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C10 She Stole Her Boyfriend

Qin Huaian's phone rang. He walked to the window and answered a call.

Qin Jingxuan sat alone on the sofa, holding a small blue porcelain cup and drinking tea, venting his loneliness.

Every time he drank a sip of tea, he told himself in his heart: Qin Jingxuan, you must like women.

Qin Jingxuan, you are a man, you like women.

Ye Xiangwan sat on the bus and muddleheaded all the way home.

Uncle's house was only 600 to 700 meters away from the bus station. After the bus, Ye Xiangwan walked dejectedly. The high temperature of nearly thirty degrees Celsius made her depressed to become even more muddle-headed.

The hot sun was above her head. Even the gusts of wind were hot.

It was really uncomfortable for her to go out in the summer.

She pushed open the door to the living room. The air conditioner in the living room was blowing, and a refreshing feeling hit her face. Only then did Ye Xiangwan's numb nerves begin to recover.

Her back was leaning against the cold brick wall. She raised her head and lightly tapped on the wall brick with the back of her head.

"I'm too embarrassed. "

She moved her lips and moaned. Then, she raised her hand to cover her face.

Until now, when she recalled the scene in the restaurant, she still had the urge to commit suicide.

While she was angry at her own stupidity, her hatred towards Qin Jingxuan also increased rapidly.

He was really detestable.

He knew that she had mistaken him for someone else from the very beginning, but he just calmly sat there and watched her make a fool of herself.

No wonder he ignored her when she called him Mr. Cheng. He didn't answer when she talked to him. So he wanted to see her make a fool of herself.

God, kill this monster! God, how can you tolerate such a monster that will bring disaster to the people?

While Ye Xiangwan was complaining, Yao Siyu walked out of the kitchen.

She saw that Ye Xiangwan looked very strange at first glance.

Of course, Yao Siyu was not worried in her heart.

She was just a little puzzled.

Ye Xiangwan, who had always been outgoing, also had times to complain?

"What's wrong with you?"

Yao Siyu held a cup of freshly squeezed green apple juice and walked to the sofa area to sit down. She looked at Ye Xiangwan who was at the door.

Ye Xiangwan heard the sound and immediately opened her eyes.

Facing Yao Siyu's scrutinizing gaze, she raised her hand to wipe her face, suppressing all the negative emotions.

She squeezed out a smile and said, "It's nothing, Aunt. I just encountered some unhappy things on the street. I am fine now. "

Yao Siyu nodded and comfortably leaned against the sofa. She drank a mouthful of apple juice and did not ask anymore.

No matter what, Xiangwan was not her biological daughter. Why would she really care about Xiangwan?

Ye Xiangwan was used to seeing Yao Siyu like this. She did not mind and smiled. As she walked, she said, "Aunt, I'm going upstairs to take a shower first. I'll come down later to cook. The weather is too hot. When I go out, it's like steaming sauna. I'm covered in sweat. "

Yao Siyu nodded.

Ye Xiangwan went up a few steps and suddenly heard Yao Siyu say, "Oh right, Cheng Haomiao said he has time tomorrow. "

"I am not going. "

Ye Xiangwan stopped walking and turned around to say to Yao Siyu.

Yao Siyu turned her head to look at her in surprise.


"I don't know either. I just don't want to go to the blind date anymore. "

Ye Xiangwan smiled.

There was a voice in her heart saying, I can't tell you that I made a joke out of the blind date today. My heart was hurt. I don't want to go to the blind date for a short period of time.

This kind of thing is already embarrassing enough. I won't let you know that this matter is a joke to me.

Yao Siyu was somewhat dissatisfied with Ye Xiangwan's perfunctory reason.

She frowned and said discontentedly, "Chu Zeyan is quite good. I asked you to go to Chu family and cultivate a good relationship with him, but you dislike Chu Zeyan. So you don't want to be with him. I asked my friend for information because of you, and helped you find a blind date partner. Now, I finally found a Cheng Haomiao who has good conditions in all aspects. You said that you don't want to go to the blind date. "

After a pause, Yao Siyu looked at Ye Xiangwan suspiciously. "You are not playing with me on purpose, are you?"

Ye Xiangwan raised her hand to beg for mercy with a face full of sincerity, "Aunt, look at my eyes. Do I look like I am playing around?"

Yao Siyu lightly said, "Then you must be doing strange things from time to time. You don't like anyone. What exactly do you want?"

Ye Xiangwan very helplessly smiled to defend herself, "Aunt, I am only 25 years old this year. "


Yao Siyu lightly glanced at Ye Xiangwan, "Looks like you think you are still young?"

At this point, Yao Siyu's gaze landed on Ye Xiangwan's chest and stopped for two seconds.

That gaze seemed to be saying, Your entire body is only small in chest.

Ye Xiangwan was very sad under her penetrating gaze.

She wanted to say something but did not say anything in the end. She could only helplessly smile.

When she turned around and continued to walk upstairs, she heard her aunt's voice that sounded like she was talking to herself.

"Min is only 24 years old. But her child is already 5 years old. "

When Ye Xiangwan heard this sentence, her entire body froze.

Her world seemed to have gone blank for a moment when Yao Siyu said those words.

Only when she recovered did she feel her heart ache. It was as if an invisible large hand had crushed her heart. Hot blood instantly rushed to her brain and ignited her rationality.

She could not help but turn around and angrily look at Yao Siyu who was sitting on the sofa leisurely drinking apple juice.

She wanted to say, "Yao Siyu, could it be that you are very proud of your daughter shamelessly snatching my man away?"

In the end, she did not say those words.

Ye Xiangwan's sharp nails dug into her palm and traces of pain pulled back her rationality.

She chose not to say those words.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down.

She smiled mockingly and silently opened the bedroom door with the key. She pushed the door open and entered.

Ye Xiangwan threw the bag on the chair beside the bed and powerlessly sat on the bed.

"Yes! Min was only 24 years old. But her child is already 5 years old. "

" She was only 19 years old when she snatched my man away. "

Ye Xiangwan closed her eyes and muttered mockingly. After her aunt accidentally exposed the peace that they had been pretending to be, she felt very helpless at this moment.

She did not know how there was such a shameless person in this world.

Back then, she fell in love with that man in university, and then she brought him home to see her uncle. In the end, Min forcefully snatched that man away from her.

She would never forget the scene of Min kneeling in front of her.

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