voice and immediately stopped circulating the incantation.

Lu Shaoyou stopped circulating the chant and exhaled a breath of foul air from his dantian. Instantly, the entire secret chamber was filled with a foul smell, which surprised him.

At this moment, Lu Shaoyou felt that less than a tenth of the two energies in his body had been refined by him. And at this moment, in his Dantian Sea of Qi... There seemed to be a warm flow within. This warm flow could only be described as pure.

In his mind, Lu Shaoyou felt something new. That feeling was very mysterious, as if his senses had become much clearer.

"You're not bad. It's almost dawn. You should go back first. Remember, you can't tell anyone about this matter. Come back tomorrow night until I say it's okay." The old servant, Uncle Nan, said to Lu Shaoyou.

"Yes, Uncle Nan." Lu Shaoyou replied and left the secret chamber. It was almost 5 o'clock in the morning. Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, Lu Shaoyou secretly returned to his room. Lu Shaoyou did not sleep the whole night, but he felt energetic. Thinking about the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art he was cultivating, it seemed like he would soon become an official Martial Artist.

In the darkness of the night, Uncle Nan returned to his hunched back. Staring at Lu Shaoyou, he murmured, "He is a Yin and Yang Physique. His talent is really not bad. His talent is even stronger than that bad disciple of mine. I can't help but teach the others Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art. I hope he won't become the second bad disciple. And Spirit Emperor Beast. His luck is really good. Then I'll help him till the end."

Uncle Nan murmured and then slowly disappeared into the night sky.

In the next few days, during the day, Lu Shaoyou did his usual work. He was like an ordinary servant, doing everything. At night, Lu Shaoyou went to Uncle Nan's secret chamber. He was refining the two energies in his body according to the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art's chant.

During these few days, Lu Shaoyou had gained a better understanding of Spiritual Cultivator and Martial Artist from Uncle Nan. Spiritual Cultivator was the same as Martial Artist, each level had a Layer 9.

Before this, Martial Artist was divided into Martial Disciple. Martial Warrior. The Martial Master was divided into Martial Psyche, Martial General, Martial Marshal, Martial King and Martial Sovereign. Martial Monarch. Before the Martial Disciple, there was still the realm of Martial Qi. Only when one reached the peak of the ninth level of Martial Qi could one break through to the Martial Disciple. Only warriors at the Martial Disciple could be considered a true Martial Artist.

It was the same for those who had reached the Spiritual Cultivator. Before reaching the Spirit Disciple, there was still a Layer 9 of Spiritual Qi. Only after breaking through to the Layer 9 of Spiritual Qi could one officially become a Spirit Disciple, and become an official Spiritual Cultivator.

Every day, he would refine the energy in his body. During the day, he seemed to have an endless amount of energy when he worked. This made Lu Xiaobai surprised, guessing what kind of medicine Lu Shaoyou had taken.

Lu Shaoyou was the clearest about the benefits he had gotten. According to what Uncle Nan said, he had been refining for the past four days. He had reached the eighth level of Qi. He had a high chance of breaking through to the Martial Disciple tonight. Once he broke through to the Martial Disciple, he would become an official Martial Artist.

On the fifth night, when the sky turned dark, Lu Shaoyou arrived at the secret chamber early in the morning. After today, he would become an official Martial Disciple, and this could be considered as accomplishing his first goal.

"You're really early." Lu Shaoyou had come early, but Uncle Nan had come even earlier. He looked at Lu Shaoyou. At this moment, he was the only one who was shocked. Lu Shaoyou possessed the Yin and Yang Physique. His talent was simply too great.

"Uncle Nan, can we start now?" Lu Shaoyou asked Uncle Nan. He couldn't wait to break through to the Martial Disciple as soon as possible. In the future, he would become an official Martial Artist.

"Let's begin." The old servant, Uncle Nan, smiled. Only in this secret chamber would he be able to conceal his aged appearance.

Lu Shaoyou sat cross-legged on the stone bed, his hands overlapping. Immediately after, he made a hand seal. He calmed himself down, closed his eyes, and continued to refine the hot and cold energies in his body. After a while, he closed his eyes, and his breathing was steady and powerful.

Slowly, a faint mist began to emit from Lu Shaoyou's pores. If one were to carefully feel it, the mist was hot and cold. It looked mysterious.

Looking at all of this, the old servant, Uncle Nan, revealed a satisfied smile. As time passed, the fog around Lu Shaoyou began to thicken.

"Nine layers of Martial Qi, nine layers of Spiritual Qi, Yin and Yang Physique, it really lives up to its reputation. Nine layers of Martial Qi, nine layers of Spiritual Qi. Yin and Yang Physique, it really lives up to its reputation." The old servant Uncle Nan said in surprise.

Time passed again. About eight hours later, the fog around Lu Shaoyou's body began to thicken until it wrapped around his body. Then, the white fog stuck to his body, emitting a jade-like luster.

In Lu Shaoyou's body, he could feel that his dantian was like a balloon filled with air. At the same time, there was a warm flow of heat in his mind.

"I'm about to break through, continue."

Lu Shaoyou felt this change. After listening to Uncle Nan's explanation for the past few days, he had some understanding about cultivation. The current situation was exactly what he wanted to break through to the next realm.

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