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Spoil The Flash Marriage Wife/C4 She Successfully Left That Despicable Man
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C4 She Successfully Left That Despicable Man

"Chu Zeyan, why are you here?"

Ye Xiangwan pretended to be in disbelief and blurted out. She slowly looked into the room.

She saw Ning Xinxin inside the room. She was wrapped in a blanket. Her face was full of shock and confusion. Ye Xiangwan lowered her head. She smiled complacently. However, when she raised her head, her expression became disbelieving.

Her eyes gradually became watery, filled with sadness.

"No! Why would you do such a thing? This is impossible! "

She took two steps back and shook her head. She looked like she wasn't willing to face reality. Plus her pale face. This caused the policemen standing at the side to be infected by her sadness. They couldn't help but look at this man called Chu Zeyan with eyes full of reproach.

Ye Xiangwan secretly laughed in her heart. She gave her acting a perfect score.

Ever since Ye Xiangwan appeared here, Chu Zeyan had been a bit confused. Now he finally reacted.

He slightly narrowed his eyes. He stared at Ye Xiangwan. He gritted his teeth. "Why are you here?"

Damn it. Would all of this have anything to do with her?

Ye Xiangwan looked at Chu Zeyan pitifully. Her expression seemed to be telling everyone that not only were you heartless, you were also so rude to me. She bit her lower lip with tears in her eyes and raised her phone.

"Ning Xinxin called me over. "

There was a trace of choking in her voice. She seemed to have suffered a lot of damage.

Ning Xinxin, didn't you want me to see how you seduced my boyfriend?

Now I see it. Are you happy?

Not only did I see you seduce my boyfriend. I also want you to be taken by the police for questioning. I will definitely punish you.

"You are fooling around with other women behind my back, and you actually let that woman call me and call me here. Is this the surprise you gave me? Chu Zeyan, you are going too far! Do you know how sad I am? How can you treat me like this?"

Ye Xiangwan was so sad that she was about to cry and successfully left a good impression on the police. Chu Zeyan could not hold the expression on his face any longer.

He looked at Ye Xiangwan suspiciously. He asked Ning Xinxin, who had put on her clothes and walked out trembling, "Did you call her?"

Ning Xinxin was already shocked by what had happened.

Her mind was blank. She looked at Chu Zeyan's unfriendly eyes and shrank her neck in fear. She shook her head desperately to deny it.

She knew she couldn't admit it. If Chu Zeyan found out about this, she would be finished.

"No. I didn't call her!"

Ye Xiangwan turned her head to look at Ning Xinxin. She displayed the text message in her phone.

Chu Zeyan saw Ning Xinxin's phone number appear on Ye Xiangwan's phone screen.

Moreover, Ning Xinxin used this phone number to send a message to Ye Xiangwan about ten minutes ago. She told Ye Xiangwan the room number.

Chu Zeyan no longer had any reason to doubt Ye Xiangwan. He stared at Ning Xinxin angrily.

Ning Xinxin's already pale face became even uglier now.

It was not easy for her to hook up with Chu Zeyan. Today, she only wanted to show off to Ye Xiangwan because of a momentary impulse. She did not expect this kind of thing to happen at all.

She felt that Chu Zeyan would never like her again.

Ye Xiangwan saw their expressions. She lowered her head and organized her emotions before continuing to act.

She revealed a bitter smile and painfully muttered to herself.

"Ning Xinxin, did I do something that let you down? You actually chased after my boyfriend. Not only did you chase after my boyfriend, you even made me come over to see how you seduced my boyfriend. Why did you do that? "

Ye Xiangwan choked. She pursed her lips and shook her head sadly. "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that you would do such a thing behind my back!"

"This is not what you think!"

Chu Zeyan's face became gloomy. He looked at Ye Xiangwan unhappily.

The police were here now. When the matter in front of them was settled, they could discuss anything privately. Isn't that so?

Does she still think that he isn't embarrassed enough?

"Chu Zeyan, do you still have any shame? It was you who let me down, and you're still so rude and unreasonable to me. "

Ye Xiangwan held her tears and looked at Chu Zeyan in pain. Her face was pale and her eyes showed her disappointment towards him.

She choked and turned to look at Ning Xinxin. Her face was full of pain and ridicule.

"Since you like my boyfriend so much, I will give him to you. Anyway, I won't need this kind of dirty thing anymore. From now on, he's not my boyfriend anymore, he's yours. "

Finishing, Ye Xiangwan clenched her phone tightly and turned around to leave.

She had already finished acting. If she did not leave now, would she go to the police station to accompany them?

She did not want it. She had long wanted to break away from this despicable man.

Chu Zeyan was shocked as he watched Ye Xiangwan turn around and leave. He did not react for a moment.

Ye Xiangwan actually dared to dump him?

He did not dislike her, but she actually dared to dump him in front of everyone?

A policeman looked coldly at Chu Zeyan and mocked, "Didn't you just say that you are a couple with the people inside? What else do you have to say now?"

"She and I are really a couple. "

Chu Zeyan's voice stopped abruptly.

It was only now that he realized it.

The most important thing now was not that Ye Xiangwan dumped him, but that Ye Xiangwan, who appeared as his girlfriend, directly proved to the police that he and Ning Xinxin were not a couple!

No matter what, he had to make a trip to the police station today!

Qin Jingxuan walked into Chunjiang Hotel with a cup of hot coffee. When the middle-aged manager who was patrolling in the lobby saw him, his eyes lit up and he quickly greeted him.

"Mr. Qin, you are back!"

He did not know who Qin Jingxuan was. He only knew that Mr. Qin lived in the luxurious villa area of the hotel, which was a single villa area.

Chunjiang Hotel was a five-star hotel with excellent equipment, service, and evaluation. Even an ordinary room would cost twice as much as an ordinary room. In addition to ordinary standard rooms, suites, presidential suites, there was also a luxurious villa area that was only provided for the rich.

There were a total of six luxurious villa areas in Chunjiang Hotel. Each villa district had a single villa with a total of three floors and complete facilities. The cost of staying here for a night was 100,000 yuan.

Therefore, those who could stay in the hotel's luxurious villa area were all powerful people. Even the big boss behind the scenes of Chunjiang Hotel did not dare to provoke such a person.

This Mr. Qin who looked to be only 26 or 27 years old had just checked in three days ago.

The lobby manager was naturally very respectful to a person whom even the boss did not dare to offend.

Qin Jingxuan was a reserved and polite person.

At his position, many people were trying to please him. He didn't need to put a small lobby manager in his eyes. But every time the lobby manager came up to him, he would politely nod his head in response.

He had his style, but in his view, respecting others was the most basic of manners.

"Mr. Qin, there's a police officer here today for a ward round, and the villa area is no exception. If there's anything that offends you later, please forgive them. "

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