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C5 Date(1)

Qin Jingxuan frowned slightly when he heard this.

The police were making ward rounds?

This was the first time he had met the police making ward rounds while staying in a hotel.

"Mr. Qin, please don't misunderstand. Our hotel is formal and there are no messy things. Even if the police make ward rounds, they won't be able to find anything. "

The lobby manager saw Qin Jingxuan frown and quickly explained. He looked at Qin Jingxuan nervously.

He was afraid that Mr. Qin would misunderstand their hotel and have a bad impression of their hotel.

If the higher ups knew that they had offended Mr. Qin, he would definitely be fired.

Although he knew that he had chosen to stay in the luxurious villa area, he did not want anyone to disturb him. However, there was nothing he could do about the police's ward rounds.

He hoped that Mr. Qin would not be angry.

Qin Jingxuan smiled faintly. "It's fine. "

As for whether this hotel was illegal, Qin Jingxuan expressed that it was worth suspecting.

He had just met a prostitute in front of the elevator.

However, this had nothing to do with him. Regardless of whether the police investigated or not, he didn't do prostitution.

"Thank you, Mr. Qin!"

Seeing that Qin Jingxuan was very kind, the lobby manager felt relieved.

He did not dare to delay Mr. Qin's time. He made way for him and respectfully watched Qin Jingxuan leave.

Qin Jingxuan held the coffee and walked forward while taking out his phone to dial.

This was the weakness of staying in a hotel. No matter what, he had to cooperate with the police's inspection.

It seemed like he had to buy a house.

If he encountered such a thing every few days, he would feel uncomfortable.

Qin Jingxuan had just left when the elevator door opened and Ye Xiangwan walked out.

She combed her hair and smiled complacently.

This was the price of provoking her.

Qin Jingxuan dialed the number of his assistant and stopped. He inadvertently turned his head and saw Ye Xiangwan walking out of the hotel door.

He frowned.

It seemed that the police were not strict at all. The police car was parked at the door, but this prostitute could still leave openly.

At Ye Xiangwan's house.

Three days passed.

During these three days, Chu Zeyan did not give her a call. Their family members also did not give her an explanation for that matter.

Regarding this, Ye Xiangwan was not surprised.

Furthermore, she did not care about their explanation and apology.

The Chu family was more or less a wealthy family. In the eyes of that family, it was her fortune to be able to marry Chu Zeyan.

Not to mention that Chu Zeyan was cheating on her. Even if Chu Zeyan had an illegitimate child, they could still naturally raise the child for her. They would even think that this was letting her off lightly.

However, Ye Xiangwan heard some news.

That day, Chu Zeyan did not escape the fate of being in the police station. He was locked up in the police station for six hours. That night, his family paid enough money before he came out.

It seemed that Chu Zeyan did not give a good look to Ning Xinxin, the female lead of the incident.

That family was used to being arrogant. He was the one who took Ning Xinxin to the hotel. When he felt comfortable, he would be nice. Now that something had happened, he blamed everything on Ning Xinxin.

He heard that at the police station, Chu Zeyan's mother gave Ning Xinxin a hard slap and warned her that if Ning Xinxin dared to pester Chu Zeyan again, she would destroy Ning Xinxin's face.

Ning Xinxin immediately cried out in grievance.

Chu Zeyan impatiently stood at the side and did not give Ning Xinxin any comfort.

After leaving the police station, the two of them parted ways. Ye Xiangwan did not know if Ning Xinxin really did not go to find Chu Zeyan anymore.

Ye Xiangwan guessed that Ning Xinxin would most likely still go and try.

After all, she had slept with Chu Zeyan before. With Ning Xinxin's personality, it was impossible for her not to obtain any benefits.

"Ye Xiangwan, what are you thinking about again?"

A middle-aged woman's voice pulled Ye Xiangwan's thoughts back.

She wiped her face and sat in front of her aunt with a proper attitude, maintaining a sweet smile.

"Aunt, tell me, I'm listening. "

"What did I just say? Did you hear it?"

Yao Siyu stretched out a finger and poked Ye Xiangwan's forehead.

Ye Xiangwan quickly smiled and said, "I heard it. You are telling me about the Chu family and you want me to care about Chu Zeyan. I am really listening! "

"Even if you heard it, there was no reaction. I really don't know what you are thinking all day long!"

Yao Siyu glared at her and said.

Ye Xiangwan sighed and put on a depressed look.

"Aunt, Chu Zeyan has already hooked up with my classmates and he did not give me an explanation. He did not even bother to call me to coax me. It could be seen that he didn't take me seriously at all. Aunt, in my opinion, let's just forget about this matter. The Chu family doesn't like me, and I'm too lazy to look for him. "

" That's what you got! "

Yao Siyu angrily leaned on the back of the sofa. "Chu Zeyan is a man. You are young and beautiful. If you put a little bit of food on him, why would you worry that he doesn't like you? In the end, it is just that you are not able to live up to your expectations. Both of you are getting married soon, but he still does not take you seriously. He goes out all day to mess around! "

Ye Xiangwan compromised with a smile on her face, "It is me who is useless. I can't control Chu Zeyan's heart. His heart is not on me either. So, Aunt, let's forget about this marriage, okay? "

As she spoke, she looked at Yao Siyu pleadingly.

She had really had enough of Chu Zeyan now.

He only knew how to fool around with women all day long. If he had AIDS and she married him, wouldn't she be infected as well?

"Look at you!"

Yao Siyu was angered by Ye Xiangwan's attitude. She spent half an hour persuading Ye Xiangwan to go to Chu family to care about Chu Zeyan, but she did not plan to be with Chu Zeyan at all.

She gritted her teeth and said after a while: "Our family is not as good as the Chu family. Now that Chu Zeyan has agreed to marry you, what else do you want?"

Ye Xiangwan raised her hand to support her forehead.

She knew that no matter what she said to her aunt, she would always return to this point.

Yes, Chu family had a small factory with an annual income of more than three million. In A City, it was considered a wealthy family.

And she was an orphan.

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