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C8 Breakthrough

Article 8. Breakthrough.

Lu Shaoyou was secretly delighted. He maintained the best state of cultivation and continued to refine the cold and hot energies in his body. The Dantian Sea of Qi in his body continued to steadily increase.

The energy refined from his meridians flowed through his meridians, soaking his skin, pores, and forging his bones and muscles. Everything made him feel indescribably comfortable.

Time passed once again. Lu Shaoyou felt that there was a change in his body.

"I'm about to break through." Lu Shaoyou understood that he was finally going to break through. He knew the situation he was in in in Lu family. He needed to become a Martial Artist in order to solve all these problems. If he had enough strength now, no one would dare to bully him and his mother. Whether it was his past life or present life, strength was equally important.

In this life, Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator were the absolute strength.

He didn't seem to feel that he could break through to the Martial Disciple in just five days. What he didn't know was that ordinary people wouldn't be able to break through to the Martial Disciple in five years. If his thoughts were to be known by countless people who were advancing to the Martial Disciple, it would definitely cause public outrage.

Even in Uncle Nan's heart, although Lu Shaoyou had improved so quickly because he had refined the two Demonic Pill in his body, his speed was still absolutely shocking.

Time passed once more. Slowly, two profound energies burst out from Lu Shaoyou's body at the same time. One was guarding near his Dantian Sea of Qi while the other was guarding between his eyebrows. A ring of faint light surrounded Lu Shaoyou's body. With these two profound energies as the points, a faintly visible Taiji Yin Yang pattern was formed.

It was as if a spatial current had been stirred within this pattern. Ripples of wind began to form in the surroundings. At this moment, Lu Shaoyou seemed to be immersed in a mysterious state.

These two profound energies stopped outside Lu Shaoyou's body for a moment, then dissipated and returned to his body. At the same time, an invisible Qi field was formed around Lu Shaoyou's body. His Qi had become much stronger.

Lu Shaoyou could feel the Dantian Sea of Qi suddenly expanding. After that, as if a huge force had pressed down on it, the Dantian Sea of Qi had become much bigger. At the same time, there seemed to be an energy rising in his mind. Then, he felt that this feeling was very mysterious.

"He broke through. Truly inconceivable." Watching all of this, Uncle Nan's eyes revealed a look of surprise.

After Lu Shaoyou exhaled some foul air from the Dantian Sea of Qi along his throat, he looked at Uncle Nan and said, "Uncle Nan, I have made a breakthrough."

"This is nothing. You still have a long way to go." Uncle Nan stopped smiling and said to Lu Shaoyou with a straight face.

"Uncle Nan, then I should be considered an official Martial Artist now, right?" Lu Shaoyou stuck out his tongue and asked. Did this Uncle Nan think that his breakthrough wasn't fast enough?

"You can be considered a Spiritual Cultivator now." Uncle Nan said in a low voice.

"Spiritual Cultivator? Didn't you say it would be extremely difficult to become a Spiritual Cultivator?" Lu Shaoyou was surprised. This was too unbelievable. According to the memories in his mind, there seemed to be no such person in this world.

"Of course it's harder than you think. I've secretly checked your constitution before, your original aptitude is considered average. If it wasn't for the fact that you've been set up by someone, it wouldn't have been difficult for you to cultivate to the Martial Artist. However, if you want to cultivate to the Spiritual Cultivator, you're just daydreaming."

Uncle Nan glared at Lu Shaoyou and continued," But you are lucky. The Fire Spirit Eagle and the Frost White Bat are both Spirit Beast. And they are Fire Spirit Beast and Fire Spirit Beast. In addition, someone has laid down a method in your body, and it just so happens that it can help you break through that method. It actually allowed you to possess a Yin and Yang Physique.

As for the Fire Spirit Eagle and the Frost White Bat, they were both Spirit Beast. The spirit energy contained within the Spirit Pill greatly increased your spirit energy. Coupled with the mysterious combination of the Yin and Yang Physique and the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art, it allowed you to become a Spiritual Cultivator and Martial Artist at the same time. If you lack any of these conditions, you won't have any chance of becoming a Spiritual Cultivator."

"So that's how it is." Lu Shaoyou thought to himself. It seemed like he would be blessed after surviving a great disaster.

"Alright, since you have become a Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator, and your Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art has also entered the sect, I should tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art." Uncle Nan said to Lu Shaoyou.

"Could it be that there are disadvantages to the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art?" Lu Shaoyou said.

"The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art is a cultivation technique that I accidentally obtained. This cultivation technique has three greatest benefits." Uncle Nan looked at Lu Shaoyou and said, "The first benefit is that this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art is a skill that can allow you to cultivate both spirit and martial power at the same time. In this way, your future strength will be stronger than those at the same level as you. It can be said that if nothing unexpected happens to those who are at the same level as you, ___ said. Your strength is invincible."

"There is also a huge disadvantage to this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art." Uncle Nan continued.

Lu Shaoyou was stunned and interrupted Uncle Nan's words. He asked, "Didn't you say that it has three benefits? What else?"

"Shut up and listen to me." Uncle Nan glared at Lu Shaoyou and continued, "This Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art also has two disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that the speed of cultivation progress is extremely slow. It is more than ten times slower than normal cultivation methods. This means that if you cultivate normally, you will be able to break through to the Martial Master within a hundred years. It's a miracle."

"What?! I can only reach the Martial Master in a hundred years." Lu Shaoyou, who was still feeling proud just a moment ago, suddenly felt extremely disappointed.

"Why are you in such a hurry? Didn't I say that it has two other benefits?" Uncle Nan looked at Lu Shaoyou and said, "There are two other benefits to this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art. You have already used one of them. That is, it can allow you to directly devour Spirit Pill or Demonic Pill to allow your cultivation base to break through. "

Uncle Nan said seriously, "You can even use the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art to directly devour Spiritual Cultivator spiritual energy and Martial Artist Spirit to break through."

"I can directly devour Spiritual Cultivator's spiritual energy and Martial Artist Spirit to achieve a breakthrough?" Lu Shaoyou was surprised. The Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art was too powerful.

After Lu Shaoyou recovered from his shock, he said, "Uncle Nan, could it be that this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art is an evil skill?"

"Only humans can be differentiated between good and evil. How can cultivation techniques be differentiated between good and evil? Spiritual Cultivator or Martial Artist can seize the Demonic Pill and Spirit Pill from demon beasts or Spirit Beast and refine them into medicinal pills to increase their own strength. Could this be the righteous path? This is only because the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art is of a higher grade than them. It can allow you to directly absorb energy from the Spirit Pill and Demonic Pill. You don't need to refine them at all. You can also directly absorb energy from Spiritual Cultivator and Martial Artist's bodies." The old servant, Uncle Nan, said.

"That's true. There is no distinction between good and evil. If a person is kind, then the cultivation technique he cultivates is righteous. If the heart of the person is evil, then any cultivation technique that falls into his hands will also be evil." Lu Shaoyou said.

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