Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C2 An Awkward Second Meeting
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Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C2 An Awkward Second Meeting
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C2 An Awkward Second Meeting

After Ye Xiangwan graduated, she opened an online shop that specialized in selling sex toys. This shop had been running for a few years and had a good reputation. There were also many good comments from customers and business was not bad.

At least. The income of this shop could cover her living expenses.

At this moment, she was sitting in front of the computer and looking at the comments from her customers.

As for what happened in the nightclub box a few days ago, she had almost forgotten about it.

Such an embarrassing thing, when she thought about it, she felt too ashamed to face anyone.

Actually, she was a very conservative person in reality. As for why she did that that night, she guessed that it was because of the drug's effects that caused her to lose her mind.

That day, the desire that she had suppressed in the past burst out under the medicinal effect, causing the personality that she had displayed at that time to be completely different from her usual self.

Taobao's notification rang. Business is coming.

Ye Xiangwan checked the news excitedly.

[Boss, I bought a condom from you yesterday. You said it was a green apple type, but when I used it, I found it was a lemon type!] I want to give you a negative review!]

[Sir, I'm sorry. It's because I made a mistake on the product. I'm really sorry. It was Valentine's Day yesterday. There were too many people buying condoms in my shop. I was really too busy. I didn't do it on purpose. Can you cancel the bad comment? We can discuss how to solve this problem.

- [There's no need to discuss this matter. I have to give you a negative review!]

Ye Xiangwan felt very speechless.

She suddenly felt that this mister was making a big deal out of a small matter. This was not a very serious mistake to begin with.

However, the customer was God. No matter how dissatisfied she was, she had to smile and apologize to him.

[Sir, I just gave you a condom with the wrong scent, that's all. I really didn't do it on purpose. Please forgive me, sir. If you come to my shop again to buy something, I'll give you a discount ~

[Do you think this matter is not serious? I am allergic to the smell of lemon. I just tore the packaging last night. When I smelled that smell, my whole body trembled. Then I had to stop what I was doing! Do you know how my girlfriend looked at me at that time? She broke up with me later! We broke up! I will never visit your shop again!]

“. . . ”

Ye Xiangwan saw the message from the customer and her typing stopped.

Then, her loud laughter echoed in the room.

I feel sad for you!

Just as Ye Xiangwan was laughing happily, the phone on the computer table rang.

She picked up the phone and looked at the caller.

Ning Xinxin?

Ning Xinxin was her university classmate. But she was not a good person. She and Ning Xinxin never had any relationship. After graduating, they had never talked to each other.

What was Ning Xinxin looking for her for now?

Ye Xiangwan answered the phone and yawned as she answered weakly.

Ning Xinxin's gentle voice came from the phone, "Wan, do you have time?"

"What do you want?"

"If you are not busy right now, please come to Chunjiang Hotel. I have something very important to talk to you about. "

What was the important thing?

Why did Ning Xinxin ask her to meet in a five-star hotel? They might as well meet in a coffee shop!

Ye Xiangwan looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 6: 30 PM. She stretched lazily and said, "Can't we talk about this over the phone?"

"When you come, you will know. I promise I won't let you down. "

"I'll be there in ten minutes. "

Since Ning Xinxin was so secretive that she would not say anything and only let her go to the hotel to find her, she was somewhat curious, so she agreed.

Coincidentally, there was a customer who bought something in her online store just now, so she went to the neighborhood to send the express delivery along the way.

She took a thin white jacket from the closet that was long enough to reach her knees, washed her face casually, and put on light makeup. Ye Xiangwan faced the mirror and patted her face. She felt that she was very pretty today. Then, she was very satisfied and took the handbag out.

. . .

The sun was setting in the west, and the distant foot of the mountain seemed hazy under the contrast of the multicolored light.

Every evening, there seemed to be colorful clouds that dyed the vast sky. The rays of the setting sun could only fall through the gaps between the gaps, shooting out beautiful multicolored light.

Ye Xiangwan stood at the entrance of Chunjiang Hotel.

"Room 9031. "

Ye Xiangwan looked at the hotel room number that Ning Xinxin sent over and had a strange feeling in her heart.

The scene of someone calling someone to the hotel was very similar to the scene of a boyfriend cheating on someone in a television drama.

She had lived for 25 years. Could it be that she would catch her boyfriend cheating on her today?

Ye Xiangwan smiled and then put her phone into the pocket of her windbreaker.

Anyway, she did not love that man. Instead, she hoped that he would cheat on her.

After she walked into the hotel, she saw a woman walking into the elevator. She quickly called out, "Please wait a moment. "

When the woman in the elevator heard the voice, she turned her head and looked over. She glanced at Ye Xiangwan and then looked away as if she did not see her.

When Ye Xiangwan rushed to the elevator, the elevator door was already closed, leaving only a small gap.

"What kind of quality is this? Can't you wait for me?"

She stomped her feet in anger.

Even in a five-star hotel, there were still people without qualities.

She simply lowered the quality of the hotel staff.

Just as Ye Xiangwan was about to walk to the side and wait for another elevator, someone suddenly patted her shoulder from behind.

She turned around to look.

A handsome face instantly entered her eyes.

The man in front of her was about 27 years old. He was wearing lead grey casual pants and a white shirt. His collar was slightly open, and his collarbone was faintly visible. The sleeves of his shirt were slightly rolled up.

His eyes were deep and spirited, especially when he looked at people. He seemed to be able to read people's hearts.

His temperament was deep and reserved, and he had the elegance and composure of a mature man that came from his bones.

Ye Xiangwan had always thought that she would not yield to her looks. Now she suddenly realized that it was because she had never seen such a handsome man before.


Qin Jingxuan seemed to be used to this kind of gaze. At this moment, he did not feel annoyed by Ye Xiangwan's loss of self-control.

It did not matter that she was infatuated with him, as long as she did not touch him.

After Ye Xiangwan heard his voice, she immediately came back to her senses and returned to her normal appearance.

Obviously, they had forgotten about the first time they met a few days ago.

Ye Xiangwan had a bad memory. Qin Jingxuan did not remember Ye Xiangwan's face at all that night, so even if they met face to face, they did not know each other.

"This is the thing you dropped just now. "

Qin Jingxuan smiled and handed the small blue bag to Ye Xiangwan.

He had just come in from outside the hotel when he saw Ye Xiangwan running all the way to the elevator. As she ran, the small bag fell from her bag onto the ground.

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