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C9 Choose Martial Arts

Section 9: Choose the Martial Skill.

Hearing Lu Shaoyou's words, Uncle Nan slightly nodded his head and said, "However, you must remember that you must not use the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art to devour others in front of others."

"Why? Don't tell me I can't devour evil people?" Lu Shaoyou said.

"You can try, unless you aren't afraid of all the Martial Artist and Spiritual Cultivator in the world hunting you down." Uncle Nan said.

Lu Shaoyou smiled bitterly. He naturally understood that if the other Spiritual Cultivator and Martial Artist knew about this powerful skill, must have taken it for himself and killed him at the same time. With this powerful skill, he would undoubtedly become the public enemy of all Spiritual Cultivator and Martial Artist in the world.

"Then there is another benefit?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"There is another benefit." After Uncle Nan calmed himself down, he said, "If you use the Yin and Yang Physique to cultivate the Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art, you will be able to become an All Attribute Martial Artist."

"What is an All Attribute Martial Artist?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"I'll tell you this slowly in the future. You won't be able to remember this much. In any case, although the All Attribute Martial Artist wasn't as powerful as the dual cultivation of spirit and martial power, the difference wasn't too big. You'll know the benefits of the All Attribute Martial Artist in the future. Your luck is so good that even I'm envious." Uncle Nan said.

"Uncle Nan, is there another flaw?" Uncle Nan had just said that there were two shortcomings to this Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art. One was that his normal cultivation speed was extremely slow. He was already mentally prepared to listen to the other flaw.

"There's another flaw, and that is that you want to break through. You need to break through with spirit energy and martial strength at the same time. Yin Yang Spirit Martial Art... If spirit energy and martial power are compatible, then you can break through at the same time. Otherwise, don't even think about breaking through. " Uncle Nan said.

"So harsh." Lu Shaoyou was depressed, then he asked, "Then how should I cultivate?"

"According to your current situation, if you want to improve your strength, then you have to find the Demonic Pill and the Spirit Pill to devour." Uncle Nan said to Lu Shaoyou with a smile.

"Uncle Nan, are you joking? Demonic Pill, Spirit Pill. Only Fourth Rank demon beasts and Spirit Beast would have Demonic Pill and Spirit Pill. Even the entire Lu family might not be able to afford a few of those things. How do you want me to find Demonic Pill and Spirit Pill to devour them? " Lu Shaoyou stared at Uncle Nan. What a joke! With his current status, he was just a useless young master. How could he have the money to buy Demonic Pill and Spirit Pill to devour?

"You should think of a way yourself. You're not my disciple. Do you really think I can help you think of a way?" Uncle Nan stared at Lu Shaoyou and said.

"Uncle Nan, how about you lend me some gold coins?" Lu Shaoyou hesitated for a moment, smiled maliciously and said to Uncle Nan. Uncle Nan was definitely not an ordinary person. He should have some money on him.

"Do you think an old man like me will lend you some gold coins?" Uncle Nan said. He told Lu Shaoyou firmly that he did not have any gold coins.

"Uncle Nan, I have already kowtowed to you. Are you not going to help me?" Lu Shaoyou said. He had no choice but to beg Uncle Nan to help him.

"Don't go too far." Uncle Nan stared at Lu Shaoyou and said, "I can't help you. I can help you think of a way."

"It's good that you have a way." Lu Shaoyou smiled. As long as Uncle Nan had a solution, it would be a good thing. It was not easy for him to become a person who cultivated both spirit energy and martial arts at the same time. Originally, he thought that his future would be limitless. If his strength improved as slowly as a snail, then what future would he have?

"Don't forget, you're not only at the Martial Artist right now. A Spiritual Cultivator can do a lot of things to earn gold coins. For example, refining pills, cultivating herbs, and even weapons refined by a Spiritual Cultivator. The price of a weapon will be much higher. " Uncle Nan said.

"I'm a Spiritual Cultivator, but I don't know how to use these things." Lu Shaoyou said with a depressed tone. Although he was a Spiritual Cultivator now, he didn't know how to concoct pills, cultivate herbs, and forge weapons.

"You don't know how to do these things, but I didn't say I don't know how to do them." Uncle Nan said unhappily.

"Uncle Nan, you mean you are refining pills and weapons for me? Then you are going to sell these?" Lu Shaoyou said happily, but before he could finish his words, he was knocked on the head, and then he covered his head with both hands. He looked at Uncle Nan with a trace of grievance and said, "Why did you hit me?"

"Impossible! You actually want me to refine medicinal pills and weapons for you." Uncle Nan stared at Lu Shaoyou and said, "I can teach you. Back then, many Spirit King and Spirit Venerable knelt down and begged me. But I don't want to pay any attention to them. You're really lucky. "

" Alright. " The corner of Lu Shaoyou's mouth curled up, revealing a faint evil smile.

"Although you have become a Martial Artist, you still don't have any Martial Skill. Tell me, what kind of Martial Skill do you want to learn?" Uncle Nan looked at Lu Shaoyou and said.

"Uncle Nan, didn't you say that there are six types of Martial Skill? Do you have the Heaven Level Martial Technique?" Lu Shaoyou thought to himself. The higher the grade of the Martial Skill, the better.

"Heaven Level Martial Technique? Do you think there are Heaven Level Martial Technique everywhere?" The old servant, Uncle Nan, glared at Lu Shaoyou.

Lu Shaoyou blinked his eyes and said, "Then let's take the Earth level Martial Skill."

"Earth level Martial Skill? With your current Martial Disciple strength, do you know how to learn Earth level Martial Skill?" The old servant asked again.

"Then the Profound Level Martial Technique should be enough, right?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"I do have a set of Martial Skill here, and it's quite profound. Do you want it?" The old servant, Uncle Nan, said.

"It's quite profound? Of course it's a good item. I'll take it." Lu Shaoyou smiled and said, "Uncle Nan, what level is this Martial Skill?"

"No level." The old servant Uncle Nan said.

"What level is no level?" Lu Shaoyou was puzzled. What was Uncle Nan trying to do?

"I don't know what level it is either. Even I don't know what level it is. I hope you can understand it. Also, based on your current strength, I will give you two sets of Martial Skill. One set of offensive Martial Skill and one set of Defensive martial skill. The attack Martial Skill's level wasn't high, it was only a Star Rank Martial Skill. But it was also the most suitable weapon for you right now. No matter how high it was, you wouldn't be able to cultivate it. As for this Defensive martial skill, it was given to me after someone came looking for me to do something. It is also somewhat profound. It just so happens that you are lucky to have a Spirit Emperor Beast with you." Uncle Nan said.

"Uncle Nan, you're talking about that little snake. What Spirit Emperor Beast is it?" Lu Shaoyou asked.

"Little snake? You are really lucky. If Martial Sovereign and Spirit Venerable found out about its origin, they would never let you go. But luckily, there aren't many people who know about this Spirit Emperor Beast." The old servant, Uncle Nan, said. His eyes were filled with pride. He had been in Lu family for dozens of years, and had been hiding his identity. Now, he was talking about his abilities and cultivation base in front of a little kid, and it gave him a pleasant feeling.

"So powerful?" Lu Shaoyou was also surprised. It turned out that this small snake, which was ten centimeters long, had such a powerful background. He really did not know.

"Concentrate your mind and concentrate your Qi. Don't move." At this moment, the old servant, Uncle Nan, said. A layer of faint light seemed to be flickering in his hand. Finally, he pressed his two fingers together on Lu Shaoyou's forehead.

Lu Shaoyou instantly felt as if a long string had been pulled out from his mind. Then, a glowing gas fell into Uncle Nan's hand. At the same time, a drop of blood fell into Uncle Nan's hand from Lu Shaoyou's forehead.

"Rise." Lu Shaoyou saw Uncle Nan muttering something in his mouth as he changed his hand seals. After that, the small yellow snake on Lu Shaoyou's right hand appeared in Uncle Nan's hand.

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