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Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C1 The Most Imperfect First Meeting
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C1 The Most Imperfect First Meeting

It's hot.

Her blood seemed to be on the verge of burning.

The young woman lightly leaned against the white porcelain brick. The cold temperature transmitted from her back, temporarily suppressing the boiling heat in her blood.

She took a deep breath. Her body also relaxed.

Damn it, she was just in a bad mood. How could she be framed?

If she knew who drugged her, she would definitely skin that person!

Qin Jingxuan walked into the bathroom and stopped.

A slim woman leaned against the cold wall and gently rubbed against it. She was wearing a beautiful white evening dress.

Her forehead was full of sweat. Drops of sweat flowed down her beautiful neck, shining under the light.

She closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling under the weak light. Under the pale light, she was exceptionally charming.

Ye Xiangwan heard someone come in and immediately opened her eyes.

She subconsciously looked at the door.

The man was tall and had delicate facial features. His eyes only paused on her body for a moment before he slowly moved away. He took steady steps towards the bathroom on the left.

Ye Xiangwan narrowed her eyes and looked at the man's side profile and whistled.

He was so handsome.

Qin Jingxuan did not stop, as if he had already gotten used to seeing women's fascinated gazes.

Just as he was about to open the bathroom door, suddenly, a hand grabbed his arm, and a pleasant voice rang in his ears.

Ye Xiangwan leaned against the brick wall and smiled as she approached Qin Jingxuan. She said softly, "Handsome, how much for a night?"

Qin Jingxuan looked at the delicate hand on his arm that belonged to a woman and looked sideways.

"You can't afford it. "

Ye Xiangwan could clearly feel the indifference and contempt in the man's words, but under the effect of the medicine, how could she care about it?

That man's sexy voice made her even more fascinated. She greedily looked at his handsome side profile.

Qin Jingxuan had always hated people touching him.

He coldly took Ye Xiangwan's hand away, pushed open the bathroom door, and walked in.

Ye Xiangwan was about to follow him, but when she took a step, she saw the man in front of her say without turning his head, "Look up. "

Ye Xiangwan subconsciously looked up.

She did not know why, but this man seemed to have always been in a superior position. His actions had an inexplicable deterrent force that made her want to obey.

When she looked up, she saw the sign on the door.

[Male Bathroom]

She knew it was a male bathroom.

She didn't stop.

Ye Xiangwan lowered her head and looked at the man again with admiration.

He was so handsome.

His voice was really pleasant to listen to.

His figure was really good.

Qin Jingxuan leaned to the side and put his finger on the zipper of his pants. He did not move for a long time.

He thought that she would stop when he showed her the men's bathroom sign, but she actually prepared to come in.

He looked at her coldly.

"Get lost. "

His words were bone-chilling cold.

His words were even colder than his gaze.

Ye Xiangwan subconsciously shivered. When his cold gaze pierced her, her lost consciousness suddenly recovered a little.

Facing that person's cold gaze again, Ye Xiangwan hurriedly helped him close the bathroom door.

Ye Xiangwan raised her head. The light from the crystal lamp stimulated her eyes and she regained some consciousness.

She rushed to the sink and turned on the tap. The cold water was poured on her face and woke her up.

Ye Xiangwan remembered what she had just done. She even had the mood to hit the wall.

She heavily pressed her forehead against the cold sink.

She gently tapped the sink.

She was too ashamed to face anyone.

She should leave this place as soon as possible!

In any case, as long as she didn't meet that man again in the future, no one would know that such an embarrassing thing had happened.

Just as Ye Xiangwan turned around, there was a burst of hurried footsteps at the door.

A fat man with a bloated body walked in.

Seeing Ye Xiangwan, the fat man's eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "I finally found you. "

Ye Xiangwan felt that she was going to be blind.

A man who was about the same age as her father actually looked at her with that kind of gaze!

His voice was clearly very hard to hear, but he still pretended to be gentle and called her little beauty!

"You won't be able to escape today. You have to accompany me. "

The fat man walked towards Ye Xiangwan as he said with a lewd smile.

Ye Xiangwan thought that the person who made her take the aphrodisiac should be this fat man!

He was very fat. She estimated that if she kicked him, not only would she not be able to knock him over, she would twist her leg instead. She could not use violence because she could not beat him.

Ye Xiangwan thought about it and suddenly had an idea.

She kept staring at him and then her eyes lit up at the part of his reproductive organ. She looked nostalgic and sad and said softly, "Uncle, I also had something like you in the past. "

The fat man was stunned for a moment and did not understand what Ye Xiangwan meant.

Ye Xiangwan pointed at the lower part of his waist and said with a sigh, "I also had something that was slightly bigger than yours in the past. "

The fat man lowered his head and looked at a certain part of his body and suddenly understood.

But his face was more gloomy than before.

Ye Xiangwan continued to talk to herself as if she did not notice his change in expression, "I used to like a boy in the same dormitory. But he said he didn't like men, so I made up my mind and went to Thailand to undergo sex change surgery. Then I changed from a handsome man to a woman. But when I came back, He actually complained about me being disgusting and called me a pervert. Later on, we weren't even friends anymore. "

The fatter the man heard, the gloomier his face became.

His gaze moved back and forth between Ye Xiangwan's waist, feeling very helpless.

Ye Xiangwan was immersed in her narration.

"Why is there such a ruthless man? I went to Thailand to undergo sex change for him and when I came back, I was beaten up badly by my parents. I went to look for him when I was injured, and it rained so heavily. In the end, he locked me outside the dormitory and told me not to look for him in the future. "

"That's enough!"

The fat man was even angrier, and his face was extremely gloomy.

He looked at Ye Xiangwan's beautiful face and suddenly felt a wave of disgust!

Ye Xiangwan looked up at the fat man and blinked.

"Uncle, you don't believe me? Then I'll take off my clothes for you to see. The scars of my surgery are still there. "

"Uncle, why do you look so pale?"

"Why are you running? If you can't afford to play, don't provoke me!"

Before Ye Xiangwan could finish speaking, the fatty turned around and ran out as if he had seen a disgusting thing.

Ye Xiangwan watched that person disappear from her sight and laughed after a long while.

What reason did she use to scare away the last man?

She remembered. That time when she told him that she was an AIDS patient, he was so scared that his face turned pale and he ran away.

This kind of disgusting man should be scared a few times.

If that was the case, they would not dare to set a trap for a beautiful woman next time.

In the bathroom, Qin Jingxuan looked in the direction of the door and heard the woman's gradually leaving voice. There was a smile on his face.

She was really an interesting woman.

This was the first time he had seen a woman use this kind of self-defense method.

However, it was truly a pity. He had just thought that she was a prostitute in a bar, so he didn't pay much attention to her looks.

He was afraid that in the future, even if they had the chance to meet, he wouldn't be able to recognize her.

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