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C8 Breakthrough!

A secret joy blossomed in Lu Shaoyou's heart as he maintained his peak state of cultivation, persistently refining the dual energies coursing within him—one icy, the other fiery. His Dantian Sea of Qi steadily swelled with power.

The energy he had honed from his meridians seeped through his skin and pores, fortifying his bones and muscles, bringing him an indescribable sense of comfort.

As time slipped by, Lu Shaoyou sensed transformative shifts within his body.

"I'm on the verge of a breakthrough," he realized with clarity. The moment he had been working towards was finally within reach. Aware of his precarious standing within the Lu family, he knew that only by becoming a Martial Artist could he begin to turn the tide. With sufficient strength, no one would dare target him or his mother. In both his past and present lives, the significance of power remained unchanged.

In this world, the might of Martial Artists and Spiritual Cultivators was unparalleled.

The prospect of advancing to Martial Disciple in a mere five days didn't strike him as particularly swift. Little did he know, for most, such an ascent could take five years—a fact that would incite envy and outrage among his peers.

Even Uncle Nan, who attributed Lu Shaoyou's rapid progress to the refinement of two Demonic Pills, couldn't help but be astounded by the sheer velocity of his advancement.

Time marched on, and then, with a sudden surge, two enigmatic energies burst forth from Lu Shaoyou. One hovered near his Dantian Sea of Qi, the other at his brow, as a subtle halo encircled him. These energies traced the contours of a faint Taiji Yin Yang pattern, stirring the air around them into a dance of ripples. Lu Shaoyou found himself enveloped in a profound trance.

The energies lingered briefly before retracting into him, leaving behind an invisible aura that amplified his presence.

Lu Shaoyou felt his Dantian Sea of Qi swell dramatically, a powerful force expanding it significantly, while an energy in his mind seemed to ascend to new heights. The experience was deeply mystical.

"He's achieved a breakthrough. It's astounding," Uncle Nan observed, his eyes reflecting his amazement.

Lu Shaoyou expelled a breath of stale air from his Dantian Sea of Qi and turned to Uncle Nan, announcing, "I've made it through."

"That's just the beginning. You have a long journey ahead," Uncle Nan replied, his smile giving way to a stern expression.

"Does this mean I'm now officially a Martial Artist?" Lu Shaoyou asked, his tongue playfully flicking out. Was Uncle Nan implying his progress wasn't swift enough?

"You've reached the level of a Spiritual Cultivator," Uncle Nan stated gently.

"Spiritual Cultivator? But you said that was incredibly difficult to achieve," Lu Shaoyou exclaimed, astounded. The notion seemed beyond belief. His memories told him there was no precedent for such an occurrence in this world.

"Indeed, it's more challenging than you could imagine. I had previously assessed your physique in secret. Your innate talent was decent, average at best. Had it not been for the interference you faced, becoming a Martial Artist wouldn't have been a struggle. However, aspiring to be a Spiritual Cultivator? That would have been nothing more than a fanciful dream."

Uncle Nan shot a sharp glance at Lu Shaoyou before continuing, "You're fortunate, though. Both the Fire Spirit Eagle and the Frost White Bat are Spirit Beasts of the fire element. Moreover, someone had manipulated your inner energy, which you managed to break through, granting you the Yin and Yang Physique.

These Spirit Beasts, along with the Spirit Pill's potent energy, have significantly boosted your Spiritual Energy. Coupled with the Yin and Yang Physique and the profound mysteries of the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art, you've become both a Spiritual Cultivator and a Martial Artist. Without any one of these elements, you wouldn't stand a chance at becoming a Spiritual Cultivator."

"So that's the secret," Lu Shaoyou mused internally, sensing that his narrow escape from death was a prelude to greater blessings.

"Now that you're both a Martial Artist and a Spiritual Cultivator, and you've got a grasp of the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art, it's time we discuss its advantages and drawbacks," Uncle Nan advised Lu Shaoyou.

"The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art has disadvantages?" Lu Shaoyou inquired.

Uncle Nan nodded, "This cultivation technique I stumbled upon has three significant advantages. The first is that it allows you to cultivate both Spiritual Energy and Martial Power simultaneously, making you stronger than your peers. If all goes well, you'll be unmatched among them."

"But there's also a significant downside to the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art," Uncle Nan added.

Lu Shaoyou, taken aback, interrupted, "But you mentioned three benefits. What are the others?"

"Quiet down and listen," Uncle Nan scolded with a stern look. "The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art has two drawbacks. The most severe is the snail's pace of your cultivation progress—it's more than ten times slower than typical techniques. If you manage to reach Martial Master within a hundred years through normal cultivation, it would be nothing short of miraculous."

"What? A hundred years to become a Martial Master?" Lu Shaoyou's earlier pride deflated, leaving him feeling utterly dejected.

"What's the rush? Didn't I mention there are two more benefits?" Uncle Nan reminded him. "You've already experienced one—the ability to directly consume Spirit Pills or Demonic Pills for breakthroughs in your cultivation."

Uncle Nan spoke with gravity, "Moreover, you can use the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art to directly absorb the Spiritual Qi of Spiritual Cultivators and the Spirit Qi of Martial Artists for your advancement."

"I can directly absorb their Spiritual Qi for my breakthroughs?" Lu Shaoyou was astounded. The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art was incredibly potent.

Recovering from his surprise, Lu Shaoyou asked, "Uncle Nan, isn't the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art an evil practice?"

"Good and evil are human constructs; cultivation techniques don't inherently possess such qualities. Spiritual Cultivators and Martial Artists extract Demonic Pills and Spirit Pills from beasts to enhance their own power—is that considered righteous? The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art is simply more advanced. It allows you to directly absorb energy from Spirit and Demonic Pills without the need for refinement, and you can even draw energy straight from other cultivators," explained Uncle Nan, the seasoned servant.

"Indeed, there is no inherent good or evil in the techniques themselves. If a person is kind-hearted, then the techniques they practice are imbued with righteousness. Conversely, if one's heart harbors evil, then any technique they wield becomes tainted with that malevolence," Lu Shaoyou explained.

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